Cameron Repays His Masters

Those who have been visiting this website over the last few years will not be surprised by UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s attachment to same-sex marriage.   Look back in our archive and you will find several articles where we noted that Cameron, as the new Tory Party leader, signaled that he would be a champion of ‘progressive’ social and moral policies. We wrote at the time that Cameron was attempting to gain the support of the new Ruling Media Class, which until then had been using the power of the Mainstream Media (MSM) to support the Labour and LibDem Parties. Cameron looked back and noted the way that a hostile Media had consistently harassed, undermined, ridiculed and slandered Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Enoch Powell, Rev. Ian Paisley and other true Conservatives Christians and Nationalists. He saw that in order to please the all-powerful Media Class and its most influential mouthpiece (the Leftist, pervert-infested and tax-funded BBC) he needed to change his Party into a Pink Party. 

    A sympathetic Media and Entertainment element in the Ruling Class has ensured that funding and positive reporting has enabled Cameron to gain the Tory Party leadership and make enough electoral gains to become Prime Minister. Cameron has followed where Obama led. Like Obama, Cameron has made clear that he has no moral principles, no core beliefs and certainly not a conservative bone in his body. He is ready to tack this way and that, jettisoning his Party’s beliefs and traditions, in order to advance the agenda so dear to the hearts of the Media Class. Top of that agenda list is the speedy advancement of the homosexual cause. Same-sex marriage, as we constantly point out, has little to do with marriage (an institution long devalued amongst heterosexuals) and everything to do with imposing homosexual values on a reluctant society. SSM opens the doors to active homosexual education in all schools, to homosexual adoption and fostering (since homos cannot reproduce they need other people’s children to corrupt), to the oppression of the traditional Christian Churches and ultimately to the criminalization of those who insist on pointing out that homosexuality is unnatural and unhygienic and morally disgusting. 

    Cameron’s imposition of SSM through legislation in Parliament has involved an alliance with the opposition Labour Party and the LibDems. The majority of his own colleagues in the Tory Party opposed SSM but Cameron correctly calculates that they don’t count when compared to earning the support of the Media Class. Big Business, just as in the USA, is now on board for homosexual advancement and Cameron will be painted in the Media as a heroic figure who has put himself on the side of progress. The native British people should regard Cameron as a man without principles and his Party as a pale edition of the Labour and Lib Dem Parties. 

    Unfortunately, the British people have few alternatives, as the Green Party and the UKIP are as sham as the Cameron-led Tories. Only the semi-Socialist, Fascist-leaning BNP is opposed to the homosexual agenda, opposed to the abandonment of National identity and is not infested with crooks and perverts. This is why the BBC, almost all of the MSM, the anti-patriotic Left, the over-paid legions of Pop Stars, Actors and Celebrities and the highly politicized police and Judges are united in destroying the BNP by hook or by crook. 

    Falling Birthrates and the Media Class – Anyone who gets news from the MSM will be aware that birthrates are falling dramatically in the Western Nations. In the USA and the UK the birthrate is not high enough to replenish the native population and in much of Western Europe the story is the same. Since birthrates have also tumbled in Japan and several other Far East industrialized countries we have to assume that the phenomenon has something to do with technology and modern economies, for birthrates have not fallen in the Third World, indeed populations are increasing in Africa and some South American countries. 

    I am aware that many factors like technology and economics must play their part in population numbers, including some that are positive and some that are negative. Civil wars in Africa and starvation due to bad Government must make an inroad into population but Western intervention with medical and other aid must spur growth. It is doubtful that each cancels the effect of the other as births increase. It is likely that Western medical intervention and Aid has greatly increased survival rates. In the First World, contraception and abortion have undoubtedly cut the birth rate amongst the educated and prosperous, but within the raw figures there are many factors that the Media Class and the Left will not allow discussed. 

    The USA and the UK have growing populations despite the falling birthrate, so how is this explained? In the UK (and in the EU), the native populations are not replenishing themselves but some immigrant groups are multiplying at a great rate. Some of this is continued immigration but much is also due to high birth rates, aided by ‘free’ health services and welfare. The most notable growth is amongst the groups from Africa and the Indian sub-continent, particularly Muslims. Many Islamic Imperialists boast that Islam will colonize the UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and France simply by out-breeding the native people. At this point in time they look to be right. 

    In the USA continued (illegal) immigration from Latin America and the Third World is fuelling population growth despite the fall in birthrates for Caucasian, Oriental and African American residents. Black American birthrates are not increasing, despite widespread promiscuity due to the death of the 2-parent family. This is mainly the result of abortion which is promoted by Government funding of Abortion Clinics in inner cities. Caucasian and Oriental birthrates have fallen below replacement levels for the same reason that they have fallen in Europe, i.e. people are choosing to not have babies. 

    It has often been claimed that Capitalism cannot survive without a constant growth of population. I reject this as illogical though no doubt Capitalists find it easier to make profits when there are more people. The property market and construction are prime examples of easy growth when population is increasing. Norway, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland are however examples of countries that have enjoyed prosperity and economic stability until recently without population growth. 

    The activist groups in the West which we can label conservationist and ‘Green’ have long argued that population growth in the World will outstrip resources. They may be correct in the long term though free-market optimists and conservative Christians argue that technology in farming will match demand for ever. The ‘Greens’ are hypocrites for they are always mute on the subject of Third World immigration and their Socialist agenda always trumps their concern for conservation. The optimists just may be right about technology’s abilities, but what sort of world will we inhabit if all is tower blocks and concrete? True conservatives will surely oppose the idea of continued population growth and a population wholly separated from the land. 

    There will be no honest debate about population growth and immigration to the West even though these are pressing issues, for the Media Class and its Leftist allies have an agenda that although short-term in consequences, is an absolute priority for them. Here in the USA (and in the UK) our Ruling Media Class – which now has assimilated Big Business – wants population growth to continue and is more than happy that it is fuelled only by immigration from people who have no interest in traditional American values. Here in the USA (and the UK and the EU) the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies want to see the American people swamped and ‘Whiteness’ eliminated. Personally, I see nothing desirable about a ‘White’ skin but much more lies behind the surface of skin color. The Ruling Class and its Leftist allies (and their new ally Big Business – are we seeing a development of International Fascism?) wish to eliminate Nation States, destroy traditional Western cultures, redistribute wealth World-wide (though not their own) and create a Utopia of totalitarianism over which they will rule. 

    The Media Class and its Leftist allies have been working hard to destroy the traditional family, an institution they jointly detest. Leftist Feminists in Academia – more than a few of them bitter lesbians – have long been indoctrinating young women students that marriage is slavery and childbearing a trap. Ecologists in Academia have long been predicting doom for plants, animals, whales and polar bears and America’s young people emerge from school and college burdened with guilt about American prosperity and the American people’s presence on this planet. America’s educationalists (‘propagandists’ is a more appropriate word) have ensured that young women emerge into the adult world ill-equipped to care for a family – mentally, physically and emotionally. Young men emerge equally ill-equipped for the responsibilities of fatherhood and in a permanent state of irresponsible adolescence and addicted to TV and watching pro-Sport. Little wonder that many of the educated and semi-educated defer marriage or reject long-term relationships and postpone or avoid having children. Most heterosexual couples owe their material prosperity, vacation trips, nails, hair-do’s, 2-cars and ‘toys’ to two incomes. 

    Below the surface of this attachment to materialism is the modern folk-belief that having children – and certainly more than two – is to contribute to the impoverishment of Third World people and to the death of the Planet. A family of married and committed parents and children is of course a threat to moral ‘progressivism’ and the Utopian dreams of Socialism. People who have kids and stick with them to adulthood are likely to be concerned about the future of society, see the need for traditional morality and to want to work hard and save. Many are members of Churches where their sense of responsibility is likely to be reinforced. Such people will instinctively see why homosexuals in the Boy Scouts are a threat and will want to see their kids grow up and marry and procreate. 

    The Media Class is hard at work destroying real marriage, encouraging promiscuity and creating a population that is unfettered by ties to Church and family. The alienated, those adrift from family, those who have ‘tried’ all the alternative lifestyles and those without roots will look to the State to manage their unhappy lives. 

    Since children – who are a long-term commitment – no longer play much of a part in modern relationships their place has been taken by the dog or dogs. Many adverts feature a young man and woman in front of an attractive house and nestling between the two are a couple of ‘labs’ or ‘shepherds’ or ‘mixed’ this or that. It is continually reported in the MSM – and without any condemnation – that people – many of whom crave nationalized health care because of cost – will spend anything to save the life of their pet. This writer will hold up his hand and admit to not being a pet lover. One of my working colleagues once called dogs ‘shit machines’ and she was right. Dogs remind me of homosexuals for they sniff each others’ backsides, cannot pass shit without an approving sniff, lick backsides and sniff your crotch if given half a chance. When I hear people like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh blubbering over their pets, I assume that they have little real human affection in their lives. The elevation of dogs in particular and pets in general in the emotional life of our Nation is directly tied to the absence of children and to the official denigration of the real family. People who will be unmoved by stories of ill-treated and neglected children will become highly emotional about a dog that has been lost, ill-treated or needs ‘adoption’. 

    Now on this website we believe in freedom and in the right of people to spend their money in any way they choose but it does seem that a people who care more about dogs than children or other human beings are a morally sick people. I am sure these last few paragraphs will alienate many website visitors but we are committed to telling it like we see it. Muslims do not care much about animal welfare – hence the barbaric ritual slaughter for meat – but they do care about procreation and they will soon outbreed the Western Nations of dog-lovers and materialists. 

    George Zimmerman will be up for trial in June. His attorney is having great difficulty obtaining transcripts of the phone conversation between the late Trayvon Martin and his alleged girl friend. Much was made of this conversation in the initial Media trial of Zimmerman. I cannot see how Zimmerman will get a fair trial for he has the Florida legal Establishment wholly committed to pinning a murder on him, the constant threat of civil unrest fomented by race-baiters, the President of the USA inserted as the father of Trayvon that he never had (make sense of that if you can!), the MSM which has already convicted him over and over again and now the anti-gun lobby. Lurking in the background, should it look like the prosecution case is falling apart, is Eric Holder’s Injustice Department. Poor old George! Obama has now inserted himself into the campaign to homosexualize the Boy Scouts. Yes, we have added the word ‘homosexualization’ to the language just as we invented the words ‘Islamic Imperialism’. Along with ‘the Ruling Media Class’ – you first read it here! 

    Weather – The very cold nights continue here and this is the coldest winter in the Bay area for the last 16 years, or at least that is what my lying senses are telling me. Cold continues in the UK according to our informants from there. Still, if near-billionaire Al Gore says that time is running out for the Planet, we must assume that warming is nearing the critical point. If this is really true, why are Obama and the MSM concerned about perverts being denied their place in the BSA? 

    Music Choice – Blue Note Records in the 1950’s and early 1960’s recorded all the great jazz musicians of the immediate post-bop era. In November 1956 the pianist Horace Silver took a band into the Blue Note Studios in New Jersey and recorded one of his own compositions entitled “Senor Blues”. The excellent Hank Mobley was on tenor sax, Donald Byrd (tpt), Doug Watkins (b) and Louis Hayes (d). Silver was destined to compose many more memorable tunes and front many more excellent line-ups but “Senor Blues” was a good place to start. You can find it on “The Best of Blue Note Vol.2”

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