Cindy Sheehan – Cindy Who?

Back in the summer of 2007 anyone who took the most casual look at US TV or scanned the headlines of any US newspaper or magazine was familiar with the name Cindy Sheehan, knew she was THE anti-war campaigner, knew she was the mother of a soldier who had been killed in action and knew that she was stalking President George Bush wherever he went. When Bush went to Crawford Texas to take a break at his ranch or when he made almost any public appearance as President, there was the hysterical Cindy with a small band of lesbian anti-war protesters and there were the Media’s massed reporters and cameramen. Those of us who initially sympathized with her loss of her son soon learned that here was a very politically agitated Feminazi of the Left whose antics deprived her son’s patriotic death of any dignity.

It is difficult to know whether Cindy developed a pathological, histrionic, publicity-crazed personality because the Media selected her for promotion or whether the Media selected her because she was that already and the Media Class is just drawn to ‘show-offs’ because the Media Class itself is infested with ‘showoffs’. I suppose it matters little for Cindy and the Mainstream Media (MSM) met and embraced each other as soon as President George Bush mentioned his Christian attachments, talked about ‘evil’ forces and bravely committed the USA to fight back against America’s Islamic enemies. The Media Class, poised on the brink of a historic victory for its very own purged and reconstructed Democrat Party and their Leftist allies, was not only enraged by Bush’s talk of traditional Christianity but was also fearful that his military initiatives might be successful and enhance his reputation. In order to bring down Bush, the Media Class had to do all it could to damage the war effort and encourage America’s enemies. And so every protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had to be given headlines and puffed up. Unfortunately, the type of morally sick and deranged San Francisco types who were protesting, do not make good publicity. The American Media is extremely skilled at faking news, shaping news and remaking news but hiding the lunacy of SF protesters is a challenge. Then along came Cindy, who had a personal story of loss that would silence all but the most outspoken pro-war voices. From the off, Cindy was insatiable for publicity and so the MSM gave her all the publicity she could handle.

Cindy was not an opportunist. She really was anti-war as well as anti-Bush and anti-American and so the Media Class had found just what it wanted. Cindy seemed never to be out of the news. On this website we many times predicted that Cindy would be dropped as soon as she ceased to be useful to the Media Class and its agenda. We have never believed that the Media Class is genuinely anti- or pro-war, for it is really only concerned with its domestic agenda, which is all about creating a moral revolution and sweeping away the old Christian Order. Once Barack Obama was elected to the White House and the Media’s Democrat Party was in control of Congress, the way was clear for the revolution to get up full steam. Obama, like his masters, has little interest in the Wars for they are a distraction from the domestic agenda that will transform America and outlaw those who stand in the way – the counter-revolutionaries. But he is stuck with the Wars for the time being and dare not openly pursue a defeatist policy. Now, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are his and the Democrat Party’s wars, and so those who would protest them are an embarrassment.

Since Obama’s election victory, poor Cindy has ceased to be useful to the Media Class and so, like all that news that does not serve the Media Class purpose, Cindy has become invisible. My guess is that she and her little band of shrill Feminists are still out there, camping, screaming, waving banners, holding candle-lit vigils and singing kumbaya, but no-one can hear them or see them any longer. Here we see the power and the unity of the Media Class. Indeed, only a Class pursuing its Class interest, could act with the unity that requires no conspiracies, no meeting behind closed doors to shape policy and tactics, and no leadership. Cindy has vanished and the MSM has never needed to come together to consign her to oblivion.

The record-breaking cold weather that surely confirms global warming continues to blanket the Northern Hemisphere. The UK’s taxpayer-funded BBC, the engine room of the Media Class in that country, recently inadvertently mentioned that this winter has been the coldest on record. Starcross residents in Devon, England remain on alert for the tidal wave of rising seas that will surely sweep in from the Indian Ocean at any moment. Here in our part of California every night is frosty but we know that these frosts are part and parcel of increasing global temperatures.

I have not commented on the conflagration sweeping the Middle East, for when mobs control the streets no-one can predict the outcome. At the moment the Media Class has no Class line on this and the reporting is as honest as it is likely to be. On this website we have always held to the view that Muslim-inspired violence is the vehicle for Islamic Imperialism and the chances are that out of the current rioting and burning of property the Islamic Imperialists will emerge stronger. George Soros, Tim Gill and the rich Hollywood perverts may think that they are immune to or protected from the fanatics of Islam but we doubt it.

This week, two new books out about the Big Band leader, Stan Kenton, have received publicity. One, by his daughter, claims that he was guilty of child abuse and incest and it is probably true for why would she say otherwise. Kenton, in the early 1950’s pioneered a big band sound that made all his rivals sound dated. He and two or three of his arrangers took big band music to its peak. In the mid 1970’s Kenton was still attempting to take his music on tour, not realizing that all forms of intelligent popular music were about to be consigned to the dustbin of history by the rise of the Media Class. I have a personal memory of Kenton, for my youngest son, then about 10 years old, and I awaited the arrival of his band in a small seaside town in the UK. When the big man emerged from the bus and his musicians were unloading instruments, we approached him to get his autograph. I asked him if in the concert he would play ‘Intermission Riff’, one of my son’s favorites. “Sure” said Kenton as he signed the autograph. The concert was poorly attended yet the band was magnificent. I never expected Kenton to play our request and the concert was nearing its end. Suddenly, Kenton said, “and our next number is a request for Robert – Intermission Riff”. For us it was sheer magic and I retain an affection for Kenton no matter what emerges about him. Picking a great recording from the many great recordings he made is difficult and “Peanut Vendor” from 1956 takes some beating but I think “Concerto To End All Concertos”, recorded in Hollywood in February 1956, is the finest – a haunting melody and a terrific arrangement. Kenton died in 1979, aged 67.

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