Climate Science Fiction

The latest prediction from the UN climate experts is that the world’s sea level will quickly rise by 3 feet with an extra 8 inches rise in vulnerable places like Boston, Mass. It seems, according to the same experts, that the sea has been rising relentlessly for some time. This process is said to be due to the melting ice in the Arctic Ocean and is being caused by man-made global warming.

I hate pollution, whether it is happening to the air, the sea, the rivers or our culture. I hate to see concrete spreading over farmlands, orchards and wilderness areas. As far as this earth is concerned, I am definitely a conservative. Change, usually billed as ‘progress’ is not something I welcome as a matter of course. I am always skeptical of innovation until it has been examined for unexpected consequences. I was filled with apprehension when Obama campaigned on a program of ‘change’ for I have learned in life that those who glorify ‘change’ usually have an ulterior motive and expect to personally benefit at someone else’s expense.

I expect conservatives, Christians and Nationalists to be wary of change, just as I am. Those on the Right of politics who are happy to see development everywhere, who scoff at restrictions on land use and welcome rapid population growth are not what I consider to be ‘conservative’. When I return to my native England and see the consequences of growth (old city boundaries gone, villages engulfed with new housing, country lanes replaced by motorways and parking lots, hear no more the old local accent, and see the old pubs converted to apartments) I am depressed. Just as those on the Right who trumpet ‘growth’ are not conservative, those on the Left in the Green Movement who defend mass immigration are not really green, but Socialists in disguise.

What I am getting to is this! All around me I see the awful consequences of population growth as a result of mass immigration. Beautiful wild land, farmland and orchards are disappearing in the face of ‘development’, and surely everyone must see this happening and know the cause. Yet it is never mentioned, at least not by the Media, the politicians and the self-proclaimed environmentalists. Even conservatives, Christians and Nationalists (I absolve the UK’s BNP from this accusation, for it does recognize the problem and the cause) never seem to care. At the same time, I am asked to believe that the world is dramatically warming and the sea is dangerously rising, and I can see no evidence with my own lying eyes.

I used to own a house that was mere yards from the English Channel and only a few feet above the high tide mark. Even during a historically high surge (caused by natural forces and long predicted) of the tide, the water did not encroach on land anywhere in the neighborhood. Beaches I knew as a boy many, many years ago and towns adjacent to tidal estuaries still experience no problems from sea levels. At the southern tip of San Francisco Bay is an old neighborhood called Alviso. It stands, as it has for some 80 years, a mere few feet above the water line. It is true that a storm or an earthquake might cause flooding some day, but so far Alviso and the water remain in the same relationship that it had when people first built there. Why can I not witness this rising sea level that the UN experts are claiming? The same is true of warming weather temperatures. We have just had a cold winter here in mid-California and last winter was almost as cold. Of course there have been very hot days in summer, but overall I honestly cannot identify any evidence of global warming. I know that some brave scientists challenge the concept of MAN MADE global warming but I have yet to be convinced of warming, period!

As I now read and hear MSM predictions of 3ft. 8 inches rising sea levels, melting ice caps and Sahara temperatures in Labrador I begin to think I should dig out my old science fiction novels such as ‘Day of the Triffids’ for it seems that science fiction is now king.

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