Cameron’s Big Gamble

The evidence now surfacing that David Cameron, the newly elected Tory Party leader, intends to take his Party to the Left of the Labour Party, should come as no surprise to either Tory activists or UK political observers.   

    After all, anyone still in the Party, is either too old to know what day it is, or too compromised to jump Party and still have a career. The chinless public school lawyer types who make up the bulk of the Parliamentary Party and its administration have long been desperate to win something, anything, and ideology has never been a problem for them. Any semblance of ideology was jettisoned with Margaret Thatcher, Keith Joseph and Norman Tebbitt and even in those days (post-Enoch Powell) conservative and Nationalist ideology was only dragged out at election times to mobilise the foot soldiers needed to knock on doors. As soon as Thatcher began to get serious about pulling out of the EU she was axed by “loyal” colleagues eager to please Big Business donors and the Media Class. Since then, the Tories have tried to move Left at each election, especially on social issues, but have been beaten to the edge by both New Labour and the Lib Dems. Why should the Media Class give the Tories a sympathetic press if other parties are serving their interests better? One has to presume that the chinless ones never understood that the Media Class was always going to keep them on the sidelines. 

    Cameron understands that social issues are the litmus tests for the Media Class and so he is trying to put the Party at the permissive end of the political landscape, in the hope of finally getting the backing of the Media Class and Big Business. Same sex marriage, and other pro-homosexual items, open-door immigration, political correctness, Feminism and an enthusiasm for getting rid of the last vestiges of free speech may do the trick. Who knows? It is, of course a desperate gamble, since the Social-Left end of the UK political landscape is already overcrowded. But then, Cameron and his tiny party are desperate. We should not be surprised that Michael Howard, his predecessor, is already praising the new policies, though some are quite the opposite of the ones espoused at the last election. Immigration is a good example. Howard was promising the electorate a clampdown and now he praises Cameron’s “open door” switch-a-rooney. The Tories have concluded that anti-immigration promises neither win votes nor Media support. 

    The truth is more likely that the electorate never believed Howard and his Party were sincere on immigration, or anything else, and of course, they were right. 

    Cameron’s worst fear must be that he will now be extremely vulnerable on his Right whilst failing to outflank the other two Leftist Parties. He has certainly moved far enough to the Left on social issues to get Media Class support, but this will be of little help to the Tories if right wing voters desert them entirely. His nightmare must be that the BNP will get former Tory votes by moving into the vacuum he has created. Expect him therefore to be very outspoken in support of laws and legal actions aimed at stifling the BNP. In this, he will have the full support of the other parties and the Media Class. The BNP now faces its most desperate time. The whole UK establishment, orchestrated and egged on by the components of the Media Class, will unite to destroy it, simply because the BNP now has a unique opportunity to win substantial public support. Expect Showbiz people, the Academic and Arts intelligentsia, the Social (Human Rights) Activists, the Union Bosses and those in the Public Services (not least the Police and Judiciary) to create a clamor for the Party to be made illegal and its leaders jailed and silenced. The microphones and cameras will be waiting for them. Ironically, when the legal steps are actually taken, publicity will be absent. There is precedent for this. Stalin always created a public clamor for the destruction of his opponents, but they always met their fate silently. “Racists”, Bigots”, “Nazis” and “Fascists” will be loudly denounced, but Nick Griffin and his comrades will disappear quietly into police cells and onwards to prisons. That is, unless the British people finally find the courage to make a stand. 

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