Christine O’Donnell is the Media’s new Palin

I intended to start this latest piece with the observation that the Media Class was subjecting Christine O’Donnell’s past to the kind of exhaustive investigation that it has studiously avoided doing on our President. But then Rush Limbaugh made the same observation yesterday morning and this website does not peddle stale opinions.

We pointed out in a previous article that O’Donnell would be targeted by the Media Class,(just as Sarah Palin has been) for her real offences as far as that Class is concerned is that she is anti-abortion and anti- homosexual. The Media Class, sensing that O’Donnell might appeal greatly to the Christian voters of Delaware, has dredged up (and taken out of context) her flippant remarks about witch craft that she made on a comedy show some 10 years ago. The Media Class is nothing, if not expert on the vulnerabilities of American Christians, and to smear someone with an occult past is to frighten the Christians-or at least some of them-into a tizzy. Actually, the witchcraft smear is very effective, not only because it will frighten Christians but also because it reinforces the other smear, which is that O’Donnell is ‘whacky’. Two birds with one stone!

Let’s just pause though to revisit the point that Limbaugh made yesterday. Americans have a President whose early life is a secret. The only things that Americans have been told by the MSM are the things that Obama has written about himself in two books. We know that Obama was assisted in the writing by a Leftist and we can surely assume that the books were not written as a personal catharsis but as a resume for his planned and budding political career. If Obama had been a Christian or conservative, his ‘autobiographical’ books would have been dissected by the MSM in the hope of uncovering the smallest lies. Instead, the MSM has taken every line of every page at face value and regurgitated it whenever necessary. Since he took office in the White House, there have been a couple of truly investigative books on Obama, and the writers have claimed to discover masses of lies and distortions of fact, and also many sinister gaps. The MSM’s reporters and reviewers have predictably wholly ignored these books and their contents, just as they ignored the book that set the record straight on Joe McCarthy. If the MSM collectively decides to ignore News or Facts, then those are like trees falling deep in the forest. It is also a matter of record, but not revealed to the American public by the MSM, that Obama moves Heaven and Earth with no legal expense spared, to prevent investigations into his past. Christine O’Donnell’s past, in stark contrast, is suddenly of huge interest to the MSM, at least in regard to anything that might be injurious to her. Tax Bills that she has delayed are uncovered by a MSM that sees no wrong when Leftist Congressmen/women and Obama appointees to his Cabinet, are guilty of much, much more. I doubt that O’Donnell had any idea, when she became a TEA Party activist, that her past would be minutely examined by Media people and billionaire-funded armies of investigators. Perhaps she had no idea that by praising Christian virtues she herself would be dragged through the gutter by the rich, perverted and powerful. Now she knows that Christians and conservatives are held to one exacting standard by our new Ruling Class and the Ted Kennedys of the world enjoy a free pass.

Limbaugh, as always, nails the outcome but fails to explain the mechanism of destruction. He always refers to the ‘State controlled Media’ so I assume that he believes that Obama, Harry Reid, Pelosi et al get together, work out a highly personalized attack strategy , and then send directives to the editors of ABC News, AP, Reuters, Comcast News, MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, Washington Post and virtually every news outlet in the Nation. The editors obediently then instruct their reporters to follow the strategy. This is, of course, nonsensical. The deadly piece on witchcraft was launched by a Media ‘comedian,’ Bill Maher. I put the word ‘comedian’ in parenthesis because as anyone who has read this website regularly knows, the Media Class long ago jettisoned comedians who were funny, in favor of ‘cutting edge’ Leftists who are rarely, if ever, funny. Maher is one of those and for all I know may also be ‘one of those’, since the Media is largely populated by the latter.

The lessons here for Christians and conservatives who contemplate putting their toes in the political waters, are never appear on any TV show where you might be flippant or make an unguarded comment, and never commit a single sin unless alone and in a dark room. The lesson here for Rush Limbaugh and all readers of this website, is that this most effective attack on O’Donnell originated with a media ‘entertainer’ and needed no direction from the Democrat Party leaders. The Media Class, which includes Maher and Lady Gaga just as much as the editors of Newspapers, TV Presenters, Hollywood Producers and Fashion Queens, has a political and moral agenda, promotes that agenda all by itself, and takes no orders from Leftist politicians.

The good news, such as it is, is that via the Web and Talk Radio, some of those trees that fall in the forest can now be heard by increasing numbers of ordinary, sane, productive, normal people and as a consequence, O’Donnell has received some $2m for her campaign. What a joy it would be if on the day after the November elections, O’Donnell, Joe Miller, and many other TEA Party candidates were members of Congress.

Congratulations to the Swedish Democrats! Just wish they had won even more votes! According to all MSM reports, any Party that seeks to preserve a Nation’s culture and integrity is now ‘Far Right’.

On the cultural front, it is 30 years ago this month that the great American pianist, Bill Evans, died. I find most of Evans’ later recordings too introspective and lacking in joy. This is not surprising, given the tragedies that he experienced and his consuming heroin habit. Playing with the morose and mostly ugly-sounding Miles Davis did not improve things, but Evans in his early days was a master artist on the piano, and could be both exciting and extremely rhythmic. I have a tape recording of the George Russell Smalltet that included Evans. I recommend to our website readers the Smalltet’s recording of ‘Concerto for Billy the Kid’. Enjoy the fabulous Evans piano breaks. Feel the tension! He was fired up for this one!

Last week we visited the restored Railway Station in the small town of Niles in California. Fremont City has done an impressive job of salvaging a slice of Niles’ interesting history. The Station had a recording playing of the Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra from a radio broadcast. I guess the music was from the 1930’s or earlier. When young, I used to sneer at such music as ‘Dance Band’ music and too commercial for my jazz tastes but listening now I realize what great American music was created in those days, all across the spectrum. Not only was the Casa Loma musicianship superb but so was the writing. One of the tunes on the recording was the old chestnut ‘The Bells are Ringing for Me and My Girl’. I have never taken much notice of this tune and its lyrics for there were countless such tunes written in the heyday of American popular music. Actually, this one is a little masterpiece and its simple but properly- rhyming lyrics encapsulate a profound concept-the courtship and marriage of a man to a woman. The song is also happy and celebratory and in stark contrast to the angry, incoherent, tuneless, repetitive, guitar-sodden and negative warbling of today’s Media Class anti-culture. I suppose this particular lyric will soon be banned unless sung by a woman, for otherwise it will be considered ‘not inclusive’.

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