Civil War Talk Is Catching Up With Reality

This last week, Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh said, “I don’t think we’re that far from a Civil War in this country right now. I’m not talking about armed conflict…” Well, what is Rush talking about if not armed conflict? What other kind of ‘Civil War’ is there?

On this website we have always predicted that a civil war in the USA must ensue as a consequence of the assumption of political power by a Ruling Class. It so happens that America uniquely has never had a Ruling Class, not until 2008. It has had many ‘Classes’. but not a ‘Ruling’ class. The reasons for this may include its relatively sudden creation by immigration, its geography and size, its foundation as a reaction to European Class rule, and its democratic Constitution.

What matters is that a Class taking political power is driven to replace its predecessor, and impose a new order that reflects its Class interest. This is a revolutionary act and if the ‘redundant’ old order resists, a civil war is inevitable. In the 2007/8 Presidential campaign Obama, aware that he was representing a new aspiring Ruling Class, announced he would sweep away the old order and introduce a new one. Few, if any, on the Right, and none of the general population, understood his meaning. We certainly did, and maverick Talk Show host Michael Savage soon understood that a civil war was coming and wrote a book with that title.

In the intervening 8 years, a stealthy Revolution has been advancing -with little resistance. Then the Trump mildly Counter-Revolutionary primary program of 2016 ignited resistance and unleashed a mass movement. His narrow election victory and political program has now brought right to the surface the inevitable conflict.

Let us be clear! It is the side that seeks to overthrow the old order and radically replace it, that is Revolutionary and therefore responsible for civil war. As we have written in several recent articles, the frustrated Revolutionaries who lost the Presidency in November have made clear that they will not accept the election result or the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Although Trump is intending to implement nothing more than a partial return to the old order, and is (unfortunately) not proposing to reverse all the Revolutionary gains (e.g. same-sex marriage), the displaced Ruling Class (correctly) understands where the Counter-Revolution will ultimately lead, for they have seen Trump‘s followers and sense their dynamic Nationalism and Morality.

Rush Limbaugh, who is a ‘mainstream’ Conservative, and careful not to be seen inciting or inflaming violence, is unwilling to follow the logic of his Civil War rhetoric to its logical conclusion. But more and more Broad Right bloggers on the Internet are recognizing that the Media Class (MSM) and its Far Left allies are determined to remove and eliminate Trump and his followers from all political power. Many on the Far Left will be satisfied with nothing less than thorough violence.

The call from the Left for Civil War is almost at crescendo level, and the Broad Right is catching up with the reality. In private, Rush Limbaugh probably has also caught up. If Donald Trump has also caught up, he is in a position to pre-empt the Far Left’s preparations and head off bloodshed, but he will need nerves of steel.

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  1. Peter Brimelow over at Vdare is saying much the same thing today. It seems that violent conflict is the topic du jour.

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