California Votes No More Taxes

Yesterday’s votes in California on 6 propositions were a reminder that even in the most Leftist State in the USA normal people resent being overtaxed by government. Five of the props, all of which were overwhelmingly voted down, were dishonestly-written efforts to persuade voters that they were not voting new taxes. The voters, for once, were not fooled. Nor were they fooled by the old scare story that defeat would mean cuts to education, police and fire services. The only prop to pass was the one that denied legislators a pay rise! My wife and I were on the winning side on all six and it is a long time since we had that experience.

When I worked in local government in the UK and elected councilors attempted to reduce the rate of increase in taxation (not real CUTS!) it was a regular tactic of the chief bureaucrats and the public service unions to immediately claim that anything other than big tax increases would mean that old people would die, children would be abused and schools would be closed. The Media always gave maximum and uncritical publicity to such stories for it was hand in glove with the Leftists who worked in government. That was in the Thatcher days and clearly nothing changes. Those who worked inside government knew that public services were pork barrels of unnecessary and wasteful spending but all colluded in the “we are already cut to the bone” propaganda.

Yesterday’s vote in California, whilst welcome on ideological grounds (a stunning rejection of the Colin Powell claim that people are happy to pay more taxes) will not lead to spending cuts in California, for it would take a counter-revolution by the working people to stop Democrats in Sacramento from continuing to fund all the programs that are dictated by Leftist ideology and have nothing to do with necessary and cost-effective public services. What is mystifying about yesterday’s result is that it was obtained on such a low voter turn-out. How come the initiatives went down in flames when only 20% voted yet the public employees union and the mighty Cal Teachers’ Union supported the ballot initiatives. One can only conclude that many teachers, firemen, policemen and government clerks either stayed home or voted ‘no’ in defiance of Union leaders.

On this website, whilst always pleased when the Media’s Leftist revolution falters, we are concerned to reveal the Media’s power and tactics. One of its tactics is a silence that is motivated by avoidance. Today, in the aftermath of the voting, the AP reported the result on its news website. Reporter Juliet Williams managed to write a long piece that never once even hinted that Californians had voted against tax increases. Instead she concentrated on the voters’ rejection of “reforms” and solutions to the burgeoning budget crisis. Clearly the Media Class agenda is to never acknowledge that a tax increase is unpopular or unwarranted.

On Saturday I read a long piece in the Wall Street Journal jointly written by two London correspondents describing the Parliamentary expenses scandal that is revealing that Labour, Conservative, LibDem, UKIP and Sinn Fean MP’s have all been looting the public purse over several years. The reporting was honest in so far as it went but again we had a reporting silence on a key aspect of the scandal, for what was avoided was the likely consequence in the fast-approaching June elections. There is only one Party that can possibly prosper from the scandal, and that is the British National Party. No-one reporting from the UK, and especially reporters who are on the inside and whose job it is to be informed, cannot but be aware of the fear of all the other Parties that the BNP will make advances in the June elections. As we have written many times before on this website, the BNP is the elephant in the room of UK politics. The scandal could not have come at a worse time for the Establishment Parties for at the beginning of June there are local County council elections and European Parliament elections. For the last two years, as the BNP has grown in membership and increasingly challenged the others, the main Parties have regularly implored the voters to vote for ANY Party but the BNP. In broadcasts and in election literature the Establishment Parties have constantly emphasized to voters that the BNP is different and outside the fold. The intention was to define the BNP’s candidates as pariahs and not a part of the civilized political world. Now, the expenses scandal has revealed that the civilized political world from which the BNP is excluded, is populated by greedy, unprincipled, secretive parasites. The BNP, long victims of ostracism can now only benefit from being untainted and different in the voters’ minds.

In the UK there are many seedy and furtive Leftist organizations that exist solely to provide dirt about the BNP. These organizations are well-funded, partly by Leftist Trade Union leaders and probably by some of those rich Internationalist benefactors who are keen to stifle the growth of Nationalism in Europe. Readers of this website will know at least one Internationalist Leftist billionaire whose money seems to take subterranean routes into every shady and undemocratic activist group in the Western world. In the lead-up to the June elections these organizations have been churning out scandal stories about the BNP. The telling point is that the scandal stories are not passed to Establishment politicians but to the Media. In the past week both The Sun and the Daily Mirror have run virulent anti-BNP stories in their newspaper editions and on their websites. Both stories have turned out to be completely false and in the face of BNP legal threats have been withdrawn, though not with apologies. The editors must know that the stories are not true but believe that ends justify means when the BNP is so close to an electoral breakthrough. In the past, the Media Class has been able to peddle lies about the BNP without worrying about the legal consequences but now the BNP’s growth has enabled it to fight back. Still, smears can stick and no doubt some of these will have an effect on many disinterested voters. The BNP leadership refers to the Party’s Media enemies as “the controlled Media” (presumably controlled by the Labour Party) and fails to realize that no Party or politicians control the Media Class. The Media Class controls most politicians, has its own distinctive agenda of social/moral revolution and is the BNP’s most powerful and dedicated enemy.

The curious element in the expenses scandal is the role of the Daily Telegraph. Generally, this Tory-leaning newspaper shares the hatred of the whole Media Class for the BNP. It seems that one of the paper’s journalists has been digging into MP’s expenses for the past 5 years and struggling to use the freedom of information act in the face of MP resistance. At the same time, a BNP member has also been digging into the info that should have been easily available but was not. Why the Telegraph chose this moment, just before the June elections, to break a story that was hugely damaging to all the Establishment Parties, is baffling. Without this scandal, the Tory Party was surely going to make gains from Labour, not because it is popular but because it was sure to gain from the incumbent and extremely unpopular Gordon Brown government. The scandal has enveloped the Tory Party as much as Labour, and the LibDems are also tarred. Did the Telegraph editor believe that he had to beat the BNP to the tapes in revealing a big story? Has the story taken on a life of its own that the editor never foresaw? Did he intend to damage Cameron’s Tory Party for some hidden reason? Presumably he did not anticipate that the BNP might be the sole beneficiary of the scandal. As we always say on this website, no story gets into the news just because it is news but always in pursuit of an agenda. Whatever is going on behind the scenes and whatever the original intent of this story, the BNP will surely benefit with the voters and that is good news for the native British people.

On the Global Warming Front, last week saw Al Gore’ s reputation soar as the temperature here in mid-California soared too. For some 3 days we had 100F and I became convinced that the Earth was finished. But then it cooled rapidly and things are now back to normal, which is to say pleasantly warm by day and chilly at night. It looks as though this old planet might not be warming after all but just being unpredictable like it always was.

I am still waiting for a homosexual activist and campaigner for same-sex marriage to email this website and explain why sodomy is not a disgusting and unnatural practice. I promise we will print the email for we really do believe in free speech and robust debate.

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