Can Media Rescue De Blasio?

First, a belated Merry Christmas to all our website visitors and may ‘Merry Christmas” continue to be on the lips of countless millions of American citizens for all time! By enthusiastically and unashamedly repeating those words every year, at Supermarket check-outs, schools and in the streets to passers-by, we ordinary citizens can strike back at the ACLU,  the homosexual billionaires of the Media Class and all their Leftist allies.

The murders of two NY cops –one Asian American and one Hispanic American- at the hands of a Black Muslim who felt empowered (by those on high) to seek racial revenge, is a reminder that the Media Class does not yet have full control of events or the news. As we stated in our previous article, the MSM has been frantically stoking the fires of Black resentment and White guilt ever since poor George Zimmerman shot the ignorant, alienated and violent Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Emboldened by the seeming success of its campaign to label Zimmerman as a White racist killer despite the facts and the outcome of a trial, the MSM has sought to create further installments of the ‘Black victims’ narrative. We use the word ‘seeming’ because although the MSM has great power over the facts that are reported, it cannot control the facts on the ground (aka reality). For many White, Asian and Latino citizens, an every-day experience is that Blacks can walk safely beyond their ghettos but non-Blacks dare not walk in their ghettos, especially at night. Increasingly- and noticeably since Obama and Holder came to power- young Blacks have been emerging from the ghettos, often as packs, to prey on those who prosper from hard work and stable family life. Countless unprovoked and random ‘Knock-out’ attacks and ‘Flash-mob’ lootings by young Blacks carried out with increasing brazenness in the civilized parts of America’s cities, have had their impact. Although the MSM manages to limit reports of these events to local Media outlets, and even there studiously avoids reporting the crucial racial component, citizens of all colors believe their lying eyes. As well as this personal experience, the Internet enables a Nation-wide picture to emerge. Although on this website we never over-estimate the ability of the Internet to counter the power of the MSM, we believe that George Zimmerman acquired a multitude of sympathizers thanks to the Internet. Members of the Media Class, confident they are morally and intellectually superior, rarely concern themselves with popular sentiment, so intoxicated are they with their own power to re-create reality.

Ferguson may seem to the Media Class and its Leftist allies like a triumph of fiction over fact (propaganda over reality) and of Media power to mobilize and export beyond Ferguson the intimidating Black mob, but we believe there has been a growing awareness on the part of non-Black citizens of all races that the MSM spews lying propaganda and that marching and rioting Blacks deserve no sympathy. It is this underlying contempt and disapproval of those who work for a living and who obey laws, that the Media Class and Left have failed to notice in their eagerness to advance their revolution and punish the diligent. A consequence of this failure has been that the Leftist allies of the Media Class have moved too quickly. The  endless marches, disruptions and looting in New York, Oakland and other big cities where there are large ghettos and Far Left Democrat Party rule, are not only failing to win public sympathy Nationwide (quite the opposite!) but are alienating even their Left-leaning inhabitants. NY Mayor De Blasio and his crony Police Commissioner William Bratton surely misjudged public sentiment when they marched with the mob, consorted with the rabble-rousing Al Sharpton and made statements about the police that pandered to the mob and the Far Left.

What is to be made of a politician who changed his name from Warren Wilhelm Jnr to Bill de Blasio and then married a lesbian? Here is a man who has been intent on re- creating himself in preparation for a revolutionary role. We must assume that Wilhelm, like Squaw Elizabeth Warren, has been busy for a very long time, grooming himself in readiness to march at the head of revolutionary forces.

Many young people, especially those from privileged and dysfunctional homes, are attracted to revolutionary Socialism, barricades, torn leather jackets, bandannas,  shared bed-sits and group living. Most eventually grow at least a little beyond their fantasies. Those who do not are dangerous and determined and Wilhelm is a committed revolutionary. Like Al Gore and many hardened Leftists, he may enjoy the lifestyle and rewards of private enterprise, but at some level the power over others that Socialism promises to its leaders, is his driving force.

Wilhelm has undoubtedly enjoyed marching with the mob in front of the approving MSM cameras, flaunting the existence of his inter-racial offspring and arousing the mob with verbal attacks on his own police force. We can assume that Bratton, who owes his position to his attachment to Leftists and who has been intoxicated with their approval, foolishly allowed himself to ‘go all the way’ with Wilhelm and now finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

Conservatives who are familiar with history will be aware that the police reflect their Rulers. In socially and politically stable societies like the UK’s used to be before the BBC led the Media Class Revolution, many rank-and file policemen and most senior officers were  practicing Christians, committed to traditions, incorruptible and apolitical. A new and confident Revolutionary Ruling Class can soon purge such elements and create a police force that is highly politicized and without scruples. This has happened in the UK and very quickly too! We can be sure that police forces in many big American cities ruled by the Far Left Democrat Party have been purged and those individuals who have risen to the top have exhibited politically reliability. Nevertheless, the Black ghettos, where the breakdown of family life has produced packs of feral young (well-fed, thanks to Welfare) men and women and a criminal culture, confront even purged police forces with hard choices.

The NY police force, highly unionized, is probably Left-leaning, but its members in the lower ranks have to confront the dangerous racial divide that has opened ever wider under Obama and Holder. Wilhelm, when he marched with the mob, his heart beating with excitement, was too concerned with his glorious position at the head of a revolutionary mob to think about his partial dependency on his police force. The incendiary Leftist activities on the Downtown streets, legitimized by both the MSM and the Mayor seem to have had the unforeseen (by the Mayor) consequence of inciting a killer. The deaths of two comrades and the threat now of copy-cat attacks have turned sullen police resentment into outright hostility that can best be focused on the Mayor. NY’s policemen are not far off a rebellion. One more police death would provide the spark.

Wilhelm, being a revolutionary like Obama, Holder, Warren, Gore, Pelosi and many other Democrat politicians, will not retreat. He will issue no abject apology because he cannot alienate and demoralize the now- aroused revolutionary forces and in any case an apology would stick in his revolutionary craw. Yet the NY situation is poised to run out of control and so it will be left to others to restore order and a return to a more orderly advance of the revolutionary agenda. The MSM will now work hard to achieve this. If and when tensions are reduced we can be sure that a purge of the NY police force will quietly gain momentum.

As the New Year approaches it is time to renew resolutions. It is the view of this website, given the likelihood that Obama will press on with his agenda and ignore all Constitutional impediments, that the greatest of many priorities for American counter-revolutionaries is the defense of gun rights. The lesson of the UK is that a disarmed population is a cowed and submissive population. The next priority is to take the opposition to amnesty on to the streets and into the Republican Party. The third priority is to absolutely oppose same-sex marriage and the suppression of free speech that inevitably will accompany it.

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We have recommended ‘On Broadway’ by both the excellent George Benson and The Drifters but another great version of this fine song is Tito Puente’s. His Puerto Rican-influenced treatment of it demonstrates how a good song can often offer opportunities for renewal.

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