Cantor’s Graceful Exit? Not Quite!

In our previous article, when commenting on the Cantor defeat in the Virginia House primary, we wrote that the real test of Cantor’s commitment to the Republican Party would be proven by November, if not before. As it happens Cantor subsequently made a speech which Peggy Noonan, in a weekend article in the WSJ, described as bowing “‘out with grace”.   Well, we would say, ‘not quite’, but certainly his exit was far more dignified than we are accustomed to get from politicians in this revolutionary era. He blamed no-one for his defeat, admitted he “fell short” and set an early date for his resignation from the Republican House leadership. 

    We think Cantor really fell short by not mentioning the man who defeated him, David Brat, did not congratulate Brat on his victory and did not say that he would work for Brat’s campaign in November. In the pre-revolutionary era when most politicians on the Right, and even some on the Left, played by the rules of the game, these would have been the words of a loser, even if they did not come easy to the lips in defeat. Still, we will give Cantor two out of three for graceful loser and it looks as though he will not be one of those defeated Republicans who immediately apply to join the Democrats. 

    Noonan, in her well-written article, pointed out that no matter what some might claim, Cantor’s defeat had much to do with the issue of immigration. Much more of this honest reporting and Noonan will not retain her WSJ Saturday gig, for the WSJ is rabidly pro-immigration and had already gone on record in an editorial asserting that Cantor’s defeat was due to his neglect of his constituency. On the Left, several commentators have attributed Cantor’s defeat to the anti-Semitism of the Republican rank-and-file. It is doubtful if anti-Semitism played any part but the Revolutionary Left and the MSM seek to stir racism whenever possible and to smear the Right with charges of bigotry. 

    Cantor is Jewish and has strong links to Wall Street’s Jews and there is no doubt that there is an influential element amongst Jews that works to flood Western Nations with Third World immigrants. We believe it is more likely that many on Wall Street-and not just Jews- work for more cheap and plentiful labor and constant population growth. There is no doubt that many in the Big Business world can see easy profits and economic expansion from population growth even though the private enterprise system does not require ever more people in order to survive and provide prosperity. If Western prosperity, indeed the World’s prosperity, can only be achieved by the continuous addition of more hungry mouths, we are all condemned to a violent, totalitarian and overcrowded future. 

    It would have been refreshing if Eric Cantor, after his defeat, had said that he now realizes that he is out of step with the rank-and-file of his Party and consequently is rethinking the whole issue of immigration. Even better would have been a Cantor statement that having reflected, he realized that more immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants were not in the interests of the American people. Sadly Cantor will continue to work for both more immigration and amnesty. 

    In our previous article we also dealt with the evolving Bergdahl saga. We forecast that the MSM would seek to bury the whole thing unless some advantage for Obama could be squeezed from the disastrous prisoner swap. Let us go back to the start! We believe that the Obama regime, seeking to create a Media story that would distract the unthinking masses from all the Obama chickens coming home to roost, plucked Bergdahl from the ‘matters on hold and available for exploitation list’ and saw an opportunity to combine it with the ‘Close Gitmo’ plans. As usual, with a leader who is cunning but not wise, arrogant and deaf to advice, and lazy except for sport and fund-raising with the celebs, the White House failed to do any homework on Bergdahl, merely assuming that the MSM would be able to present his ‘release from captivity’ as an Obama act of patriotism and great humanity. 

    It seems that the MSM has now concluded that Obama’s Bergdahl debacle is best buried but we think this episode is worth monitoring for what we can glean from the facts as they emerge. Bergdahl was kept secluded in a military hospital in Germany for many days. Americans were asked to believe that this was because of the state of his mental health following a long and cruel captivity at the hands of the Taliban. The ‘facts’ that the American people are being given are coming from the most dishonest Administration in America’s history, and this needs to be borne in mind at all times. This is the Administration that has produced Benghazi, the IRS scandal and innumerable bare-faced lies. Consequently we must all be highly skeptical of anything originating from the White House and the MSM. 

    To begin with it was suggested that Bergdahl was in poor physical health. When this became too difficult to sustain, the script was rewritten to claim that he was in poor psychological health. Indeed, so poor was his mental health said to be that he would not be able to talk with his parents. We should dismiss this as sheer nonsense! Why would a man who has suffered imprisonment for 5 years and who has devoted parents longing to welcome him back, refuse contact? What kind of psychological problem would produce such a reaction? We cannot think of one! We suggest that his parents have been in contact and with official approval, for otherwise surely they would have been at the hospital gates demanding access and commanding Media coverage. The unbelievable story that he refused parental contact – and is still refusing contact even though transferred to the US – is intended to justify his being shielded from public scrutiny. The truth, we suggest, is that he has been having phone or Skipe contact with his parents all along. Both he and the regime have no wish to permit searching questions for his narrative of capture is too flimsy to stand examination. The Obama regime- and the colluding MSM- are eager to conceal him until public interest dies away or until he is word-perfect with a more believable story. 

    We go back to his departure from his military unit 5 years ago. Even back then, there wasn’t a person in the US who did not know that the Taliban were ruthless, cruel killers who took no prisoners. As a soldier in Afghanistan he would have been absolutely aware that it was a certain cruel death to fall into their hands-unless he was either deranged by a psychotic illness, or a defector who was about to offer information and embrace Islam. It is possible that he was a schizophrenic hearing voices, but surely his comrades would have been aware of such an illness given that they were with him night and day. What should concern Americans – if our explanation of an incompetent and lying Administration is correct – is that the Military at the highest levels of command are in collusion with the Obama Government. This is not a shock to this website’s visitors for we have long been claiming that the military command, like the Federal Judiciary, has been purged of honest men and women. This is what revolutionaries first do after gaining power- they purge those forces needed to subdue the people. 

    From the time of his election in 2008, we claimed that Obama was a brazen liar. He has worked diligently to bear out our claim. But surely the biggest and boldest lie he has perpetrated is that ISLAM is a religion of peace. He is still asserting this monstrous lie in the face of day after day Islamic brutality. 9/11, bombed London buses, throat-cutting in the streets, massacres of civilians in Libya, Syria, Nigeria, India, Kenya, the Philippines, China, and now the mass executions in Iraq- and still Obama confidently maintains this nonsense. It is a testimony to the power of the Media Class and its MSM that he is allowed to get away with this canard and is able to advance the Muslim agenda day by day. 

    It is our contention that Obama is a servant of the Hollywood billionaires and the perverts and libertines of the Media Class they represent. He was financed into the White House by them on the condition that he would advance the revolutionary moral agenda so dear to their hearts -or is it dear to their sexual organs. As long as he fully delivers on that, he is free to pursue the interests of the Leftist machinery from which he emerged in Chicago and to indulge his own and Holder’s anti-White resentments. All his Administration’s actions should be seen in this light, along with his frequent private visits to Hollywood’s Beverly Hills where he reports on the progress of their homosexual agenda. So successful has he been in advancing the LGBT wish-list that this small minority of sad perverts has now moved from gratitude for gains made, to inquests on past tardiness. Thus Hillary Clinton is taking flack for her late evolution to SSM. Once upon a time, her conversion to it would have been sufficient, but now the LGBT’s Gestapo, like all totalitarians, are looking into pasts and sniffing out for punishment those who only jumped on the bandwagon. We always claimed that Hillary lost the support of Hollywood’s billionaire King-makers to Obama in 2008 because Bill was too heterosexual and had probably expressed ‘homophobic’ sentiments over many years. We can picture Bill and his cronies in a bar swopping jokes about pansy boys and fudge-packing. We think Hillary will discover that the LGBT core in the Media Class has a long memory and no forgiveness. Look out for a Democrat candidate to emerge before 2016 who has an impeccable record of commitment to not only sodomy for adults, but sodomy for the young, indoctrination into gender ambivalence from kindergarten, compulsory cross dressing for all school children, a rewriting of history to prove that homosexuals and lesbians built America, and re-education camps in Alaska for Christians from which few will return. 


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