Clinton Will Win!

That may look like a very bold, perhaps rash, prediction at this point in time, but I was right about McCain (Cometh the hour! Cometh the man!) and I still believe the Clintons will ‘win’ the Democrat nomination. The Potomac results last weekend revealed a number of interesting things about the Democrat contest.

First, Black Americans are rallying to Obama in staggering numbers. Pollsters claim it is about 90% to 10%. TV studio interviews always feature lots of Blacks who are loyal to the Clintons but most are Democrat operatives and pro-politicians. The ballot boxes are showing that ordinary Blacks have deserted the Clintons and the party hierarchy to support the upstart.

Secondly, a large White male constituency in the Democrat Party has done the same and not all women and working class voters are in the Clinton lock-box. Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia should have been rock-solid for the Clintons for it is where all the civil servants live and there are tens of thousands of them.

Thirdly, some reporters have betrayed a certain gleeful enthusiasm for the Obama surge. They may regret this later.

A significant fact that is always ignored by commentators (though not ignored on this website) is that there are sentiments below the surface of human affairs that drive events but are never mentioned. One such sentiment is the deep-rooted racism of many Democrats, both Black and White. Another is the discomfort that many decent Democrats feel with the Clintons. Political correctness plays a major role in suppressing both thoughts and words and a relative of PC is the wider suppressing role of what is regarded as ‘popular opinion’. Many Democrats have defended the Clinton’s behavior over the years because they saw Bush and Christian Republicans as the enemy and felt bound to unite. At some level they felt discomfort, however, for the Clintons are disreputable. Since the Clintons were seemingly all-powerful and unstoppable in their march to even greater power and since the Media never mentioned the disreputable stuff, discomforted Democrats have never felt able to consider desertion. Obama and his early triumphs have opened the door for Clinton-deserters.

So why do I predict that the Clintons will win the nomination? Well, firstly they have control of the Party machine. Make no mistake, Obama is an outsider! As I said in my previous article, manure attracts flies, and the Clintons have had no problem recruiting unprincipled win-at-all-costs people into the Party organization. Secondly the Clintons have an awesome reputation for ruthlessness and vindictiveness and that is an asset in a corrupted organization. Thirdly, the Clintons have unlimited funds. Much is made of the flood of small donations that Obama is getting and how he is beating the Clintons in the contributions contest. I do not believe this story, or the sad tale of Mrs. Clinton lending $5m to her own campaign. This information would never have hit the headlines unless the Clintons intended it to. The Clintons have the wealthiest backers in the history of this nation. Soros is a Clinton funder and do not be misled just because he has given something to Obama. Susie Tompkins Buell (founder of Esprit clothing company) has millions to donate to Clinton and there are many, many others in the shadows. The problem for such mega-rich people is that by law they can only donate $2500 as individuals, but do not believe that the campaign-finance laws will inhibit their ability to pump money into the election. There are literally hundreds of ‘independent’ organizations through which money can be channeled. Organizations like ‘Emily’s List’ (feminist pro-abortionists) do not have many members but it is through such ‘front’ organizations that millions can be spent, and will be spent, on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf. Her campaign will not fail for lack of money. What is significant is that the MSM enables the Clintons to pose as friends of the poor, whilst actually being friends of the rich.

Fourthly, the Clintons had time to mine the FBI files when they were in the White House and there is no doubt that over the years they have amassed a lot of dirt on a lot of people. Such information is only useful to those who have access to the Media’s megaphone. The Clintons have that access.

Soon we will know the winners of Texas and Ohio, now described as the Clinton firewall. I believe that the Clintons will narrowly win in both States. In Texas they will successfully play the race card amongst the Democrat voters and in Ohio they will use the Union power. A narrow win in either or both States will be enough for Mrs. Clinton to claim that she is winning and popular, and it is likely that the contest for delegates will not be over before the Democrat Convention. Here the Clintons and their backers will manipulate the rules to claim Florida and Michigan and the 796 Super Delegates will get their arms twisted. Money and dirt will be key factors and Obama will be seen as the novice that he is. The Media will do its part to suppress any Obama outrage, though I do think a dirty-tricks result will have repercussions in November. The Clintons will only worry about that after they have been installed as the Democrat’s legitimate and ‘popular’ choice. If they defeat McCain in November, I advise Dick Morris and other deserters to flee the country by January.

Meanwhile, McCain is doing his best to woo conservatives. Some Talk-Show hosts are now publicly acknowledging that McCain is not a Leftist in disguise, though the deranged Ann Coulter continues to occupy the Outraged Right flank. Rush is still finding it hard to get over being miffed but there is plenty of time between now and November and he has carefully avoided trying to outflank Coulter. On the conservative websites, the ‘scorched-earthers’ continue to rage, but I am not sure that they are as numerous and important as they think.

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