Cindy Rides Again

Readers will be delighted to learn that “Peace Campaigner” Cindy Sheehan is alive and well and once again being promoted by the Media. Yesterday, Saturday 28th January, the Associated Press’s Ian James had a lengthy and uncritical report on our tireless heroine.

At the top, Cindy is pictured smiling whilst being hugged by a supporter. The AP, ever ready to track down an important headline story has found Cindy in Caracas, Venezuela, at the “World Social Forum” where she is amongst “thousands of other anti-war and anti-globalization activists”. Cindy is no doubt at home in a country lurching towards Castro-style socialism, but one has to wonder how the intrepid Ian James found her amongst thousands of protesters from all over the world. The ostensible reason for propelling Cindy back into the World’s headlines is that she is considering running against Senator Dianne Feinstein in the June California Democrat Primary election. The report reveals that Cindy has not yet decided for sure as she needs to check with her children first! Modestly, Cindy tells the reporter that she knows she cannot win but her entry into the Primary would focus attention on the war and Feinstein’s unwillingness to advocate immediate withdrawal from Iraq. This is a news story?

So that we can keep up with Cindy, the AP reporter tells us that Cindy is off to Washington DC the very next day so as to be in time to protest Bush’s State of the Union Address on Monday. There are a number of questions here for those who take the Media at face value and who continue to deny the existence of a Media agenda, and also for those who claim that the Media is really a tool of Big Business and not the Master Class itself.

Why would Big Business promote Cindy Sheehan at all and why promote the “World Social Forum” (whatever that is)? How is Cindy’s indecision about running in the Primary a news story? Why does her view on the war matter at all? How does she afford to globetrot and who is funding her and the thousands of other activists? Surely not Big Business!

The answer of course is that the Media has its own agenda and is not dancing to any other tune. That agenda is Leftist and relentlessly anti-Bush and AP is simply using Sheehan – who is a creation of the US media. A moment spent pondering how a “news” story gets through the internal checks and balances of the AP hierarchy and surfaces on the World Wide Web and in other major news outlets, tells us that the promotion of this non-event is a major policy decision. The purpose of the story is not to embarrass Dianne Feinstein, though it is a warning to “moderate Democrats” that the Media will not tolerate deviation from its anti-war campaign. The real intent is to create a scenario where President Bush appears to be in a continual and embarrassing confrontation with a woman of the people. The fact that this shrill, incoherent slogan-shouting non-entity is presented as a major protagonist of the President serves to demean Bush. Nothing is more calculated to damage the dignity of him and his Office, than to present her and him as opponents and her as David to his Goliath. That she is an intellectual pygmy helps to reinforce the image of Bush as of equal intellectual standing.

Unfortunately the Media Class promotion of this woman’s antics costs the lives of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and puts us all in greater danger by giving encouragement to our deadly enemies. This does not bother the Media Class as long as it promises to be immediately damaging to the hated Christian in the White House.

One day, on this website, I will explicitly reveal why a large component of the Media Class has no concern about our longterm survival. In the meantime, readers may care to read between the lines.

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