Clive Jefferson – Free Speech Warrior

Few in the UK will have heard of Mr. Jefferson. Fewer still in the USA will know of him.  Visitors to our website may wonder why we are praising a man whose political party (BNP) has Socialist policies. Only this week, in anticipation of the Euro and city elections, the BNP (British National Party) is again trumpeting its promise, if elected, to press for the Government take-over of major British industries and services. The BNP’s leader Nick Griffin is calling for the renationalization of the railways which Margaret Thatcher bravely privatized in the first years of her Government. She was lucky to find any takers for British Rail, a union-dominated dinosaur that ran for the benefit of its employees and had long totally failed the public. It was kept afloat by enormous taxpayer subsidies. 

    Mr. Griffin must have a very short memory of pre-privatized British Rail. I remember when my wife would wait on a dirty station on a Monday morning at 6am to commute to London. The 6am train would fail to arrive because its London-based drivers could not be bothered to turn up for work. On Friday evenings I would wait at the same station to greet her and the train would regularly be two or more hours late. This was the norm for British Rail because like all Government-run services the rail industry was a welfare service for its unionized employees. The very first morning of privatization, not only did the train arrive on time, but the station workers wore clean uniforms, were busy sweeping the station and were polite. The carriages were clean for the first time in our memory. The privatized services, although still burdened with compulsory union membership, were an astonishing improvement and less of a drain on the taxpayers. 

    Mr. Griffin’s Socialist little-Englander policies are unlikely to tempt those voters with memories of British Rail, to vote BNP rather than UKIP. This is unfortunate, for on the issues that matter most for the survival of the British people, the BNP is the only counter-revolutionary party that is battle-hardened and resolute. We use the term battle-hardened deliberately, for the BNP, Mr. Griffin and the Party’s small band of members have been enduring relentless persecution for several years. Britain’s Mainstream Media (MSM), led by the taxpayer-subsidized BBC, an organization riddled with perverts and Leftists, has been demonizing the BNP and orchestrating physical attacks on its members, so that the Party cannot hold public meetings, cannot canvass freely at election times and cannot deliver leaflets without fear of attack by Red mobs and harassment by the police. The Red mobs, which enjoy the patronage of the pervert-loving Tory PM David Cameron, attack BNP members with impunity, for the UK’s police forces have been purged of upstanding policemen and subjected to the litmus tests of political correctness. In the upper ranks, British police officers are now increasingly Gestapo-like in appearance and well-schooled in the tactics of intimidation, voicing glib rationalizations for harassment, and adept at swat-team midnight raids on citizens whose only crime has been the exercise of counter-revolutionary free speech. Denunciation by an anonymous informant is enough to trigger a midnight arrest of a BNP member, 24 hours in the cells, computer and literature confiscation, and the promise of a Court appearance at some time in the future. Rarely is a charge brought, for the whole episode is trumped up for intimidation and disruption of lawful political activity. 

    Four things about this state of affairs in the UK must be stressed here for the benefit of American readers. 

    The first is that innocent-sounding laws supposedly concerning public order and the protection of ‘minorities’ are actually the tools for the State’s arbitrary suppression of free speech and the prevention of counter-revolutionary political activity. 

    The second is that known membership of the BNP is enough to deny a person employment. 

    The third is that ordinary British people are almost totally unaware of the snuffing out of their freedom and the criminalization of speech deemed politically incorrect. This is because the MSM and the British Media Class issue propaganda and conceal news. 

    Finally, the mainstream political parties, all of them anti-patriotic and colluding in the new ‘One-World’ policies, are happy to see Nationalism suppressed in case it proves popular. 

    This brings us to Clive Jefferson, who is the National Elections Officer of the BNP. Mr. Jefferson, who is not young and who walks with a stick, is constantly confronting Gestapo-like police officers when they move in to stifle a public and lawful BNP activity. I recommend our website visitors view the BNP website currently showing a police operation of May 10th 2012 when the BNP were peacefully demonstrating against Muslim sexual enslavement of young British girls. Party leader Griffin was present as a band of Party members were holding banners and handing out leaflets to the public. The BNP video shows police officers demanding that the activists move to a position out of sight of a road inhabited by Muslims. Mr. Jefferson moves in and tells the senior police officer that he is responsible for the demonstration and then proceeds to stand his ground and state why his members are protesting. The moment that is so enlightening is when the police officer claims that the protest is ‘impacting’ the Muslim residents in the adjoining street and tells Mr. Jefferson that the BNP protest must move to a place where they will not ‘impact’ the Muslims. Mr. Jefferson then says that his members are there and demonstrating in order to have an impact! He continues to forcibly argue, giving not one inch and exercising his right to free speech in public. His point is that free speech is meant to include ‘impacting’ those who may find it uncomfortable. 

    Later, Mr. Jefferson is told that he and his followers cannot stray from the area the police have allocated to them, even though they are behaving peacefully and obstructing no-one. In short, they are to stay hidden and cocooned and their very presence is dependent on police permission. Further it is clear that the police are very hostile – in marked contrast to police attitudes to Muslim and Leftist violent demonstrators all across Britain. Mr. Jefferson later left the designated area and was promptly arrested and taken into custody. He has been arrested several times in various localities and always when peacefully protesting or as a result of an anonymous complaint. He is resolute! 

    And so we salute Mr. Jefferson for his defense and exercise of free speech and we remind those American conservatives who are enamored of the UKIP that it is the BNP and people like Clive Jefferson who are fighting the good fight for democracy against all odds and without any support from others on the Right. Unlike the UKIP, these people are battle-hardened and resolute. 

    In fairness we should also draw attention to the courage of Paul Weston, a candidate for the Euro elections and Chairman of a small UK political party called Liberty GB. Some time ago we recorded his arrest by Britain’s Gestapo for the crime of reading from one of Winston Churchill’s early books concerning Islam. It was enough that some anonymous person complained to the police that this was offensive. Mr. Weston is due to appear before Magistrates on May 24th. He is charged with suspicion of religious or racial harassment. We hope to be able to give the outcome of his case. 

    Americans please take note of how free speech has been quietly eliminated in the UK!

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