Chick-fil-A – A Christian Company Caught in the Culture War

On this website we have for several years maintained that a new Ruling Class (The Media Class) has been busy imposing a revolution on the American people, exercising its complete control over the Democrat Party together with its own vast propaganda powers through the Mainstream Media (MSM). We have also maintained that this Ruling Media Class has forged an alliance with the ideological Left and the Public Service Unions. In return for its MSM promoting Big Government and Socialist redistributionist economic policies, the Media Class has received Leftist and Union support for its revolutionary social/moral agenda. High on the list of this agenda is homosexual advancement, reflecting the impatient desires of the most powerful and wealthy (though not necessarily the most numerical) constituency of the Media Class.

The agenda of the Media Class and its Leftist allies (which includes the destruction of the traditional family and the legal enshrinement of moral relativism) has inevitably brought it into sharp conflict with the traditional Christian Churches, Conservatives, and Nationalists. Perceptive website visitors will immediately see the bonds that loosely tie these three groups together, though unfortunately they are not strong enough bonds to foster united action in defense of America’s traditional institutions and traditional morality. American Christian Churches in our era, having grown soft after three centuries of official approval, seem unable to defend themselves from the new official persecution, instead taking refuge in social welfare activities and other-worldliness. As the attacks on Christianity and Christians intensify and the attackers cast aside caution and subtlety, so the Churches have become more timid and intimidated by accusations of bigotry. Those Churches which always flirted with ‘progressivism’ have already succumbed to the pressures, jettisoned their core beliefs and embraced practices that align with the policies of our new Rulers. Other denominations will follow for the Nation’s educational institutions are churning out generations that have been morally and culturally brainwashed. Any denomination that adopts the guitar and drums cacophony, infantile melodies and banal lyrics of pop music – all delivered by choirs of gyrating would-be Madonnas – has pretty much succumbed to the cultural revolution of our Rulers. Such Churches are almost certain to have pastors who tiptoe around, or wholly ignore, the issues of abortion, same-sex marriage, the murder of Christians in Muslim Countries and the Government assault on the Christian-based American Constitution. It follows that they are terrified of being identified by the MSM with Conservatism and Conservative politicians

The political Right is experiencing its own major defections in response to the attacks of the Media Class. Some faint-hearts take refuge in a purely economic conservatism, believing that by pretending that moral issues can be wholly privatized and set aside from a political platform, the Media Class will allow/support the election of fiscal conservatives committed to reducing Government power. These people, some of whom call themselves ‘Libertarians’, are denying the existence of the cultural war that is raging around them and denying the fact that an amoral society breeds Government programs and dependency. Other faint-hearts in the Republican Party are preparing the ground for submission to the Media Class moral agenda – and the inevitable abandonment of the Party’s Christian base – with calls for ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’. These are code words for recognizing same-sex marriage and unlimited abortion in the short term and the ultimate embrace of moral and economic decadence.

This week, it has been the turn of the fast-food company ‘Chick-fil-A’, to experience the wrath of the revolutionary forces that now rule this Nation. The process of economic and physical intimidation of Christians and Conservatives that is being ratcheted up week by week is being played out with hardly a whisper of protest from Church bodies and the political Right. Chick-fil-A is a privately-owned company with more than 1600 outlets all across America. Its owners are members of a Christian family and its outlets do not open on Sundays, a sure sign that they take their religion seriously. The company has been very successful and its food popular. It owners have kept a low profile over the years but in recent times have contributed to the few Christian organizations that are resisting the homosexual war on marriage. In these revolutionary times, however, when a new Ruling Class and its allies are flushing out and hunting down the opposition and potential opposition, there is no hiding place.

Chick-fil-A owner, Dan Cathy, during an interview with a Media reporter, admitted to his personal opposition to same-sex marriage. It was not long before the Homosexual activists uncovered the fact that he has personally donated to the campaign against same-sex marriage. There is no suggestion that the company has refused service to homosexuals or used its premises to further political policies. In revolutionary times however, the revolutionary Class does not tolerate opposition and the full force of the Media Class and its allies on the streets is now being employed against this company. Since the Media Class controls the Federal Government and much State and local government, Chick-fil-A can now expect to come under attack by public officials.

Already, the Mayor of Boston has arrogantly announced that he will not tolerate this company’s presence in his city. In California, activists are being marshaled to prevent the opening of an outlet. The company can expect that every Democrat-run city and State will put insurmountable obstacles in the way of expansion and will look for reasons to punish it. It can expect that well-funded Leftist organizations will drive it from college campuses and eventually from all public places. The IRS will surely be giving the company and its owner close attention. In the meantime, homosexual activists are busy plotting attacks on its outlets, with many calls on the Internet for vandalism and in some cases violent attacks on Chick-fil-A premises. None of this will be prevented by Eric Holder’s (In) Justice Department or law and order forces in Leftist-run cities and towns. Dan Cathy can expect to live his life under threat until he and his company submit and begin very publicly donating large sums to ‘Gay’ parades.

Christians who have their collective head buried in the sand (or the Bible) should note that all this is far removed from individual homosexuals and their Leftist allies deciding not to buy food from Chick-fil-A outlets. These actions are not akin to the NOM asking people not to buy at Home Depot until the company adopts a neutral stance. The NOM will not be inciting Christians to vandalize Starbucks or J.C.Penney or to search out the Directors and picket their homes and threaten their families. The afore-mentioned Companies can expect Government approval for their alliance with the homosexual movement. Do not be surprised if Obama weighs in against Chick-fil-A.

It is worth noting that Chick-fil-A donates large sums to very worthy causes including those that work for terminally ill children. It sponsors College sports. None of this will impinge on the determination of the Media Class to force this company into submission or bankruptcy. Large national companies everywhere are rushing to very publicly identify with the Homosexual agenda and to donate money to Homosexual causes, this despite the Homosexual ‘community’ being one of the richest. As soon as Chick-fil-A was publicly singled out for attack, Lisa Henson, CEO of the Jim Henson Company (of Sesame Street fame) received MSM celebrity treatment by announcing that her company would no longer partner with it. She stated that her company “celebrated and embraced diversity and inclusiveness”. These are the same code words that surface each time and what they really mean is that the company has signed on to the whole revolutionary agenda advancing the perverted homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender life-styles. Miss Henson’s diversity and inclusiveness does not include Christians and any who reject the celebration of degenerate sexual behavior.

It is hard to ascertain how many CEO’S have succumbed to outright intimidation or blackmail, how many are themselves sexually deviant, how many simply want to be admitted to the social whirl of the new Ruling Class and how many have put a wet finger up to see which way the wind is blowing. Among the companies prepared to abandon neutrality and risk alienating customers on behalf of a small minority of sexual deviants are Google, Ebay, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Home Depot, Starbucks, Office Depot and Reuters. More than 70 are on record as opposing DOMA. As we constantly remind our website visitors, same-sex marriage is not the goal of our new Ruling Class but a mere stepping stone to the criminalization of dissent to their revolutionary moral agenda.

It is not only the Homosexual constituency of our new Ruling Media Class that has unbridled hate for Conservatives and Christians. Its Leftist allies are now more hate-filled than at any time since the mid 1960’s when the Media Class began its ascent to power. The rank-and-file of the Media Class is not only culturally ignorant but full of hate towards all those who stand in the way of their new society. Tony winning actress Ellen Barkin (whoever she is?) is quoted as writing on a Twitter ‘rampage’ that she “loves everybody except u rightwing f-king morons”. There was a time when the non-Communist Left was both tolerant and civilized. The UK’s Labour Government of Clement Atlee (1945-1951) may have pursued mistaken economic policies but it was not a Government composed of hate-filled misfits and perverts. Atlee, Morrison, Bevin, Cripps, even the fire-brand Bevan, would not be admitted to a contemporary Hollywood party or a Democrat Convention.

The Denver massacre gave members of the Media Class an opportunity to smear the Tea Party, and they took it even before there were any facts. Now that the facts are emerging about the killer Holmes (not much point in writing ‘alleged’) it is clear that any political link is hard to manufacture. Holmes is very possibly a schizophrenic whose illness has been festering below the surface since his late teens. His homicidal thoughts may well have been concealed from those around him, especially if he was becoming socially isolated and feeling pressured by his academic work. Mental illnesses, especially those that are psychotic, are hard to recognize in their early stages for generally they evolve gradually. Then a dramatic episode erupts. Homicidal, suicidal and paranoid thoughts are shaped by culture. In the days when space fantasies and invaders from other planets were the stuff of novels and films, many paranoid schizophrenics heard voices from space or believed that they were being watched by TV attenae. Today I suspect that many are influenced by grotesque computer games, violent dehumanized motion pictures and the cult of celebrity. The victims of Holmes’ attack and their families will rightly generate much sympathy. Unfortunately, Holmes’ family will not and will be condemned to a furtive life and the heartbreak of having a son who has moved beyond their understanding. This is a tragedy for all involved.

Mr. Radical has been working with someone who recently attended a Madonna concert in Birmingham, England. It seems that her concerts are both disgusting and crude. She and her audience are on the same rock-bottom (no pun intended) cultural level and there seems little hope for the future of the Western World if the Media Class is not overthrown. She is both a representative of the morality of the new Ruling Media Class and a vocal Leftist. I hope Mr. Radical will write up his colleague’s report in our next article.

Weather – It has been in the upper 90’s in mid California for the last few days, but much cooler now. Parts of the UK are finally experiencing dry weather and today saw a temperature above 80F. Time for MMGW to make its appearance again in the MSM!

Music Choice – John Coltrane was a superb tenor saxophone player who, like many others, died at an early age. Occasionally his solos were too long and boring but mostly he was a stand-out in any company. His 1959 recording of the Young and Elliot song “You’re a Weaver of Dreams” has the sadness that characterized much of his playing. Wynton Kelly is on piano, Paul Chambers is on bass and Jimmy Cobb is on drums. If you consider the shocking Madonna to be a part of the world of culture, then this music is not for you.

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