Cain – Another Conservative Lynched by the Media Class

Even before the Republican Presidential Primaries commenced, we on this website were predicting that the Media Class would spare no effort, and employ every dirty trick, to destroy all possible 2012 opponents of Obama. We also predicted that Conservative candidates who expressed support for traditional Christian morality would suffer the most extreme Media Class attacks. Our reasoning was clear. The Media Class – which is now our Ruling Class and was responsible for the election to the White House of its candidate Barack Obama – is pushing through a cultural and moral revolution. Obama is its pawn, and the Democrat Party from which he emerged, is its political tool for capturing the popular vote. The Media Class intends to complete the moral and social revolution it has set in motion. ‘Completion’ will be achieved when the legal and political landscape has been so altered that a counter-revolution is impossible. The minimum it needs for this historical task is to have Obama in the White House (and Eric Holder at the Justice Department) for another four years and continued control of, at least, the Senate, where judges are confirmed. To achieve this, the Media Class will use its massive power over communications and its overwhelming wealth, to personally destroy any and every Conservative who might be electable. The Media Class task is made easier because Conservative, Christian and certainly most ordinary disinterested voters remain unaware that the Media Class exists as a (Ruling) Class, has its own revolutionary agenda and pulls the strings of the Democrat Party.

At the beginning of the current Republican Party contest, we had no idea that Herman Cain, a Black businessman, would emerge as a contender. We predicted that the two potential women (Christian) candidates would be targeted for destruction by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and by the Entertainment Industry (along with the ‘News’ industry, the Entertainment Industry is the most powerful component of the Media Class). Palin, a successful Governor, and Bachmann, a very qualified professional woman and successful foster parent, had both been explicit about their traditional Christian Faith and either would have – in a fair Presidential contest – taken the stumbling, devious Obama to the cleaners. As we predicted, they were ruthlessly attacked, smeared and ridiculed throughout the Media, Entertainment and Arts World with the exception of the maverick and untrustworthy Fox News Channel. Only on Conservative Talk Radio and Conservative websites were either safe from a lynching. Unfortunately, and no matter what Rush Limbaugh may claim, the MSM still shapes the public’s perception of politicians and possesses enormous destructive power.

Palin and Bachmann, both fine people with accomplishments and abilities that dwarf Obama’s, and personal histories that are transparently honorable – we cannot compare these to Obama’s since his personal history is wholly concealed – are now deemed unelectable. Even most conservative-leaning voters and many Conservative and Christian activists, regard both women as somehow ‘having fallen short’. Few would be able to specify what gaffes these two women had made, what idiocies they had actually uttered, or what scandals had been uncovered in their respective pasts, but all would be convinced that they have been ‘uncovered’, shown to be personally unappealing, lacking in education, skills and real world knowledge, and possibly dangerously fanatical. The sad fact is that these innocent, decent women have been dressed up and taken down in Obama’s clothes.

Rick Perry, longtime Governor of America’s most prosperous State, seeing the fall of the two most dynamic traditional Christians in the field, decided to throw his hat in the ring. Perry, whose political experience has been acquired down in predominantly Christian and conservative Texas, was presumably unaware of the nation-wide and Washington power of the Media Class and the true nature of its agenda. Perhaps Perry thought that his Christian credentials, which he made much of upon entry into the race, would be an advantage with Republican voters, especially given his governing experience when compared to Obama’s incompetence. He failed to understand that those traditional moral values he publicly committed to, plus his administrative skills and economic successes in Texas, were the very things that would drive the Media Class into a fury. Perry, unlike Palin and Bachmann, who both had some previous experience of the Media’s ruthless hostility and completely unprincipled methods, was unprepared and soon stumbling. He is still in the race – just – but if he should succeed in winning, the MSM will make mincemeat of him in 2012. In fact the Media Class will make mincemeat of him every day and night for the next year.

And so we come to Herman Cain, who has an awesome personal history. It happens to be a complete contrast to Obama’s, for it seems that Cain is a qualified mathematician, a rocket scientist, a hugely successful businessman, has pulled himself up from a poor family by his own bootstraps and sheer hard work and is actually a genuine African American. He has also publicly committed himself to uphold America’s traditional Christian morality. He made an immediate hit with Republican primary voters, and at the time of writing this article, still enjoys impressive conservative support. Unfortunately, all of the foregoing ‘strengths’, especially the ‘Christian’ bit and the humble origins and skin color, have (predictably for us on this website) thrown the Media Class into a frightful rage. The Media Class cannot take the risk that this man should end up toe to toe with Obama, for he is Blacker!

Radical and Right, like everyone in this world except for two or just maybe three women, and Cain himself, do not know if he was a bit of a flirt at work and occasionally un-aggressively ‘hit’ on them and maybe other women. By ‘hit’, I mean that he tried to open the conversational door to something that might have led further with encouraging responses from the women. Clearly, he was not a sexual pervert but a routinely normal man, especially when placed in the context of driving, dynamic, larger-than-life, successful men in any competitive field. Flirting may have been as far as Cain intended to go, assuming that he did go anywhere. The women, who remain carefully concealed by their minders – rather like snipers – have so far been as non-specific as it is possible to be. The woman whose political minder (the Democrat Attorney Joel Bennett) has been most active and explicit with accusations – and that’s not saying much – seems not to have complained about Cain’s behavior at the National Restaurant Association until some three months after he left its employment. It is possible therefore that he knew little of the complaint or any NRA settlement. It was, after all, some 12 years ago and all parties will have unreliable recollections of events. Bennett has admitted that he has no detailed records and no detailed memories. The complaining woman left with some sort of money settlement but this may have been only severance pay and Bennett is being coy. She and the other two (or is it only one?) alleged victims of Cain’s allegedly inappropriate behavior may be extremely thin-skinned or worse – dishonestly calculating. We have no way of knowing, and neither does Cain, unless the woman emerges from the shadows.

In my personal view, Herman Cain has been politically, and maybe even personally, destroyed, and I cannot see him recovering. The Media has done its work, but will continue to do so until he is gone.

We might ponder that the vague accusations that have been leveled against him pale into insignificance when compared to the stellar performances of Jack Kennedy and his brothers, Bill Clinton, John Edwards and even Martin Luther King. All were, and remain, protected by the Media Class. And what about Barney Frank and his kind who have frolicked in cesspits? We might ponder too that some so-called conservative-leaning websites have joined in the destruction of Cain. Politico and NEWSMAX lead this pack but Republican candidates and leaders have also been opportunist or cowardly. Limbaugh is so right when he forecasts that the Media (Class) will get them all before November 2012. Unless that is, Huntsman remains the last man standing.

Meanwhile, what are we to make of the economic news and the fluctuations of the stock market? The real story here, in the long term, is that today’s breathing space from disaster is being purchased by the printing press at the Treasury. Both here and in Europe, surely major inflation is the way that all Government debts will be cancelled. Mostly, that inflation will hit those ordinary people who work and save and are the backbone of any Nation. In Greece, we see played out the rules of the modern game of the progressives. Popular votes are taken again and again until the Ruling Class gets the ‘right’ result. After that, elections are not appropriate. The Greek PM’s threat to hold a referendum was speedily condemned by EU leaders of all major Parties. First there was the fear that the Greek people might vote to leave the EU and secondly that the idea of allowing European people to express buyers’ remorse at the ballot box might catch on. The disgusting Cameron in the UK is busy ensuring that his promise of a popular vote is consigned to the garbage bin where he always intended to throw it after election.

For the record, it is cold and damp here in mid-California. My website visitor in the UK reports much rain and cold miserable seasonal weather over there, but remarkably Starcross has not yet been inundated by rising sea levels.

Music Choice – I have never cared much for Tony Bennett’s gruff rasping voice and occasionally I have thought that his pitch is far from perfect. He has consistently sung good quality adult material and always with good musicians, so I should not be too critical. However, and whilst mentioning mid-California and its weather, I should call attention to the song he recorded in 1962 and which will stand forever as one of those recordings that brought together the right tune with the right lyrics, the right arrangement, the right atmosphere and the right singer. The song was written in 1954 by two homosexuals, Cory and Cross, who had moved from San Francisco to New York and were allegedly feeling sentimental about the ‘city by the bay’. The song went nowhere until jazz pianist Ralph Sharon mentioned it to Bennett and he sang it at an SF official function in 1961. The next year when he recorded it, it was intended for the ‘B’ side of a disc, but disc jockeys began giving it prominence and soon it was a hit. Deservedly so and I hope Cory and Cross reaped their reward for it is a fine song. It turned Bennett into an international star. Personally, I can never visit SF without the song coming to mind. Sit back and enjoy this classic and adult recording.

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