Christmas in an Asian Store

Yesterday I took a Thai friend to a local Asian supermarket. Given that it was a Saturday morning just before Christmas, the place was bursting at the seams. Most of the shoppers were Chinese but there were a good number of Vietnamese, Filipinos, Koreans as well as a few Mexicans. I saw very few white faces apart from my own. What was interesting to me was that everywhere in this large store there were Christmas decorations and a continual background of traditional Christian carols.

Most of the shoppers were almost certainly not Christian and my companion is a Buddhist, but everyone seemed happy with the festive ambience. There was no room for the word ‘holiday’ and everywhere was the word ‘Christmas’. The check-out staff had Santa hats on. I was shocked, shocked, shocked! What happened to inclusiveness I wondered? For all I know there may even have been a few Muslims happily absorbing all this hateful and offensive Christian propaganda.

I won’t identify this store, for if I do some White Leftist or member of the Anti-defamation League will be around there demanding the store owners show more sensitivity. The point I want to make is that most minority people in the USA happily accept, indeed welcome, the Christian traditions of the nation they have chosen to join and do not wish to disturb things. If I chose to live in India, I would be disappointed if the nation decided to abandon its distinctive culture. If I lived in Israel, I would expect the businesses to close down on Fridays. I would not expect the host people (and by that I mean those who ancestors have lived in the land for 400 years or more) to make a single concession to my presence nor to make concessions to my off-spring should they decide to cling to my ancestors’ ways.

The dirty little secret is that the Leftist (Atheist), Jewish and Muslim activists who are driving the Christian traditions out of our public life, do not represent the minorities in our midst. They use them without their permission and often without their knowledge. When these activists shout about inclusiveness, multi-this and multi-that, they are fraudulent for they care not a jot about the well-being of the minority communities. Orchestrated by the anti-Christian media, supported by secret money from people like George Soros and enabled by Leftist judges, they deprive ordinary people of all races and creeds of the harmless traditions that actually bind people together and are spontaneous.

On this website, we often point out that as befits a ruling class, Media people are getting richer faster than the rest of us. We could post up weekly lists of expensive properties (all in the choice areas of the US) that change hands amongst entertainers, fashionistas, media moguls and celebrities, but the repetition would be boring. Occasionally, a Media Class member experiences disappointment and gets rich a little less fast. Spare a tear for Ellen DeGeneres, sometimes described as a comedian and sometimes described as a talk show host. She is best-known as a lesbian who lost a soul-mate to a man. I suppose lesbians and sodomists find her funny, but I think ‘comedian’ is stretching things a bit far. Similarly, ‘Talk Show Host’ seems over the top when one considers that the learned Rush enjoys the same job description. Anyway recently, thanks to the state of the property market, she was forced to drop the asking price of her Santa Barbara estate a full $4m. In the end, she sold her 4-acre estate for a mere $20m. It has a 5000 bottle wine cellar, two guest houses, a pool and a tennis court and it is also close to Oprah Winfrey’s 40 acre estate, which must be very reassuring. Oprah is the kind of African American that show-biz people like to live close to for it underlines their anti-racist credentials. DeGeneres recently bought an expensive Beverly Hills house from Max Mutchnick. You haven’t heard of him? He is a creator of ‘Will and Grace’ and not short of a buck either. None of them are! Last week, Tom DeLong (is he famous?) put his San Diego place on the market for $6.25m. In case you wonder what this 32 year old did to get rich, he was a frontman for the punk-pop band Blink and is known for hits like “What’s My Age Again”. He has probably already made more money than Harold Arlen, Richard Rogers, Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern put together. He has most certainly made more money than Charlie Parker, Bud Powell and Dizzy Gillespie could ever dream of. I’ll wager that he doesn’t have one tenth the talent of any one of the afore-mentioned. Good luck to him of course for things have changed. And that is exactly our point. When entertainers were not part of the ruling class they did not easily become rich. Only the most talented made money and then, like Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald, only after decades of honing their skills. Now, any pimply faced kid with a guitar, acne and no inhibitions about lack of talent might strike it rich. The only requirement these days is that once they are famous they must make Leftist statements in the Media and express worry about the climate.

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