Clinton Appointment – Obama’s Smart Move! You Read It Here First!

Many political commentators have said that Obama’s proposed promotion of Hillary Clinton to the post of Secretary of State is a move made from a position of his political weakness as he will have a dangerous rival in a powerful post. Others have suggested that it was a smart move as it will be better for him to have her inside his tent p-ssing out. That was my initial reaction too but now I think it was smart for a much more interesting reason. Hillary could not turn down his offer without appearing to be either churlish or scheming and maybe she could not resist the opportunity to be important when faced with the alternative of being consigned to a minor role in the Senate. The condition of taking the post was that Bill has had to come clean about the list of big donors to his Library. As we now learn about the generosity of Saudi Princes, other Arab billionaires and various wealthy and shadowy manipulators, so we discover the Clintons’ links to the kind of people who were supposed to be the pay-masters and wire-pullers of President George Bush. For the Leftists who wallowed in this anti-Bush conspiratorial thinking, it must be a shock to discover that they had the wrong man. The identification of the Clinton donors has surely deprived Hillary of the support of many in the Democrat base, given ammunition to her enemies and maybe will actually result in her having to withdraw from the job. What is so smart about this Obama bait and hook is that he himself does not have to reveal details of his donors and pay-masters. This is a man who has been given a Media pass, not only on the sources of his money but also his birth details and early personal history. He can now do what he likes with Mrs. Clinton for she is wholly compromised.

The unfolding story of Bernie Madoff’s gigantic $50billion fraud provides a fitting end to 2008 and a fitting beginning to 2009. Madoff, who was a major donor to the Democrat Party, a fact never reported by the Media, seems to have specialized in fleecing his fellow Jews judging from the names of victims. I find it hard to feel sympathy for Stephen Spielberg and some of the other Hollywood Jews who lost money, but tucked away in the list of victims are elderly Jews who knew Madoff personally and entrusted him with modest life savings. The lesson should surely be not to trust financiers who give large sums to Leftist causes. I am intrigued as to where this enormous sum of money has gone. Obviously some of it was used to pay ‘dividends’ to investors who needed payouts, some went on Bernie’s lavish living expenses and some went to Bernie’s Democrat comrades, but $50 billion is a lot of money to vanish into thin air. Will the MSM ever reveal who had the rest? Bernie’s fraud and the disappearing money are as nothing however to the fraud now being perpetrated on those American people who have been living within their means, for all the bail-outs are being ‘financed’ solely by the printing of dollars. President Bush, some Republican ‘moderates’ and all the Democrat Congressmen can be blamed and I label them all fraudsters. After January, when President Obama starts to implement his policies, the frantic printing of money will expand beyond anything seen since the German inflation of the late 1920’s. At the moment, the stock market and the public’s optimism rises with each announcement of bail-outs (and then falls back again) and surely we are seeing the symptoms of the addict’s drug fix. The shots will need to get bigger to sustain the feel-good factor and I intend to buy a wheel-barrow in order to carry the cash I will soon need to buy a loaf of bread. Perhaps there is some great economic Keynesian trick to all this and I am being much too pessimistic or perhaps Obama really has magical powers. I hope so, for I am not excited about pushing a wheel-barrow to Safeway’s. However, my gut instincts about Hi-tech and property bubbles turned out to be correct, even if my timing was premature, for in the end economics seem to rest on the same fundamentals as house-keeping. For those website visitors from other countries, I can only say that these fraudulent Government activities seem to be international.

In my humble view, the immigration policies imposed on the native peoples in the Western world have also been fraudulent as well as reckless and dangerous and I cannot help thinking that many chickens are about to come home to roost in 2009. I will add two more frauds that have been perpetrated by the elites and the ruling Media Class all across the Western world-peak oil and man-made global warming. Gas here is now down to $1.50 and arctic weather grips the northern hemisphere. I know fossil fuels will one day be exhausted and that global temperatures will rise and fall but surely we have all been conned just like that poor Jewish woman who gave her life’s savings to Bernie Madoff. The biggest fraud of all is that perpetrated by the Media and it is at the root of all our troubles. I like the old saying that ‘the devil is in the detail’. Using it creatively I will apply it to the non-reporting of the two British election results of last week. I have monitored the BBC and several other Media websites (since those highly significant results were recorded by election officials) and I cannot find any reports. The BNP website has a piece on this and notes that only one local Cumbrian newspaper has reported, and then quite dishonestly. It appears that the newspaper’s editor has a track record of dishonest reporting about the BNP whilst working for other newspapers. This may all seem to you readers like a small detail. After all, two ward elections in the UK seem relatively unimportant in a world where economies are collapsing. We have to ask ourselves how a professionally dishonest newspaper editor can move from one influential job to another and why the whole national media avoids reporting two election results that favored the tiny BNP. The devil is indeed in the detail for this little episode is clear evidence of a Media Class that acts logically and uniformly to suppress news. No conspiracy could produce this, only the instinctive actions of a whole Class. Our website exists to reveal the rise to power of a new Class and how that Class functions to advance its agenda.

We will continue to outrage the politically correct Leftists of the Media Class by wishing Christians, conservatives and Nationalists everywhere a Merry Christmas. Christmas is a happy and joyous time because it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who despite humble origins went on to preach that truth was vital even when uncomfortable and to welcome all people (all races and creeds, saints and sinners) to the Faith. This was the moment when the individual was elevated above the ‘masses’ and when ‘ends’ no longer justified ‘means’. Charles Dickens was not a particularly religious man, but Christmas inspired him to write one of the greatest (Christian) masterpieces of all time and if you have some spare time in the next few days read his Christmas Carol. Better still, read it to your children. Amen!

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