Carrots and Western Civilization

As I understand it, the humble carrot has a two-year lifespan. The first year it puts down roots and grows, at which point we eat the root. If allowed to survive, the carrot produces flowers and seeds during the second year. After this it dies, its purpose completed.   It seems that the over-riding purpose of the carrot is to reproduce. I would venture that this drive to reproduce, to which all the carrot’s energy is directed, is what we call ‘life’. It is a drive that runs through all life on Earth, the drive to reproduce. In mammals there are a few more experiences along the way, though most can be understood as mere preparation for survival in order to reproduce. Wherever we look at life on this planet – plants, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals – the overwhelming drive is the same, i.e. ensuring the continuation of the species. 

    Religious people will explain human existence on Earth as serving God’s purpose in preparation for the life hereafter, but all great Religions also advocate living a life that ensures reproduction of the species. Those non-believers who contemplate such things will point to evolution – and not God – as the rationale for this all-consuming drive to reproduce and which is the life-force. 

    I am sure that many intelligent people have pointed out this obvious truth in more profound ways than me in my first two paragraphs but on this website we try to notice and re-state the simple truths provided by our lying eyes. The driving force of reproduction that reveals itself in humans is why we have male and female and we can surely assume that all normal motivations in life are underpinned by the drive to reproduce ourselves. Sexual activities that do not serve this purpose are unnatural, perverted, selfish and/or frivolous and we can include anal intercourse (hetero and homo), artificial aids, bestiality, onanism and all same-sex relationships dependent on those categories. I am not here condemning them all or suggesting that they should be criminalized, only restating the obvious truth that none are remotely comparable to the male/female relationship that is intended to result in procreation. 

    This is a compelling argument for rejecting the claim that same-sex relationships are in any way equivalent to heterosexual relationships and an overwhelming argument for not allowing same-sex marriage to mimic and thus debase real, traditional marriage. Same-sex relationships are not by any measure equivalent even to polygamy or incest in terms of normality for they are utterly sterile. SSM should be morally and rationally rejected, along with same-sex sexual activities, as a denial of our true nature. Whilst we may teach future generations that abnormal behaviors and sexual perversions are a marginal but ever-present fact of life, we are doomed as a society if we extol them. 

    Until the arrival in Western societies of the Media Class (as distinct from there existing several different forms of Media), sane and normal people everywhere knew that homosexuality, along with its progenitor sado-masochism and its cousin bestiality, were unhealthy and the consequences of ‘something-gone-wrong’ in an individual’s development. We can argue over whether they are the results of a gene deficiency or caused by a deficiency in parenting but either explanation calls for sympathetic understanding and compassion for it is sad that individuals are denied the proper expression of the ‘life’ drive. It is of course equally sad that many otherwise normal individuals are denied the life drive, either because of a failure to find a mate from the opposite sex or because of infertility. It is wholly laudable for society to find a cure for infertility or a substitute for it such as fostering or adoption. 

    Dating agencies and social gatherings to find mates are laudable for they operate within the natural order. Attempts to find a cure for same-sex attractions, and sexual attraction to animals are also laudable though it would not be the proper task of a free society to impose cures, should they be possible. It is though, a terrible mistake for a society to equate perverted practices to the one natural life-giving drive that is heterosexuality. Traditional marriage has evolved out of the heterosexual drive to provide for and protect children and we downgrade it, ridicule it or abandon it at our peril. A healthy society will encourage procreation and channel it into a framework that safeguards children. Traditional marriage needs no Religion to defend its value though Judeo/ Christian Religion in particular has shaped and reinforced marriage and contributed to the Western Civilization that has lifted the world. 

    As we regularly point out on this website, our new Ruling Class in America (and its parallels in much of the Western World) is unfortunately a Class inevitably dominated by perverts, misfits and neurotics of all kinds. Homosexuals, a key constituent, have a powerful influence on its revolutionary Class-driven agenda. Our Ruling Class seeks to destroy real marriage and is joined in this aim by its Leftist allies who also recognize traditional families as an obstacle to their dangerous concept of an experimental and revolutionary new society. The destruction that our new Ruling Class seeks to do to real marriage and the real family is not however the whole story for it also seeks to destroy our culture and replace it with one that is gross, hedonistic, shocking, superficial, shallow and dangerously unconcerned with procreation and the survival of both the Nation State and the species. Almost everything that our Ruling Class’ Mainstream Media (MSM) spews out on TV, in its magazines, in the cinema, in its ‘music’, in its theaters and its ‘newspapers’ is not only opportunist political and economic propaganda but designed to morally corrupt and thus spawn a society of incomplete, un-matured adults who are inevitably vulnerable, dependent on the State, easily manipulated, impulsive and addicted to sex that is disconnected from procreation. The ‘new man’ and ‘new woman’ will be morally corrupted, childless, without family and artificially detached from the future of the Nation and our species. 

    I was reminded of this when my wife and I were invited to an evening party with our young son. Some of the other couples also had one child. Halfway through the evening the TV was put on and a DVD of Michael Jackson played. Several of the children were familiar with this and began ‘dancing’ in front of the TV set and imitating Jackson’s acrobatic but primitive and sexualized cavorting to very loud and repetitive, mindless music. My son, who has no experience of the music or the cavorting, watched in bewilderment. As I never (by choice) see or hear this stuff either, I was struck by the negative and dulling impact it must have on young minds and brains. This ‘music’ and ‘dancing’ is not civilized compared to anything in the past except in the most primitive societies. Whether we look back to the 1950’s, the 1930’s or the 1800’s in Europe – all vastly different from each other – the popular music and dancing of those eras were intended to encourage and enable males and females to socialize. What Jackson was doing, talented though it was, was the equivalent of masturbation i.e. juvenile, self-absorbed and socially isolating, even in the midst of a crowd. 

    The most depressing part of that evening’s experience was that within 5 minutes several of the adults were in front of the TV doing the same things as the children and clearly sharing the same tastes and emotions (culture?) as their children. Prior to this I had assumed that they were adults. I could write much more about the new phenomenon of adults no longer growing up and how this can be seen in clothes fashions, hairstyles, spending habits, addiction to sports and shallow and often shocking entertainment but my two points here are that these are all fostered by the Media to the exclusion of all else and that we now have a large swathe of our population that is permanently juvenile. Of course, some of it is understandable and some relatively harmless, but the adults at the party were not behaving as parents did when I was young for they had abandoned good taste, dignity and much else – and all in front of their children. They were sinking to their children’s level and one result will surely be that their children will never see the need to aspire to an adult way of life and an adult culture. 

    This brings me to the awful tragedy that took place on Saturday night on the San Mateo Bridge in California, when at least 5 women were incinerated in a stretch limo. It seems likely that they were Filipinos and what I am about to write is not intended to attribute their cruel deaths to either their characters or their ethnicity, for I consider Filipinos to be amongst the best of America’s immigrants. These unfortunate ladies, like many other Filipinos, worked in health care where Filipinos do a wonderful job. 

    We should however, besides looking at car safety, ponder the wider implications in the light of what I have written above. All of the women were in their 30’s and forties, indeed one was almost 50 according to first reports. I assume that some were parents and all were grown-ups. It was around 10 pm and according to reports they had been ‘partying’ for the evening and were now on their way to a hotel on the peninsula for a later party to celebrate the recent wedding of one of them. Her husband was already there waiting in the hotel ballroom. I am sure their evening up to that dreadful moment was no different from that enjoyed by many others in today’s Western world, for they were said in some Media reports to be on a ‘batchelorette’ party and in other Media reports were on a ‘girls night out’. The MSM assumes that we are all familiar with such terms. Most likely the women had been drinking and would drink some more and into the early hours of the morning. They might well have spent the night dancing to, and like, Michael Jackson and my friends and their children that I described earlier. These unfortunate women were hardly ‘girls’ but that is how society has now redefined women of any age having a ‘good time’ and out on the town. It is how increasing numbers of women redefine themselves, seeing such leisure activities as the norm. ‘Boys’ also now have their nights out in the same way. Our culture is creating a new ‘adult’ and he/she is not like adults of the past. These 9 ladies despite their tragic end to a celebratory night, in the new normalcy of our Media-inspired culture, tell us much about the galloping decline of the Western World. Few of us, me included, have been immune from its temptations. We have been unwittingly seduced by decades of a corrupt, decadent and Media Class culture 

    Not so many decades ago, few men and women behaved like this and those who did were perhaps secretly envied but publicly shunned. Western society protected its values and its framework, often with more than a little hypocrisy, and consequently its long-term future and its culture were preserved. Young men looked forward to getting married to young girls and joining the world of adults. All hoped to have children – not a child or a dog or two or three – and enter the adult’s world of self-sacrifice and self-denial of most material things. Abortion, the opposite of procreation, was considered at best shameful and at worst criminal, and families raised children to ensure the continuation of the Nation and the species. 

    Now we have few adults and even the best of our people have ‘girls nights out’ and ‘boys nights out’ in middle age, and we cavort to Michael Jackson (a pedophile?) like primitives, young men have no plans or prospects for marriage or family and never grow up and young women put family plans on hold until it is too late. Too many consider ‘partying’ to be the proper way of having a good time and the means of providing fulfillment. And our birthrate falls and falls and little babies have their spines severed with scissors by doctors and nurses. We need to ponder again the life of the carrot! 

    Weather – A few much-trumpeted hot days here in middle California have given away, yet again, to unusually cool weather. In the UK the weather has finally warmed a little and the sun appeared. Seems like everything is normal, at least with the weather.

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