Clinton’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis Challenges Media and Democrat Party Elite

Attached here is a must-see video ( in which a physician reviews Hillary Clinton’s history of strange ill-health episodes and concludes with near certainty that she is suffering from stage 3 Parkinson’s Disease. We are grateful to the website visitor who sent the link to us yesterday.

It is possible in this age of Internet hoaxes and Government lies that the video is a clever hoax, but we are confident that when you view it you will be persuaded of its authenticity and its conclusion.

Our first reaction to the video was one of sorrow. Parkinson’s Disease is one of the terrible afflictions (others include MS, Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy) that strike seemingly healthy people in middle and old age and relentlessly strips them of control of their limbs and behaviors. The pictures of Hillary Clinton – if genuine – exhibiting the symptoms of Parkinson’s, will arouse sympathy in even hardened hearts. It is a disease one would wish only on ISIS killers and other sadistic perverts.

The Parkinson’s diagnosis that the physician on VidZette offers, makes sense of several conundrums for Clinton watchers, including her low-profile campaign since the Convention, her brief public appearances and short speeches, her bizarre reactions to sudden nearby events, her stumbles, and her difficulty in climbing small staircases. This video was recorded before her 9/11 collapse.

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s certainly provides a second motive for her risky decision to break the State Department rules regarding the use of private emails. It was long apparent that one reason to avoid an official record of her work was to hide the unlawful and unprofessional use of the Office to rake in money. But now we see that an equally logical and persuasive reason would have been to hide a serious, career-ending medical condition.

If the diagnosis proffered on the video is correct, it is certain that the Clinton family and their doctors knew of her developing condition before she took the post of Secretary of State and they took the decision to conceal the diagnosis in order to go forward with a bid for the Presidency.

This, if we are correct, was an astounding decision, for Parkinson’s is progressive and its development unpredictable, even with medication. The diagnosis required concealment not only from the public, but from the Democrat Party at all levels, the Mainstream Media and from Obama himself. What a desperate gamble!!

It is hard to think of another family in political life who would take such a gamble, but the Clinton organization (as we recently wrote on this website) is Mafia-like. It is driven by an insatiable greed, a lust for power, is consistently ruthless, and has a long history of criminal acts. The consequence of the criminality is that the organization requires ongoing control over the legal process. The Clinton’s and many of their inner circle will face criminal investigation if the Presidency falls into the hands of the Counter-Revolutionary forces of Donald Trump. This self-preservation was – and remains – a more compelling reason than ideology for setting out on a dangerous path.

The inner circles of the Democrat Party must now be in turmoil. There will be those who see a swift change of candidate as the solution. But there will be those who are bought-and-paid-for Clintonites, who will resist. Obama, perhaps guilty of treason, has his personal reasons for fearing a Trump victory, but he will surely be furious to have been fooled by the Clintons. He, his gang, and his Media masters will be calculating whether the MSM can hide Hillary’s illness until after the election or to force her out now. She and Bill will not go peacefully!

At this moment in time the MSM and Obama are still committed to propping up the Clinton campaign. One ploy would be to go public on her condition but play down its potential for progress and present Hillary as a victim, a fighter, a protected handicapped icon and fortunate to have a husband who can handle the Presidency when necessary.

If the decision of Obama and the Democrat elite (notwithstanding the Clintonite’s opposition) is to install a new candidate, their problem is that Tim Kaine has first and sole claim. Scan the political headlines today or yesterday and discover that he is a non-entity, other than lecturing the Catholic Church to go queer.

The televised debates are looming and it is hard to see Hillary participating unless the format is changed to protect her. Trump is in an unexpectedly good position but never under-estimate the MSM nor this lawless President!

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  1. Excellent write up!! You are right on target…as usuall! It is especially sad, when a person is willing to compromise and advance their illness all for power, ill-gotten gain and pure wickedness and criminal behavior unleashed upon the citizens of the United States of America….our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves! She and the Clinton machine MUST be stopped and tried as the criminals they are!!!

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