Chick-fil-A – The Counter-revolutionaries Bite Back

As the Mainstream Media (MSM) wriggled and squirmed to file negative reports on the massive lines of waiting Chick-fil-A customers on Wednesday, the Internet had the real news and pictures. The cheerful and patient tens upon tens of thousands of customers all across the Nation, many who stayed in line for up to two hours, were demonstrating that those who are opposed to the revolutionary advance of same-sex ‘marriage’ are just waiting for the call to action. There are millions more, like this writer, who had no access to a Chick-fil-A restaurant, but who would welcome a neighborhood opportunity to ‘go public’. Many of the demonstrating customers may have been active Christians but perhaps all share our view that homosexuality is a perversion – its practitioners people to be pitied, not emulated – and that same-sex ‘marriage is’ is a grotesque parody of the real thing.

Today (Friday), the Media is widely and approvingly freely advertizing (whilst pretending to be reporting) that the homosexuals are going to stage ‘kiss-ins’ outside many Chick restaurants. Watching two men kissing on the lips is guaranteed to cause all normal people to gag on their chicken, so this might be a very effective way of hitting Chick’s sales. Meanwhile the Internet Alternative Media is reporting the vandalizing of a Chick restaurant which has been daubed with Hate slogans by those who preach toleration. A college professor has been caught verbally abusing a female Chick employee and boasting about it on the Internet.

The normal response to a restaurant chain or other business that is owned by a political or moral opponent is to simply not frequent it. For the enraged perverts and their Leftist allies (i.e. all those who endlessly preach at us about toleration) however, the response is to shut it up by shutting it down. In this they demonstrate that they are not normal people.

Listening to Shaun Hannity on his radio program dealing with angry homosexual callers, it was obvious that he has missed the point. Like many well-meaning Christians, he is apologetic when defending his opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’. He falls back on a handful of lines in the Old and New Testament for his rationale, thus reinforcing the MSM propaganda line – which is that it is only Christians and irrational bigots who oppose progress to ‘equal rights’ for America’s last victim group. Here are the real arguments for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’.


1. Same-sex sexual practices are of necessity perverted, for they require the gross misuse of the anus (for men) and the employment of a mechanical device (for women).

2. The relationships are based upon pretence. One partner has to pretend he/she is of the opposite sex and the other partner has to join in this pretence.

3. The sexual relationships are, without exception, sterile.

4. There is clear evidence that male homosexual relationships are sado/masochistic, involving degradation and humiliation.

5. Male same-sex sexual relationships not only involve degradation but require an infantile indifference to, or attachment, to fecal matter.


1. All the arguments employed for the inclusion of same-sex relationships within the traditional marriage framework can be used to include same-family marriages (e.g. mother/son, brother/sister etc.), man/boy; human/animal (man/dog), and man/blow-up doll.

2. Opposite-sex formal marriages can be found throughout human history including one man/one woman, one man several women but there is no record of same-sex ‘marriage’.

3. The argument that the non-recognition of same-sex relationships is the same as past non-recognition of inter-racial relationships is spurious. Differences in skin color cannot be equated to differences in gender.

4. Marriage is no longer popular, even amongst heterosexuals. Increasingly, only committed traditional Christians now put any great store on this institution, and there is clearly no stigma involved in co-habitation. Access to legal protections that once were exclusive to married people is available to all co-habiting couples.

5. The promotion of same-sex marriage is merely, for its proponents, a stepping stone to greater revolutionary goals, which include opening the door to the Government promotion of same-sex sexual relationships among the young; an engineered final confrontation between Government and Christianity; the suppression of traditional religion (specifically Christianity at this point in history) and free speech; and the destruction of the traditional family so that the State can usurp parental powers and indoctrinate all children.

This last set of Leftist goals (outlined in ‘5’) are at the core of the same-sex marriage initiative and one of the two reasons why this one issue has such prominence at a time when so many other major problems confront the Western World and its Ruling Classes. The other reason is that the Ruling Media Class has a powerful Homosexual constituency that craves immediate sexual ‘liberation’ and ‘normalization’.

This is not a Christian website so we are wary of getting into theological arguments. Nevertheless, those ‘progressive’ pastors and priests who invoke Christianity when supporting same-sex marriage surely cannot dismiss the Old Testament references to Sodom and Gomorrah. Nor can they dismiss the New Testament words that “a man who lies with a man is an abomination”. ‘Progressive’ Christians often cite Jesus’ specific singling out of prostitutes, foreigners, lepers and cripples for acceptance. Yet significantly He did not single out homosexuals and other perverts, though there must have been such people in Israel.

On this website we exist to reveal the contemporary dominating role of the Media Class in politics, and we constantly draw attention to the power of the homosexual constituency within the Media Class. We also reveal the relationship of the Media Class to the Democrat Party. We assert that the Democrat Party is the subservient political arm of the Media Class, the Party having long been purged of those social conservatives – mostly working Class people – who once held sway in its ranks. In the last few days, the Democrat Party has promised to include same-sex marriage in its election platform. Only our analysis explains why this still-unpopular issue elbows its way into the forefront and why Obama recently ‘evolved’. He owes his 2008 primary victory over Hilary Clinton to the billionaire perverts of Hollywood who switched support from Clinton to him.

Recently Rush Limbaugh, in discussing the powerful role of the Mainstream Media (MSM) in politics, mentioned its power to ignore important news and issues, as well as its power to amplify others. News on Race and Homosexual issues are wholly subordinated to an agenda. Here are some current examples of an MSM news black-out (no pun intended!)

Last Saturday, over 60,000 people attended a Glen Beck rally at the Cowboy’s stadium in Dallas. It takes only 5 or 6 homosexuals, or a dozen anti-War Leftists, or half-dozen anti-Zimmerman protesters to gather, and the whole MSM turns up to offer the mike, position the cameras to inflate attendance and report with headlines. The Beck rally was avoided by the MSM like a plague. Last week in Ohio, two women were prosecuted for what is surely one of the most cruel and brutal murders of the last few decades. This horrifying case has all the ingredients that the MSM invariably salivates over and the public follows with morbid fascination. Yet it has not been mentioned by the Media except in the most local outlets.

Jade N. Olmstead (aged 18) and her newly acquired lover Ashley M. Barber are charged with murdering Branley M. Stevens on May 17th. All three are female. The victim, Stevens, had been in a sexual relationship with Olmstead but we must conclude that this had ended, for Olmstead had a new ‘lover’, Ashley Barber. Olmstead allegedly lured Stevens to the woods where Barber waited with a freshly-dug grave. The two accused killers then attacked Stevens, beating her with a shovel and making many attempts to strangle her with a scarf. The details are horrifying in the prolonged pitiless attack which had, from the beginning, the motive of murder. Eventually, failing to end Stevens’ life, they buried her alive. The forensic evidence is that Stevens choked to death on dirt. Cochranton Homicide Police and their dogs eventually found the grave and it seems that Olmstead has since confessed. More details can be found on, where reporter Valerie Myers is covering the trial.

The MSM is not mentioning this real and grisly news because it would undermine the pro-lesbian agenda which we wrote about in our previous article on this website. For the general public, poor Ms. Stevens never existed and lesbians are gentle and normal souls who only want to get married in Church.

This week (Aug 3rd) AP Reporter Bob Johnson on wrote about the pending new charges of corruption being pressed against former Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman. I searched the article in vain for information regarding Siegelman’s Party allegiance. I knew he was White for his picture was posted alongside the report. If he had been Black there would almost certainly have been no picture. Wikipedia revealed that Siegelman is a Democrat and that several of his fellow Democrats are also being charged. Big time corruption seems to be a Democrat speciality but the MSM manages to only focus on small but inflated examples or rumors of Republican malfeasance.

Meanwhile, billionaire Jon Corzine, former Democrat Governor of New Jersey and until recently a Democrat Party star who was touted by Vice President Biden as the man who would lead the Obama Administration’s financial initiatives, is busy bundling money for the Obama campaign. Since Corzine’s last company went bankrupt, losing its shareholders hundreds of millions of dollars, it might have been expected that Obama would not want to be associated with him. Even worse, a huge amount of the Company’s money is missing and Corzine, a financial ‘expert’, cannot account for it. Everyone in the know expected that Corzine would be charged with a crime, yet he seems to be prospering. The MSM, which is obsessing about Romney’s tax records yet has no interest in Obama’s life history, also has no interest in Corzine’s financial affairs and possible misdeeds. We can expect Corzine to be charged but not until Obama has been safely re-elected.

On this website we regularly point out that the Ruling Media Class is steadily revealing its political power all across the Western World. Hollywood morons increasingly pontificate on all matters and untalented Pop Stars no longer limit their mindless witterings to their ‘songs’. AP recently reported (approvingly, of course) that Australia’s Treasurer, Wayne Swan of the Governing Leftist Labor Party is citing Bruce Springsteen as the 21st Century political guru. Swan claims to find in Springsteen’s pathetic warblings the authentic and visionary voice of the people on such issues as “wealth inequality”. For some reason, the talent-challenged Springsteen is often referred to as “The Boss”. Springsteen must be very wealthy and has made his money with no talent and without advancing mankind one jot. Yet he is an inspiration for Mr. Swan!

We must hope that the Chick success with buyers will encourage more businesses to stand up for traditional marriage and Religion. Lord knows there are too many supporting perversion. I read that Apple’s top guy is a declared homosexual and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is spending heavily to defeat a voter initiative in Washington State. I am now not spending at Home Depot, Office Depot, Target, Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and I will avoid Amazon and Apple. I read that Amazon can be replaced by Can any of our website visitors confirm this?

On this website we maintain that professional sport has long been taken over by the Media Class and turned into another Media propaganda arm. Its ‘stars’ are as much a part of the Ruling Media Class as any Hollywood degenerate. Pro-Sportsmen who forget this and say something politically incorrect are quickly expelled, no matter how successful at their sport. Not surprisingly, the Olympics are now a Media Event first and a sport second. I don’t watch TV and have no interest in the Olympics but Mr. Radical tells me that the opening ceremony had little to do with athletics and was a Media Event replete with propaganda. One of the four individuals ‘honored’ was the mother of Steven Lawrence. Lawrence, who was Black, was murdered on a London street in the last century. It is probable that he was murdered by White louts and a victim of racism. His case was taken up by the Media Class for Leftist propaganda purposes and is still being mined for propaganda. As Mr. Radical points out, since then there have been many White youths murdered on the streets of England and Scotland by Blacks and Muslims and mostly in more horrific circumstances. Kris Donald in Scotland is one example. The British MSM studiously ignores them all and predictably their parents were not ‘honored’ at the Olympic Ceremony.

Mr. Radical tells me that at the recent Birmingham Madonna concert this disgusting woman had the audience shout out obscene words and later bared her backside to them. What great and edgy entertainment! What culture the Media Class has brought us!

Round-up: I must plug Ann Coulter’s article of July 18, headed “Democrat’s Ideal Voter: Illegal Alien, Single Mother, Convicted Felon”. Congratulations to Texan Ted Cruz on his primary victory and to Sarah Palin who supported him. Former VP Dick Cheyney, he with the lesbian daughter, has said that Palin was not ready to be a VP. I don’t think Cheyney will go down in history as a great VP and George Bush got some very bad advice throughout the Iraq/Afghan War. I never understood why Bush picked this sick old has-been and stuck with him. July 31, marked the 100 years since the birth of Milton Friedman. I suggest that here in California we scrap Harvey Milk Day in the public schools and have Milton Friedman Day.

Weather – It is still hot here in California and across much of the mid-west but in the UK, and especially in flood-threatened (by rising sea levels) Starcross, the typically dreary August mix of clouds, showers and modest summer temperatures continues.

Music Choice – Back in September we recommended Tony Martin’s recording of the great song “I Believe In You”. On July 27th Alvin Morris (born 1913) died at the age of 98. Morris, who was Jewish, took the name Tony Martin and carved a successful career as both a singer and an actor. He was married to his second wife dancer and actress Cyd Charisse for 60 years. Martin began his musical career at an early age playing the saxophone, but his smooth voice and perfect pitch and timing enabled him to get to the top as a popular singer and he had many hits in a long career. Unfortunately he was no match as a singer or musician with Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Madonna or Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John), nor was he able to be an authentic voice for the world’s working poor or its sodomites!! Still, get his 1953 version of that fine catchy tune “April in Portugal” and sing along!

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