Clintons Still On Course

I think I can fairly claim to have beaten the pundits again. Not only did John McCain emerge as the Republican nominee after Tuesday’s primaries, but the Clintons were not consigned to history. McCain strolled through and now has the big task of convincing grass roots conservatives that he can be trusted in the White House.   He also faces the problem of how he keeps his name in the headlines whilst the Democrats’ internal struggle gets all the publicity, at least for the next seven weeks leading up to Pennsylvania.

I must give Mrs. Clinton her due! She is a battler and does not lack self-belief, energy and stamina, despite her age. The same could be said for McCain, who is another generation older than her, but he is a man and women do not usually have the ability to be physically super-active after middle age. She appears to have the will and stamina to continue to the nomination.

The Media Class, which has been split apart by this Democrat contest, is now facing a dilemma. There is much Media debate about the dangers of the contest being decided by Party insiders in August at the Party Convention. Some have openly worried about riots at the Convention if Clinton gets the nomination as a result of the votes of ‘super-delegates’. Although none actually get specific, they are talking in code for Black anger supplemented by Extreme White Leftists – the sort who riot when Republicans have a convention. They are right to worry and on this website we have been predicting a racial backlash against the Clintons and the Democrat Party should Obama be denied his victory. I think that backlash will be big, even if the Clintons were to win by fair means, but a manipulated win will be even more explosive. Soros will not be able to rein in the forces he has fuelled with his money and his Leftist activist Front organizations.

Let us return to the results of the election however to see what they really mean. Firstly, the Clintons won the Ohio popular vote handily by 10 percentage points. It was not that great a victory given that at one time Obama was trailing by 17 points, but it was enough to take the momentum out of his momentum! In Rhode Island the Clintons also won easily. Vermont was a disaster for them given that it has no Blacks and no big cosmopolitan cities. In Texas, the Clintons scraped home with a 4 point margin in the popular vote. Much has been made of the exit pollsters’ information about which social, racial and economic groups voted for each candidate. A lot of speculation has also been centered on Rush Limbaugh’s call to Republicans in Texas to take advantage of the Texas Democrat rules (that allow cross-Party voting) to back Hillary and thus keep her in the fight. Some 9% of the Democrat vote was believed to be down to Republicans and the pollsters say that the majority voted for Obama and not Hillary. I am not sure that the politically sophisticated Republicans who turned out to follow the Rush call would have told pollsters the truth. I also take all the exit poll information with a pinch of salt because almost everyone belongs to more than one ‘group’. It is possible to be Black, female, over 40, well-paid, well-educated or White , male, under 30, poorly educated, unemployed and a Leftist activist fuelled by Who decides which category of voter is most pertinent? Answer – the pollsters! My own view is that most voters’ motives are as much irrational as rational. It is entirely possible that some older women, both White and Black, identify with Mrs. Clinton because she has a fat backside and/or because she has a husband who fancies young women. Few will admit as much to themselves, let alone give such an explanation to a pollster. Many of the ‘experts’ pulled into TV studios are, like journalists, emotionally motivated by Leftist dogma. I heard several Feminist spokespersons claim that older women identified with Mrs. Clinton because of her ‘struggles’. These Feminist commentators (propagandists) clearly know nothing about real life struggles as they are all from the privileged classes who have gone from Ivy League Colleges straight into well-paid activist jobs. The only poor women they know are those who clean up after them! The only ‘struggles’ Mrs. Clinton has experienced are those connected to explaining how she got rich and explaining how the women who accused her husband of sexual exploitation were all liars.

I think it is a waste of time trying to fathom the motives of voters and we do better to look at the role of the Media Class in manipulating our perceptions. The desertion of some Media people from the anointed Clintons, and their switch to Obama is what has damaged the Clintons. She has partly reversed this betrayal by publicly denouncing it, and the Obama-promoting Media, not wanting its pivotal role made public has done some window-dressing. Thus in the last few days Mrs. Clinton has enjoyed some of the fawning attention that she regards as her right. I think this has partly restored her fortunes though not enough to win the popular Democrat vote sufficiently to sink Obama. He seems to have enough of a lead to scrape home to the Convention. I predict that a Convention decision will go to the Clintons for the reasons I have explained in previous articles. The Clintons would sooner blow up the Democrat Party than abandon their White House goal. It is Obama who will be called upon by the Party insiders to bow out. Whether he will, I do not know, for he is largely an unknown quantity. Would he fall for an offer of the Vice-Presidents job? Maybe but I will bet my house that Hillary will not settle for a VP role.

I predict that a Media Class theme will emerge in the short-term in order to brainwash the public that things are swell for the Democrat Party. It is that this race is exciting, all about ideas, well within the bounds of civility and comradeship and doing the Party good. This is called spin and it is what the Media Class excels in.

Obama appears to have been less than honest about his own past and his auto-biography may be challenged by the Clinton camp with an energy that Republicans would not employ for fear of being dubbed ‘racist’. McCain has already signaled that he will not get personal in his campaign. Much good will it do him! The Media Class will certainly get personal with McCain should he have the slightest chance of winning in November.

One thing that is crystal clear in this current campaign and that is that the Media Class has the real power and is exercising it. The old nonsense that the Media dances to a Democrat tune is revealed to be outdated. Who in the Democrat Party is playing a tune? Democrat leaders and the candidates are too busy vying for media attention and Media favors to be in control of anything. Hillary’s protest about Media bias said it all. Here on this website, we rest our case!

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