Carrie Prejean and the Cultural Revolution

Miss Prejean has received more publicity as a result of not winning the Miss USA title than if she had won in different and uncontroversial circumstances. Having won the Miss California title she seemed to be on course to win the National title but then fell victim to an ambush by a homosexual activist judge. I doubt that Miss Prejean is enjoying the current Media publicity for she is now receiving the kind of character assassination that befell Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, she is much less equipped to survive the onslaught. The Media Class, or at least a powerful element in it, intends that she should be left without a shred of privacy, dignity and self respect, and it will succeed.

I did not witness the TV spectacle that parades a number of ‘beautiful’ young women before a panel of ‘judges’ in order to ‘crown’ one of them and thus select her to compete for the Miss World title. It is a marvel that these ‘beauty’ contests have survived the rise to power of the Media Class for at one time the Feminazis were its most powerful and assertive component and were successful in denouncing and removing any emphases on femininity as mere male chauvinism and male oppression. Then the organizers of these competitions cleverly attached a number of intelligence and pseudo-philosophical questions for the competitors in order to pretend that intelligence, character, maturity and aspirations other than just winning a body-parts meat auction was involved. No-one was fooled, but TV is about nothing if not make-belief, and the pageants have survived.

I am not against ‘beauty’ competitions for they seem relatively harmless compared with much of what emanates from Hollywood and appears on TV and the stage. As it happens I think that female attractiveness and sex appeal are more elusive qualities than can be revealed in a parade of women. Women seem less attractive when competing with each other in exhibitionism than when engaged in revealing only a little of their charms. Still, the beauty contests attract large audiences and probably a majority of those audiences are women. What has happened is that the Feminazis have lost ground to the homosexuals within the power structure of the Media Class. This has enabled the latter to elevate same-sex marriage above abortion as the number one litmus test for any public figure who wishes to prosper. And so it was that the panel of judges of female beauty has come to include a homosexual with no interest in women.

Perez Hilton has achieved fame or notoriety as a homosexual blogger. He was not given these names at birth but I assume that his assumed names are an attempt to capitalize on the celebrity of the untalented wealthy exhibitionist, Paris Hilton. We should not be surprised that a narcissist, homosexual would-be Media celebrity invents an exotic name for himself, for homosexuality is nothing without make-belief and neither is today’s Media fare for the masses. As a shameless and opinionated show-off and sodomite he is very qualified to sit on any TV panel. I am afraid that he is more than a match for the harmless Carrie who stumbled into his ambush. Some conservatives, sensing that the attacks on Carrie Prejean are part of the Cultural War on Christianity, have tried to defend her and she has tried to defend herself. One argument they have advanced is that she only expressed an identical opinion on same-sex marriage as President Obama did when campaigning for election as President. The difference is that the Media Class and its homosexuals knew he was only saying things to get elected. Indeed it can truthfully be argued that she has only said what most Americans believe. None of this will fly for the Media is pursuing its agenda, and truth, facts and logic can and will be set aside whenever it suits the Media Class agenda – which is most of the time.

Poor Miss Prejean’s situation does not present a good battlefield for those who wish to fight back in the Cultural War. Her knowledge of Christianity is as skimpy and revealing as any of her competition outfits and she is not practiced in the arts of invective. In any case those who pursue a career in beauty contests are hardly heeding the teachings of the Bible and can just as easily be presented by the Media as empty heads and cheats. The same Media can present empty headed beauties and cheats as wise commentators on life for the Media Class can and does constantly say that black is white and white is black. It all depends on the agenda’s requirements! In this case, the Media wishes to portray poor Carrie as a bigoted and foolish Christian and – more importantly – terrorize all those who have Show-biz aspirations into being aware that nothing short of absolute political correctness is required to avoid immediate destruction. Now that the Media Class dominates the political arena beauty contestants, like pro-sports people and politicians, are dependent on Media approval for success and cannot survive Media disapproval.

No-one should enter the debate as opponents of same-sex marriage unless he or she is aware of the overwhelming power of the Media Class and the virulent nature of the homosexual activists who infest it. Homosexual practices are most vulnerable to criticism when two aspects are focused upon. One is the make-belief that is at the core of same-sex relationships and the other (and most devastating) is the disgusting mechanics of sodomy. These are areas that the homosexual activists dare not debate and the Media Class will avoid at all costs. I am not arguing for the criminalization of same-sex relationships, for on this website we are much in favor of individual freedoms and even more in favor of free speech. Our view is that if a man wishes to have intercourse with his dog, provided he does it in private, it is his business. At the same time we should all enjoy the right to condemn sex with dogs as both immoral and unhealthy.

Miss Prejean blundered into the Culture War and is paying a big price for doing so and coming down on the ‘wrong’ side. She has only done what many conservative politicians and Christian leaders have also done. They too have lost for no-one should get into a fight with a powerful opponent without knowing his strength and his agenda and being fully prepared to fight against the odds.

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