Christians, Christmas and this website

First of all we wish all our website visitors, even those who hate us, a Merry Christmas.   In our home last night we welcomed a small crowd of parents and their children for some traditional Carol singing and supper. It is our small way of resisting the Ruling Class campaign to erase the Christian Christmas from the Western calendar. We are trying to ensure that at least some children get a chance to hear and sing the traditional Carols that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Our children are no longer singing our beautiful treasury of Carols at school or hearing them in the mall. And how long before we will not dare to sing them loud enough for neighbors to hear in case a Leftist or a homosexual denounces us to the police for bigotry? 

    We might ask how this tradition of Carol singing – one that stretches back for centuries and was so popular – has been quietly but so efficiently expunged from schools, stores and the public square. The check-out ladies at the store wish us a ‘Happy Holiday’ as does the school principal and we wonder ‘Has a rule to avoid the word Christmas been imposed by fiat?’ or have our people been hypnotized. Many reasonable but otherwise preoccupied citizens assume that Christian talk and old traditions must somehow be offensive to America’s newcomers and therefore sacrificed in the interests of social cohesiveness. Yet I have not met a newcomer – and I meet many here in California and most of my friends are Asians- who are offended. Indeed, many are actively Christian and last night’s little crowd in my home even included Asians who are not Christian but were very happy to join us in song. So who is offended and how do the offended get to have so much power behind the scenes? 

    Our website, of course, has the answer to these and other relevant questions and we explain why we are being increasingly subjected to all the oppressive rules that are commonly referred to as ‘political correctness’. As we constantly point out, America (and most of the Western World) has experienced a stealthy revolution and its people, dulled by a mass culture that is actually comprehensive propaganda, remain unaware and acquiescent as their Constitution, their traditions, their borders, their national identity, their Christian-based culture and their freedoms are relentlessly but incrementally removed. Despite a President, whose past is significantly and sinisterly concealed and who boldly proclaims that he and his comrades in the Far Left Democrat Party are ‘remaking’ American society, and who daily ignore the restraints of the Constitution they swore to uphold, it seems that the American people at large and most of the Republican Party’s leadership are lulled into thinking that all is ‘politics as usual’. 

    We on this website say that a new Class has arisen in America (and the Western World), a Class created by the unforeseen consequences of technology. It is blessed with the power and driven by the motivation, to not only become hugely wealthy but to carry out America’s first Revolution, quietly taking power as a Ruling Class and doing what Ruling Classes have always done throughout history and that is remake society in its own image. We call this new revolutionary Class the ‘Media Class’ and we claim that it has, like most Ruling Classes in history, forged alliances with those groups in society that also seek (unpopular) revolutionary change and unfettered power. The constituent groups of this Ruling and Revolutionary alliance unfortunately are neither economically nor socially progressive, though they advance their joint decadent agenda under the false banner of progress. 

    The now dominant and enormously wealthy Media Class is overwhelmingly composed of the dysfunctional that have always gravitated to entertainment, acting, fantasy and those things that are superficial and dissolute. So we are now ruled by libertines and perverts. Proof of the governing power of this Media Class and its agenda to remake society in its own image, is the astonishing advance of the homosexual wish-list which includes same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption and fostering, the suppression of all who question perversion and the indoctrination of children in schools. 

    The Media Class’ allies are all on the Far Left, many safely, securely and leisurely ensconced in Academia, millions marching in the battalions of organized labor that have grown with the public sector and the rest in the envious and resentful ranks of a welfare-dependent minority. All feed in the tax-payer provided trough and are unburdened by productive work and thus free to intimidate and ‘politic’. The Media Class and its allies are united by a desire for all-powerful government and by a determination to silence and then eliminate all (reactionary/counter-revolutionary) opposition. Traditional Christianity is anathema to them and so Carol singing must be expunged as a remnant of a bigoted past and the Christmas celebration replaced by the ‘inoffensive’, meaningless and joyless ‘Happy Holiday’ and the pagan ‘Winter Break’. 

    This website is not a Christian website but we might accurately describe it as ‘Christian leaning’. As an avowedly conservative website we may properly claim that it is a website that defends and advances the traditions of the Christian (European) American founders and Constitution writers. Those who have more recently come and settled from beyond Europe, eager to enjoy America’s Constitutional freedoms and resultant largesse, should be expected to adapt to its traditions. Many do and more would if encouraged. Mostly, those who demand that the Christian American people should abandon their traditions and beliefs in order to not offend, are native Leftist and perverts who usurp the voices of the newcomers and use their control of the Media in all its pernicious forms to impose an agenda of moral, cultural and economic decadence. 

    Last night, as we sang the lovely song ‘Silent Night’ with its simple but spiritual words, I found myself wondering what sort of people would want to deprive the next generation of such a cultural gem. At the grocery store and the opticians today, as I suffered the inevitable tuneless drivel of rap and rock pop music that is now inescapable in any public place, I was forced to recognize that our Ruling Media Class of perverts and Leftist revolutionaries has succeeded in suppressing Christianity and destroying the popular culture of America. Many conservatives and Nationalists have already succumbed to the ‘Happy Holidays’ and most have succumbed to the music and entertainment of the lunatic asylum. 

    There was a time when Christianity was confident and muscular. “Onward Christian Soldiers”, “Fight the Good Fight”, “Stand Up! Stand Up for Jesus! Ye soldiers of the Cross”. “To Be a Pilgrim” and the Carols “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Good Christian Men Rejoice” were written and sung by Christians who were unapologetic about their religion and who had no doubt that sodomy and abortion were sinful and to be publicly condemned. Now many pastors are keen to talk ‘inclusion’ and ‘toleration’, and preach in fear of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and charges of bigotry and judgementalism. I suppose they are creatures of the times and have been unwittingly corrupted by the debauched and decadent entertainment, atheistic-driven propaganda and guilt-inducing ‘history’ that began in the late 1960’s as the Media Class began to flex its muscles. Our advice for all Christians, conservatives and Nationalists is to put the TV set into the trash-can, stop reading the MSM press, ignore the ‘news’ on the computer, listen only to conservative Talk Radio, seek out Churches led by unapologetic traditionalist pastors, and if entertainment is needed buy DVD’s of the pre-1960’s! 

    We wish to again pay tribute to the UK’s BNP website. Though we reject the Party’s program of economic Socialism, we admire its forthright support for the UK’s traditions and its condemnation of modern culture. Visit the BNP website of December 17th and the article on Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, Paul Klee and others and the reference to “Contemporary Art and the Decay of Western Civilization” by David Furness. 

    Looking east from the UK, we must write a few words of praise for Vladimir Putin and his unapologetic stand against the Media Class promotion of homosexuality and its associated decadent culture. His description of homosexuality as “genderless and infertile” may well be the best quote from 2013. Putin’s Russia is not a bastion of freedom but his attacks on the West’s culture and evolving politics are spot on. 

    The American Media’s insidious racist propaganda continues and as it continues to shamelessly suppress the war being waged by Blacks against Whites and Asians, so it daily promotes and inflates (minor) news stories intended to nurture White guilt. On December 13th the LA Times (a Far Left propaganda rag) website carried a report by Kate Mather under the lead “Gang Member accused of killing 6 year old girl due in Court”. There followed a video of the poor child’s funeral but no picture of the accused. We all know why! On the same date on Free Republic it is possible to see a picture of the accused posted by ‘moonshine’. No prize for those who guessed that Keandre Narkie Johnson aged 21 is Black. 

    Meanwhile poor innocent Dustin Friedland aged 30 and recently married, was shot dead in front of his wife in the early evening. His car was taken by the attackers and later found abandoned. Since this killing happened in New Jersey and Mr. Friedland was Jewish, the MSM could not avoid reporting it. However, it did manage to avoid mentioning anything that might hint that his attackers were Black, despite Mrs. Friedland being a witness and able to describe them. In the absence of a description of the attackers the MSM did substitute that the shopping mall in which this random racist killing took place was “upscale”. Presumably we were meant to draw the conclusion that a mall for the affluent understandably drew those deprived in life. Since this attack was first reported by the MSM’s propaganda machine the alleged attackers have been apprehended and the latest reports can no longer hide their skin color. This atrocious crime will now get minimal MSM coverage. 

    In order to remind us all that the real racist crimes are White on Black (as they always have been since racism is by definition a one-way problem) Xfinity News lead on December 17th with “Pair Plead guilty in Race-Fueled Rampage”, referring to last year’s crime in Tulsa Oklahoma. Alvin Watts (34) and Jake England (21) randomly shot several innocent Black victims and as far as this website is concerned both should get a speedy execution. All murders are ‘hate crimes’. The report felt it necessary to reveal that “Watts is White and England has said that he is Cherokee Indian”. We note the “has said”! 

    If you only read MSM reports about the recent Colorado Arapahoe High School shooting, you will be unaware that the random killing of the young female student by Karl Pierson (18) might have been fueled by Left wing politics. Pierson, who committed suicide when faced with armed opposition, was seeking to kill a teacher who had dropped him from a debating team but was armed with Molotov cocktails and a machete and intended to kill many at the school. He had a history of Leftist beliefs. This is not very relevant to us but if he had been a Tea Party sympathizer you can be sure the MSM would have been all over his politics. 

    Finally we should again mention the odd death of Lorretta Fuddy, the lone victim of nine passengers of the Cessna crash off the coast of her native Hawaii. Fuddy was the State Public Health Director who once appeared publicly to verify Obama’s birth certificate. She was the only person in a position to do so, and if she was involved in a cover-up, she would have been an extreme threat to this Administration and its all-powerful sponsors. Of course, her verification may have been entirely truthful in which case there can be nothing suspicious about her death. When all the occupants of the Cessna evacuated the sinking plane she is reported as being uninjured and in good shape. Then she died in the water, ‘slipping away from the grasp’ of another passenger. Some days ago her autopsy was completed but the results have been delayed and no explanation given for the delay. Since the Obama history is filled with mysterious gaps that he has taken pains to conceal from investigation and since he and his Leftist allies hold that truth is whatever serves the cause of progress, we have a duty to be cynical and suspicious of all official reports. 

    Music Choice – In our previous article I mentioned the death of outstanding guitarist Jim Hall, a real guitar player and not a strummer. Hall did not indulge in obscene antics on the stage but concentrated on what he was playing. I missed the death of Foreststorn (Chico) Hamilton who died on November 25th. Hamilton, who was born in LA in 1921 was an outstanding drummer (a little better than the clown who made a fortune with the Beatles) and an excellent composer. Over the course of his long musical career, he played with everybody who was anybody in the American jazz world. I liked his 1955 quintet that had the unusual line-up of cello, flute, guitar, bass and drums and which often played at extremely fast tempos. That group featured the multi-reed master Buddy Collette and guitarist Jim Hall. Hamilton’s Quintet also featured in one of the greatest films of all time and one which uncannily foresaw the power of the Media over politicians – ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ 1957. He also appeared in ‘Jazz on a Summer’s Day’ 1960. 

    Weather – Here in middle California the cold weather has persisted for many, many weeks and nights have regularly dropped below freezing. My geraniums and other plants have died. Somehow they missed the man-made global warming that the climate expert Al Gore predicted. In the rest of the USA the ‘exceptional’ cold weather has continued. The UK is getting ‘exceptional’ rainfall. It all sounds a little like weather as usual everywhere, but of course we must be mistaken. Middle California is now badly needing rain but drought here is also normal. 

    Finally, this website may soon have a new title but in the meantime we wish all our visitors a ‘Merry Christmas”.

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