Cain – Is He Being Smart on SSM?

According to almost all the Opinion Polls, Herman Cain is now the front-runner in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination for 2012. Although on this website we recommend extreme caution and taking the polls with a pinch of salt right up to the night before an election, I am inclined to believe the polls on this occasion. As we pointed out in our previous article, the Mainstream Media relentlessly pursued the destruction of first, Sarah Palin, then Michelle Bachmann and most recently Rick Perry. All three shared two admirable qualities that ensured their credibility with the American people would be fatally wounded by the Ruling Media Class. They were all gifted with the kind of popular appeal that would have eclipsed the bumbling and shallow Obama in any contest, and more importantly, they were all committed traditional Christians who had made it clear that they would halt and perhaps reverse the momentum of the Homosexual agenda. For it is the advance of the Homosexual Agenda that is the core issue for the Media Class and, at this point in time, same-sex marriage (SSM) is its litmus test. It might not always be so. Given the speed of advance of the Homosexual Agenda, same-sex marriage may soon be beyond challenge and then the litmus test issue imposed on politicians in the USA will be the compulsory indoctrination of all children with Homosexual values. After that the final issue will be the criminalization of any anti-Homosexual speech or writing.

There may still be many conservatives, Christians and Nationalists who think the above paragraph is over the top, but that is because sadly they have failed to recognize that the Media Class is now the dominant political Class, that the Democrat Party and its politicians are mere pawns of this Ruling Class and that we are in the midst of a Revolution that is primarily being fought over Social/Moral issues. The new Ruling Media Class greatly benefits from being able to call the shots whilst hiding behind the Democrat Party, for it can continue to use its massive communication powers as though it is a neutral body. This still fools all those citizens who pay more attention to family, work, sport, video games, hair and nail appointments and/or the antics and fashions of Pop singers and celebrities.

As we wrote in our last article, registered Republicans do not have the sole power to select from amongst their candidates, for the Media Class, whose existence as the key player has gone un-noticed and whose Mainstream Media (MSM) is masquerading as a bystander, is able to destroy the reputations of any Republican candidates it regards as particularly counter-revolutionary. Republican voters, by and large, are greatly influenced by MSM propaganda, as is the general population. Since the MSM can and does repeatedly target a victim, misrepresent and distort his/her views and policies, dig up dirt and repeat unattributed gossip and then deny the victim a Media response, it is hardly surprising that the Media Class enemies are systematically cleared from the field.

Cain is being criticized by some conservatives for being evasive on the issue of same-sex marriage. Unlike Bachman and Perry he has avoided a commitment to actively oppose it if he is elected to the Presidency – only saying that he would protect the existing Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA.) Romney has told conservatives what they want to hear but the Media Class is surely confident that Romney, if elected to the White House, would tack to the Left on Moral/Social issues.

It is possible that Cain is being smart. By not getting caught up in the Moral/Social issues he is, at this time, keeping his head below the parapet and avoiding the worst of the MSM firepower. He is also able to keep the MSM focused on his 9-9-9 tax plan. In doing so, he is exploiting a hidden division in the Revolutionary camp, for the Ruling Media Class has little interest in taxation and other economic issues. It is its Leftist allies who care most about such matters. The Unions, particularly the Public Service Union leaders and most Black voters have as their priority the redistribution of wealth via taxation and welfare. The Media Class knows it has to give support to its allies’ agenda but it is relatively luke-warm. Cain will do well if he can hold off the MSM onslaught-digging into his past, recruiting any old enemies and malcontents and accusing him of being a traitor to his ‘race’. The longer he can hold them off the more chance he has of appearing to Republican activists to be electable.

Unfortunately, should Cain become the Republican choice to challenge Obama, he and the Republican base, will discover that the MSM has all the ammunition it needs to cover him with dirt, for Cain, being Black and having genuinely made his own way in life without dollops of affirmative action, is a stark contrast to Obama and one that many non-Black voters might admire. Meanwhile, Cain is loathed by the Black activists and White Leftists who thrive on racialism and victimology.

Tonight, Friday, the Obama White House has slipped under the public radar the news that Obama has sent troops to Uganda without consulting Congress. In a letter to Congress that is dripping with the usual Obama bare-faced lies, the American public is being hoodwinked that the motive for this military escapade is humanitarian and intended only to bring about the defeat of the self-styled Lord’s Resistance Army that is operating in four Central African countries. The real motive will emerge in time, but we can be sure that Obama is more interested in the affairs of Africa than in the USA. Since his impulsive foray into Libya (which also cost money the US doesn’t have and was not remotely about US interests) went mostly unopposed by Congress, Obama has been emboldened to employ autocratic powers. It is one of the aspects of his personality disorder that he hugely resents having to seek approval for anything he wants to do.

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