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This website asserts that the Media Class is now the dominant class in the West and uses its power to further its social and economic agenda. It does so on a largely unsuspecting population, not least because its agenda lacks public support. Consequently, a climate of opinion must be nurtured by devious means and the manipulation of news and entertainment. This task is relentlessly pursued by the Media and its captive organisations. What follows is just one example of a technique which will slip past most peoples’ notice, but which is aimed at changing the climate of opinion. It is a “report” from the Wall St. Journal (supposedly a conservative newspaper, but actually in lock step with the Media Class outside of its Opinion Page) of 8th September 2005. It is a long report by Steven Gray and ostensibly comes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the aftermath of the hurricane.

A casual reading would suggest that the piece is about one Nicole Singleton, a 33 year old African American mother of 6 children. Mr Gray would have us believe that he came across this New Orleans refugee as she packed boxes of belongings in the River Center convention arena. We are given what might best be called a non-judgemental sketch of this lady who is about to depart for a new life in Minnesota. She has “worked on and off steaming sheets and styling hair” but has decided that N.O. has little to offer her now. There is no mention of a man or men in relation to the 6 children or any link made between poverty, a lack of skills and a life of procreation. However, we are encouraged to see Ms. Singleton as an example of many other “victims” and to empathise.

The next part of Mr. Grays story tells us that Ms Singleton, like many other refugees who daily cluster around a notice board, had come across an offer of a home from one Tanya Thornbury of Minnesota. It transpires that Ms Thornbury lives with a partner Tracey Thornbury and their 4 children. The two Ms Thornburys are not sisters, despite having the same last name. Perhaps you have guessed by now that they are lesbians, but just to reinforce how mainstream all this is, Mr Gray tells us that one son serves in Afghanistan. Tanya, we are told by Mr Gray, lives in a 4-bed Victorian on a tree-lined street in a small quiet town in Minnesota. She is an artist and stays at home with the kids whilst her partner drives an 18 wheel semitrailer. As Mr. Gray is down in Baton Rouge, a thousand miles from Minnesota, we may wonder how he can vouch for any of this. However, it has not prevented him from drawing this cosy, oh so normal, domestic picture.

Ms. Singleton, who Mr Gray describes as a “sturdy woman in hoop earings and a white bandanna” has children ranging from 2 to 16, but 5 of her children were sent to her mother in Texas before the storm. They are still there. The eldest daughter, aged 16, is missing, having stayed with her mother to guard the family home, but she later left (no reason given). Ms. Singleton is “worried sick” about her daughter, but nevertheless is trying to catch a flight to Minnesota that day. Ms Thornbury has told Mr. Gray that despite not yet having met Ms. Singleton, the two have bonded! She has also told her that she is a lesbian. Her big worry is that there are no Black people in her little town, so there might be a culture shock for Ms. Singleton. Presumably, lesbian couples are two a penny!

Well, good luck to Ms. Singleton and I hope she turns her life around and that her kids best interests are being served by this radical move. I hope too, that the 16 year old turns up, even though Mom will be 1000 miles away. I hope the father or fathers of the children will be kept informed of their whereabouts so that they too can play a role in their lives and help out with finances! We must also hope that the Misses Thornbury are the kindly, good people that Mr. Gray portrays, and well they might be.

There are reportedly tens of thousands of normal Christian and non-religious families and indiviuals offering shelter to Louisiana refugees. So many in fact, that we are told elsewhere in the Journal about many disappointed volunteers in nearby States. Mr Gray however, missed all of them but managed to run across a lesbian couple in Minnesota. The non-judgemental and cosy description of Ms Singleton (not a searching question asked) is typical of Media reporting of “the poor and underprivileged”. Such people must be portrayed as the salt of the earth and awkward questions avoided, lest we might link poverty and fecklessness. After all, it is the prosperous (especially white people who live orthodox lives) who should feel guilty.

Most of all, however, this piece of “reporting” is about normalizing the public perception of homosexuality, a key component of the Media Class agenda. It is highly unlikely that Mr Gray set out to just report on the refugees. More likely he was sent out by his editor to do a positive piece on “gay” people by using the Katrina story as a backdrop. We might wonder how the Thornburys came to his attention and if Mr Gray and or his editor are themselves members of the “gay community”. Editors decide what gets printed and it has long been a boast of homosexual activists that every editorial room of every newspaper and magazine in the USA has been “captured”.

Mr Radical and Mr Right have no religious agenda and generally have no interest in anyone’s sexual preferences, but the manipulation of information by a minority Ruling Class will be brought to your attention again and again on this website. You have been warned to read your newspapers with care.

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