Cindy’s Farewell to Arms and Other Events of the Past Week

Way back in time on this website we forecast that Cindy Sheehan’s love-in with the Media Class would come to a bitter end. It was our view then that the Media Class was using Cindy and her ‘grief’ to embarrass a Christian President that it hates and despises and to undermine ‘his’ war.

There were two elements in the chemistry of the Cindy phenomenon: her need for publicity and the Media Class need to get Bush. We said that Cindy was grossly overestimating her value and we asked how she would cope with anonymity when it came.

We now have the answer thanks to an alert contributor to the website Free Republic who discovered Cindy’s bitter resignation message on a Leftist website called ‘Common Dreams News Center’ (dated 19th June). I recommend a visit to this website, and a reading of Cindy’s self-indulgent and self-pitying piece. Anyone who doubted our contention that Cindy’s political posturing and anti-war activism have been all about Cindy, will discover that we were right all along. Cindy is fascinated with – well, Cindy! It is worth reading the many emails that follow her piece (mostly sympathetic), which are full of the same mushy emotion that characterizes her political thinking, such as it is.

Cindy’s big mistake, fatal for someone who craves the Media spotlight, was to overestimate her own importance. She assumed that the Media could be used, when in fact the Media Class uses all others. As a result of that misjudgement, she dared to criticize the anointed President-in-waiting, as though she and ‘Hellary’ were on a par. Hell hath no fury like a ‘Hellary’! If Cindy had been willing to scavenge for publicity crumbs, she would have praised the Media’s President-in-waiting at every opportunity. She didn’t, became a non-person in Media terms, and now thrashes around bitterly denouncing former comrades.

It is worth comparing the Cindys of the Leftist world with the ‘Hellarys’ for they are two distinct types with virtually nothing in common. Cindy is all emotion and considers emotion fully displayed to be sufficient, especially her own. The Common Dreams website is full of such feely-goody self-indulgence. Generally, the rest of us need not fear these people, for they are capable only of political gesturing, public posturing, vacuous symbolic activities and handwringing. Doves released into the air, peace symbols painted on walls, marches from nowhere to nowhere, tattoos, candle-lit vigils and public love-fests with prayers for the earth. They should not frighten us and they certainly do not frighten or impress Islamic bombers and assassins. The only danger presented by these pathetic, self-absorbed, neurotic women (of both sexes) is that they encourage our genuinely dangerous enemies to believe that our Western natio ns have lost the will to resist. I have no doubt that the peace marchers of San Francisco and New York, lovingly filmed and publicized by an approving Media, greatly encouraged our Islamic enemies to begin a resistance after the initially successful Iraq and Afghan invasions.

‘Hellary’ is not a neurotic and she is not a part of the ‘gesture’ Left. She and her husband are Leftists who seek real power, and are willing to make any surface political twist and turn to get it. We should not believe that Leftists of this kind are idealistic simply because the rhetoric they use is all about equality, concern for the poor, and care for the environment. They are not at all concerned about fair shares for all, but about achieving the power to rule the lives of all by re-arranging society so that they and their class can enjoy privilege and be above the rules that they make for others. This can be seen in their current private lives. Ted Kennedy, the hero of Chappaquiddick, and the Hollywood Leftists, are always opposed to green policies when they threaten their own neighborhoods. Al Gore and John Edwards are arch consumers of resources. There are endless examples of their double standards and George Orwell wrote about them way back in the 1940’s in his novels ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’.

The emotional, gesture-loving Leftists threaten our national security because they encourage our foreign enemies. The power-hungry big-Government Leftists threaten us here at home because they would take away every aspect of our individual freedoms. Cindy is off to another emotional cause, or so she claims, this time to oppose capitalism. She will probably fail to interest the Media and would be wise to realize that she has already had her day. However, wisdom is not her strong point, so expect her to attempt ever more desperate measures in the search for publicity. Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, goes from strength to strength, as the Media Class begins to subtly undermine the reputations of her rivals Obama and John Edwards. The skeletons in their cupboards, and their personal hypocrisies, are real enough but probably pale in comparison to those of Mrs. Clinton and her husband. The Clinton’s skeletons and double-standards will not be revealed however by the Media Class that promotes her Presidential campaign. The Media Class string-pullers require politicians in office who will ruthlessly use the machinery of state to promote its agenda. They are confident that the Clintons, based on their track records, can and will do so, and they are right.

Bill Ford is at it again, according to the American Family Association website. More of Ford Motor Company’s scarce dollars are being donated to the homosexual celebrations of sodomy, this time in Cleveland, Ohio. The Company continues to leach money, lay off employees and lose customers, but concern for the world’s most affluent ‘victim’ group remains Bill’s priority. I saw one report in the mainstream media that touted the Toronto Gay Pride parade and claimed it drew over one million people. Chicago is the latest US city to strike a deal with the American homosexual ‘community’ by offering all sorts of civic and business carrots to develop ‘Gay’ facilities and encourage ‘Gay’ tourism. My lying eyes and lifetime experience in a world of heterosexual people convince me that there are not that many homosexual people and that is why they congregate at every opportunity. The million who turned up at Toronto must be the same people who turned up at Chicago and who turn up at London, Birmingham (England) and elsewhere. It is not that there are countless millions of homosexuals, but that they have the time and money to travel from one city and ‘Gay’ event to another in the search for new sexual partners and to flaunt their perverted practices in public. I write this in the knowledge that throughout the Western world they are successfully commandeering the political and judicial systems in order to outlaw comments like mine.

The latest bomb attempts in London and Glasgow were foiled only by luck and we must assume that sooner rather than later more UK citizens will be killed and maimed in horror attacks. Now that the US government is being deprived of the means of surveillance of our enemies (thanks to the Leftist Courts and to the ACLU and Dem polls) it is only a matter of time before the US too is hit. I am coming to the conclusion that we should ask all Muslims to leave the West. I have good Muslim friends who would never condone terrorism but I am not certain that they would betray their fanatical brethren to the authorities. Many are vulnerable to terrible retaliation if found out and most are not sympathetic or loyal to the US and are dismissive of Western ways despite doing well here. Terrorists need a friendly sea to swim in, as was well proven by the IRA in the UK. Even in the US, Irish Americans gave money and support to the IRA and probably continue to do so. This is one of the consequences of multi-culturalism. The outrages in the UK have once again shown that the BNP has been right all along to warn against immigration, multi culturalism and multi racialism. The Media Class can be expected to bust a gut in the next few days misreporting the news so that the Muslim immigrants and their offspring are not blamed. And do not be surprised if the blame is eventually laid at the door of the BNP and the British people because they have alienated the Muslims.

Rank-and-file Americans won an impressive victory last week when they leaned on enough Senators to defeat the Teddy Kennedy open-doors Bill. It has been fascinating to listen to the subsequent Media reports and the spin that was speedily applied. ABC News (Dave Schreiber) reported the vote as a defeat for Bush and then gave the microphone to Chuck Schumer and Teddy Kennedy who both lamented a lost opportunity for humanity. Those who might have argued otherwise were simply not given the microphone! The same treatment was also given to the Supreme Court decision on school racial quotas. The Senate vote was a defeat for the hapless President, but was even more so for Kennedy and Harry Reid and his Dems, but you would not have known this from the Media reporting.

The success of the American people in defeating the open-doors Bill contrasts hugely with the apathy of the British people over the recent Euro agreements that will take the last of the UK’s independence. I feel proud to be a US citizen in this week that will celebrate Independence Day. US flags will be flying everywhere and most people outside of San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhattan and Academia will demonstrate pride in their country. In the UK it is only possible to show any national pride when a UK-based soccer team of foreigners wins a match. Even then flying the Union flag is discouraged. In many circumstances, flying the Union flag can result in a visit from the police. As the take-over by the EU proceeds the Union flag will be proscribed, along with much else that celebrates British identity.

The Left and its Media masters are always opposed to free speech, no matter what they say. These are people who either think they know what is best for us all or who lust for power – or both. The success of the campaign against the Kennedy Open-doors Bill was down to the ability of people to communicate on the Internet and to listen to conservative views on Talk Radio. The Media Class and its Leftist allies are outraged that their monopoly on news and views has been breached and they are now moving to mend the breach. Thus we are hearing about the ‘fairness doctrine’. It has nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with restoring a Leftist monopoly. Hopefully rank-and-file Americans will fight this one just as hard and effectively as they fought Kennedy’s Bill. Conservative Talk Radio and the Internet cannot match the power that the Media Class wields through TV, the newspaper and magazine industry and Hollywood, but it enables those who really value free speech to escape intellectual isolation. Just occasionally, like last week, it enables those of us on the Right to sandbag the ruling class.

On Wednesday, the US flag will be unfurled outside my house. I am sure it will be flying outside many other houses in our street and throughout the land from sea to shining sea. God Bless America!

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