Charlie Sheen, Rush Limbaugh and 2010

On this last day of 2009 I found myself in a hospital waiting room whilst my youngest son had his tonsils and adenoids removed. There was a large TV screen in the room and so for once I joined the many millions of suckers and morons who watched the MSM (Mainstream Media) news. The big story on this chilly morning was the Charlie Sheen Christmas arrest for allegedly holding a knife to the throat of his latest wife. It was she, Brooke Sheen, who out of fear or vindictiveness, called the police and had him arrested. Sheen is one of the Hollywood big mouths who holds plenty of Leftist opinions and has many millions of dollars in the bank. I have to admit I have never seen any Sheen films so I cannot comment on his acting abilities or whether he has such unique gifts that he deserves to be so rich. In the culture spawned by the now-dominant Media Class, his wealth and that of all Media people, is beyond criticism whilst bankers, industrialists and entrepreneurs are deemed greedy if they are well rewarded. I will assume that he is more valuable to society than a dozen greedy industrialists.

Sheen has two children by his latest female partner, but I don’t know where they were during the alleged knife-holding episode. One has to hope they were not witnesses to the domestic mayhem and the same goes for the children of golfer/celebrity (and fabulously rich man) Tiger Woods when he and his wife came to golf-club blows. These Media Class people lead eventful lives and seem never restrained by the presence of their children. Still, they care about the world, are our children’s role models and make a lot of money and news, so they can be forgiven if they mess up their kids’ lives. Sheen spent Christmas in jail though I doubt that he was in a small cell with three or four members of a minority class who felt in need of some anal satisfaction. According to the news report I saw, Brooks Sheen now wishes to withdraw the charges against her husband and the loving couple is ready to let bye-gones be bye-gones. However, she has put a legal process in motion that she might not be able to stop and her husband may face a felony charge. One commentator said that Mrs. Sheen has had her pre-nuptial agreement increased by $1m as a condition extracted from poor Charlie in exchange for reconciliation. This seems both cynical and foolish, for Charlie has a history of violence towards his women (two of whom were porn stars) and this latest alleged attack was surely homicidal in intent. He has also been involved in taking cocaine and his repeated charges that the 9/11 attacks were initiated by the Bush Government surely indicates mental instability. Everything, it seems, has its price for women in Hollywood!

This website is not however, excited by celebrity scandals, but strives to reveal to the greater public that a new Class now dominates our society, its judicial system and its politics, and is impatient to reshape them in its own image. This ruling Media Class is made up of lying Leftist Newsprint purveyors, perverted Hollywood moguls, violent drunken and drug-dependent Movie and Pop Stars, sex-obsessed pro-Sports people and other neurotic narcisist TV celebrities. The last days of 2009, with its ‘news’ filled with the antics of Sheen and Tiger Woods, are a reminder of the qualities of our new aristocracy. Not a day goes by but one or more of these members of the ruling Class reveal their unfitness to govern or be held up as role models.

Something else occurred to me as I watched the Sheen ‘news’ item. After the reporting was completed, the item continued with a panel of TV ‘experts’ who animatedly discussed the possible outcomes whilst sat around a table with a chairman. This discussion went on for several prime-time minutes. Almost all of it was breathless speculation. The panelists included lawyers specializing in both crime and divorce. Clips were inserted of the ‘celebrity’ lawyers already involved in the Sheen case and each saying his piece for the cameras. It struck me that these panelists are chosen not primarily for their expertise but for their readiness to be excited from the moment the bell goes, for their ability to spout opinions without any pause for reflection, and for their willingness to indulge in a shouting match. In passing I will mention that quite a lot of TV people also sport shocking and bizarre hair styles and weird clothes in order to be noticed and remembered. TV is all about shouting out above the pack and standing out from the pack, both in appearance and views. Routinely, television programs attract, exhibit and reward the show-offs, the shallow and the shameless and their behavior is being aped by ever greater numbers of viewers, especially the young. If all this was not bad enough, Television, along with Hollywood and the Print Media, is peddling Leftist propaganda, and the morals and the behavior of those who seek thrills in public toilets and bath-houses. The politicians occupying the White House and dominating Congress are now a mirror image of the Class that engineered their victories — show-off, shallow and shameless.

The Media Class feeds itself and us on, well, . . . itself! Whilst a war for our survival is being waged in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, with young men dying and losing limbs each day, the Media focuses the masses on the antics of ‘celebrities’ like this grossly immature and self-absorbed actor. If the Sheen story is the lion kill then the panelists represent the hyenas picking over the ample scraps. In this way are many recruited into the ranks of the Media Class and rewarded handsomely.

Rush Limbaugh is also a member of the Media Class, albeit a maverick. Due to his Media (Talk Radio) role he is more influential than any twenty Republican Senators. The news that he was admitted yesterday to a hospital in Hawaii, perhaps with serious heart trouble, is a blow to all conservatives, for he is the undoubted leader of the broad Right in the USA. His many enemies in the MSM and on the intolerant Left will be hoping for the worst. Audrey McAvoy, a reporter for the AP, covered the news on December 31st in true MSM fashion. She wrote “With his sarcastic put downs of liberal policies, parodies and self promotion, he (Limbaugh) began capturing conservative listeners” and that he had “recently had boosted ratings by railing against Barack Obama’s Presidency”.

Limbaugh, like all political commentators, can be sarcastic and occasionally does parodies. His self-promotion is always very obviously tongue-in-cheek. His devastating daily critiques of Obama are not concerned with boosting his ratings, for his ratings always top those of all other Talk Radio hosts (especially the Liberal hosts) and almost all TV political programs. What he does do, and brilliantly, is reveal the lies, hypocrisy and corruption of Democrat politicians and the MSM. He also reminds his listeners of the principles upon which American ‘Exceptionalism’ were founded and of the greatness of the US Constitution. The conservative callers to his programs are both well-informed and articulate and remind us that worthwhile knowledge and common sense are mostly to be found outside of Academia and the sewers of San Francisco, Hollywood, Washington and New York. Limbaugh’s programs are highly intellectual as well as entertaining and he provides the news that the MSM would like to keep concealed. Audrey McAvoy and her many comrades at Associated Press know all this but serve the interests of her Class and its agenda. Rush Limbaugh towers above these Leftist propagandists and on this website we wish him a speedy recovery and may he soon be back behind the Golden Microphone.

Lastly, here on the eve of 2010, with temperatures continuing to reveal Al Gore for the charlatan that he is, are a few reckless predictions. 2010 will be the year of rampant inflation or it will be the year of continuing mass unemployment. Iran will either implode or be embroiled in a war with Israel. The half-hearted Obama policies in Afghanistan will produce a stalemate or worse. The MSM will continue to support and lie for Obama and he and his Congressional comrades will move onward with the revolutionary policies that are intended to wipe out America’s Christian foundations. The USA will experience more mainland terrorist attacks from the Islamic Imperialists. The trial of terrorists in New York will be a farce dressed up as a drama by the MSM. No coastal town or village anywhere in the world will be flooded by rising sea water. Britain’s Nationalist Party, the BNP, will be outlawed with the consent of all the other Parties and the UK’s lingering vestiges of free speech will be eliminated. Before next November, the American MSM will have ‘uncovered’ an enormous number of Republican scandals. Barack Obama will not reveal anything concrete about his past and no Court will allow anyone to obtain information.

Happy New Year from Mr. Radical and Mr. Right.

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