Clinton Wedding and the Media

Yesterday’s wedding in exclusive Rhinebeck, Upper New York State, was as close to a Royal Wedding as America is likely to get. It seems that the Mainstream Media (MSM) was united in reporting the marriage of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky in terms of that of a Princess and a Prince. Mr. Radical and Mr. Right wish to add their congratulations to the young couple and genuinely hope that they will enjoy a long and happy marriage. The marriage was traditional in every sense which is to say it was between a male and a female, the families were present, neither participant had been married before or had children by a previous relationship and the inter-Faith marriage (Methodist and Jew) was conducted by a Minister and Rabbi. I am sure the MSM would have been delighted if Chelsea had been ‘marrying’ another woman and thus making a political statement but nevertheless here was an opportunity for the Media to celebrate the Democrat Party’s Establishment and thus eclipse for a day or two all the bad news that is marking the Obama Presidency. What follows in this article is not intended to reflect on the young couple, for children are not responsible for the sins of their fathers. No-one chooses his/her parents!

On this website we focus on the role of the (Ruling) Media Class so let us suppose the big day had been between a daughter of George Bush and the son of an Ex-Republican Congressman, or stretching it a bit further, the daughter of the UK’s Nick Griffin and a son of a Nationalist activist. Would the Media reporting have been just as celebratory and would there have been any hostile digging into the backgrounds of the families concerned? Readers will have no problem answering. Every skeleton in every cupboard would have been searched for without heed to cost and time. And skeletons would have dominated the headlines.

Here are some facts that are relevant to the theme of this website. Marc Mezvinsky’s parents are both ex-Democrat Congressmen. His mother, besides serving a term in the House of Representatives, was for 24 years a Television journalist and worked for CBS News. We constantly point out on this website how there is a revolving door between Media people (News, Entertainment, Pro-Sport, Advertizing, Fashion) and Leftist politics and that this revolving door is the characteristic of a Ruling Class. The MSM has been extremely reluctant to mention some unpleasant facts about Mr. Mezvinsky (Snr) but what if the bride had been Sarah Palin’s daughter? Mezvinsky (Snr) who is now divorced from Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky was sent to Federal prison in March 2001. The former Democrat Congressman, who sat on the House Judiciary Committee, had pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud. He was released from prison – on probation – in 2008 and still owes $9.4m in restitution.

Yesterday’s ritzy wedding, which took place at “an elegant estate in a Hudson River Village” (AP’s words, not mine) was described as a “High Society” event and “had been deemed the wedding of the year” (San Francisco Examiner). One MSM report described the venue as “a Beaux Arts riverside estate called Ashton Court”. Media estimates of the cost of the wedding range from $2m to $5m, though I must point out that these extravagantly large sums are couched in Media celebratory terms, as they would be for a Hollywood star’s salary or a Pro-Sports transfer deal. Chelsea wore a Vera Wang dress and there were several hundred guests including Vera Wang herself and Hollywood’s Ted Danson. We have yet to learn how many Show-Biz, Sports and News people were present but I will bet that there were a lot. In this Media-ruled world we are expected to be approving about the spending of the Rulers on themselves even though the Rulers claim to be waging political battles for equality and making a revolution for the ‘little people’. Even $2m is a lot of money for a wedding, even making allowance for security costs. In traditional circles, the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, though since the Clintons emerged from the 2008 election campaign with some $9m of debt it is hard to see how they could have funded this little bash on the Hudson. Mr. Mezvinsky Snr. still owes over $9m and it is hard to believe that Mrs. Mezvinsky has made enough out of journalism and politics to cough up several millions, so we are left wondering who financed the wedding. Certainly not the Hollywood billionaires who jettisoned Mrs. Clinton for Obama and who were not invited to Ashton Court. Perhaps George Soros was the benefactor. Will we ever know? The Obama’s were noticeable by their absence and the popular assumption is that they were not invited. I have another theory about their absence. It is that on principle the President would not attend because Marc Mezvinsky is an Investment Banker and hedge fund manager and we all know how Obama is disapproving of these Wall Street predators!!

This expensive wedding not only raises questions about how it was paid for and why the Media is so lacking in curiosity given the lengths MSM reporters always go to whenever Sarah Palin spends money. Most of all we have to admire the Media’s ability to celebrate the spending of such a large sum on a mere wedding at a time of economic depression and widespread unemployment which are causing pain to many. The Clintons and all who gathered on the exclusive banks of the Hudson River successfully pose as the champions of the underdog and this fiction is endlessly trumpeted in the MSM. We should not be surprised, as this Ruling Class, like all past Ruling Classes, has one rule for themselves and another for the rest of us. Their brazen hypocrisy is surely unmatched by any Ruling Class in history.

The BNP has an article on its website concerning the UK’s Hate Speech law. All Americans should read it. Everything about the law is obnoxious and dangerous but most of all we should be frightened because it contains the newly-introduced concept of ‘guilty until proven innocent’. This enables an individual to make a false accusation against another using alleged racial or homosexual prejudice as the basis of the complaint. No supporting evidence is required and only certain ‘victim groups’ are so empowered. At the same time other groups (especially White males) can only play the role of ‘offending victimizers’. This is another step on the road to totalitarianism. Stalin’s Soviet Union was populated by informers and denouncers and all citizens lived in fear of each other and an unguarded comment.

It came as no surprise to me that US Army Intelligence officer Bradley Manning who leaked the Afghan secrets was an open homosexual. Manning took part in ‘Gay’ parades and flaunted his perverted behavior – apparently without being kicked out of the Army. Presumably the ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ policy is already being ignored, in line with Obama’s stated intentions to repeal it. Manning was said to be angry that the policy was still on the books.

Several times this year I have drawn readers’ attention to the unusually cold Californian winter and cool spring. I read yesterday that it is official that San Diego has experienced the coldest July in 99 years. That is some record!

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