Clinton Wins Big

I write this on another very chilly day here in central California. With the exception of a few balmy days early in the month, this winter continues to encroach on Spring. Since much of Europe is also experiencing continuous cold wet weather and even China is shivering more than usual, one has to ask Al Gore the question, “Why?”   Surely global means global and warming means warming? He promised us warmth, more than we could cope with! It now emerges that his award-winning film has another piece of chicanery in its content. The big iceberg seen breaking off was really a clip from a science fiction film and was made of polystyrene. The world’s intelligentsia has slobbered over his film and it now seems to be a piece of lying propaganda.

Last night was Hillary and Bill Clinton’s, if not the Democratic Party’s. Her win in Pennsylvania by almost ten points, was a huge defeat for Obama. It has become very apparent that the Media Class has been galloping to his side and today the MSM and the commentators have been struggling to minimize her victory. Who would have thought a year ago that the MSM would be trying to down-play a Clinton victory? I think the Media Class has made a huge mistake by incrementally abandoning the Clintons, for it has left the Democrat Party in turmoil. As Obama has been stretched by this long campaign, his past has emerged from obscurity and he has been unable to sustain projecting himself as a fresh, non-partisan and middle-of-the-road moderate. If he had possessed momentum he would have won last night or lost only by the slimmest of margins. He has no momentum now. Equally telling, Mrs. Clinton continues to win the populous states where the White working class votes reside.

Obama and his Party are in deep trouble not just because his flaws are only now emerging, but because the Party has developed a structure that cannot cope with a tight race. Mrs. Clinton may well win the national popular vote (of Democrats) and lose the nomination. If the super-delegates conclude that she is the stronger candidate for the White House contest and hand her victory, the Blacks and rich young White liberals who have embraced him, will feel robbed. On top of this are the self-inflicted wounds of Florida and Michigan. Obama, concluding that he would lose both States, has opposed any effort to rerun voting in them. Yet if the States are disenfranchised and Obama is handed the nomination, surely many of their Democrat voters are going to be so peeved as to stay at home in November. It would not be difficult for the Democrat Party to rerun the two elections quickly. Mailing ballot papers to all registered Party members is surely not a major hurdle for a Party that believes in Big Government for the USA and has a mantra that ‘every vote should count’.

The Media Class is now desperate for Clinton to either lose or voluntarily pull out and every Media headline and editorial is framed to ditch her. But her ruthless and narcissist qualities that they once admired are now the reason why she will not put the Party (and its Media masters) first. I believe that in the showdown she will win the nomination and then lose narrowly in November.

Obama outspent Clinton almost 3 to 1 in Pennsylvania! He continues to pull in staggering sums of money and one wonders if he has a currency printing machine. This flow of funds is casually explained by the MSM as huge contributions by small contributors on the Internet. I cannot believe this! Ordinary people do not give over and over again to political causes in a short time-frame. This is said to be the beginning of a recession and both candidates and the MSM have been hammering on about the impoverishment of the American people because of gas prices, the housing slump, the bank collapses and increased food prices. Only the very rich have the money to pump endlessly into a political campaign. George Soros is very rich and so are some of his socially Leftists friends. Obama has outflanked Mrs. Clinton with his commitment to the Homosexual agenda and other similar causes and in this way he has won the financial backing of our new rulers. Mrs. Clinton and John McCain would do well to look closely at who is giving Obama the money and how they are circumventing the rules.

The Wall Street Journal, as I have regularly pointed out on this website, is a Leftist ‘news’ (propaganda) paper with a conservative Opinion page and editorial column. Recently, the paper has been revamped and I detect that the Opinion page is being re-aligned with the rest of the rag. The first steps have included a repeat attack on Joe McCarthy and a piece by the Leftist writer Thomas Frank. Recently on this website I drew attention to an attack on Joe McCarthy by Ronald Kessler, chief Washington correspondent of and a former WSJ reporter. In his Newsmax attack, Kessler failed to mention the recent Stanton Evans book on McCarthy and mostly rehashed the character assassination that has long been the stock-in-trade of Leftist academics. His one new angle was that he once talked to a now-deceased FBI agent called Robert J. Lamphere who asserted that McCarthy’s work had impeded the careful anti-spy work that he and others in the FBI were engaged in.

For some strange reason, the newly vamped WSJ has given a half-page to Kessler to repeat his denunciations of McCarthy and those who now defend him. This time he mentions Stanton Evans book. That’s it! He mentions the book! Tellingly, he never once attempts to challenge a single fact that Evans unearthed. Not one! I await an article in the revamped WSJ that enables Stanton Evans to present facts about McCarthy and his campaign. I expect to wait a long time since the paper never reviewed the book and this is I believe the first time that this thoroughly-documented historically important work has even got a mention in the paper.

I read today that Rupert Murdoch, who recently bought the WSJ, has got rid of the editor and intends to shake the paper up. Murdoch would do well to sack all the reporters and ensure that future news reporting ceases to be Leftist propaganda and becomes real honest news. He would do well to also restore conservative opinion to the center pages. The new look that has just been introduced was justified as giving us “more diverse commentary on the debates of the day”. Thomas Frank was lauded as adding a “left-of-center’ voice to the pages with a weekly column. Anyone who wants a “left-of-center” voice need only pick up any newspaper or magazine in the US or tune into any TV station except Murdoch’s Fox News. Hopefully the new policy is not Murdoch’s but that of the departing editor. Whenever I read or hear the words ‘diverse’ and ‘diversity’ I hear alarm bells for they are part of the Leftist PC vocabulary and actually mean that conservative opinion is to be censored in favor of Leftist propaganda.

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