Burris Plays The Race Card And Wins

In my previous article I wrote that Roland Burris would succeed in gaining his Senate seat because he was playing the race card. I also forecast that Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid would be “humiliated and back down”. Hey Presto! The next day (7th January) at approximately 1pm, Reuters’ reporter Thomas Ferraro filed a piece headed “Senate Dems move to seat Burris” and included a picture of Reid sat with Burris. Reid was trying hard to smile. Smiling is not easy for Reid, even before this capitulation to Blago, for over the last two years Reid has been publicly in mourning over just about everything – the economy, the Iraq war, Afghanistan and the climate. After January 20th, he will have to try to smile a lot as the Great Magician performs his magic in the White House, but this Burris episode has not got Reid off to a good start. The MainStream Media (MSM) is predictably trying to ease Reid’s embarrassment with benign reporting, but there is no doubt that the anaemic Harry has egg all over his face. More important to the MSM is to ensure that the Burris fiasco does not stick to the Great Magician. It would be wonderful to get behind the scenes and hear what the Dem politicians are saying about Blago and Burris. My guess would be that the foul language employed would eclipse anything Blago has used on tape. The GM has probably also been cursing Reid for his inept performance, for it has intruded on his coronation preparations.

The election of the First Great Black Magician might have been expected to reduce the potency of the race card but I predict that it has done just the opposite, for it has brought race to the forefront of US politics and raised Black America’s expectations. The Leftist Media and White liberals cannot stop celebrating the GM’s blackness and of course it was the dominant undercurrent during the election. Obama was chosen by the Media Class because of his black skin for it trumped poor Hilary Clinton’s gender. One cannot blame Roland Burris and his supporters for getting on the bandwagon of race and Blago has only played the card that his Party and its Media masters used to take power. In the particular game of race politics that the Leftist Media plays, Blackness trumps everything except ‘gayness’ and abortion rights (aka as anti-Christian). Burris is actually more authentically Black than Obama for he was undoubtedly born in America and has been a pioneer for Black success in politics. In the news clips I have heard he sounds dignified and mature and a great improvement on Congressmen like Reid, Carey, Edwards, Gore, Kennedy and Barney Frank. I wish him well in the Senate until 2012 and would advise him not to be taken in by the sickly smile of Reid or the smooth words spoken today by Obama. The truth is that they would have been delighted if he had been run over by a bus on his way to the forum.

The GM-elect continues to dodge on the Israel/Gaza war. This is not difficult for him since the Media is throwing him soft balls at interviews and he and they must surely be hoping that the war is over by the 20th of this month. I predict that this deadly little war will not be over soon unless the Israelis abandon their war aim and negotiate a withdrawal. I have been surprised by the low Israeli military death toll and can only assume that their forces have not yet entered any urban areas. Some years ago the Arab fighters were renowned for their ability to indulge in bombastic talk and then run at the first shot. Times have changed and the substitution of religion for nationalism has provided Muslim tyrants with fanatically brave foot soldiers. I cannot see the Israelis destroying the Hamas forces without hand-to-hand street fighting. Paradoxically, unless the Israelis are willing to adopt the tactics that the Germans employed in crushing the two Warsaw uprisings (destroying every street with artillery and tank fire, including civilians) hand-to-hand fighting will cause Israeli casualties on a scale that the Israeli public will not support for long. The Hamas fighters are much better armed than the Warsaw Jews and Poles were, thanks to Iran. If Reid has suffered great humiliation at the hands of Burris/Blago, it is nothing compared to the humiliation of Iran at this point. How the crazies in Teheran must be gnashing their teeth over their impotence as they watch their surrogates in the Gaza being encircled in urban enclaves. Still, nothing is yet decided and I would not be surprised if the Israelis lack the determination and ruthlessness to complete their mission.

We assert on this website that the Media functions as a Class and not a collection of influential people who happen to be Leftist or who get together in soirees. The Media Class may have at its core the Hollywood Film industry and the East Coast newspaper barons, but its agenda has arisen naturally and permeates all news and entertainment sources. Last week, California’s Tri-Valley Herald had a front page article that was typical of any local newspaper’s stories, whether the newspaper in question covers a conservative or ‘progressive’ population. It was on the topic of homosexuality, a topic right at the top of the Media Class agenda. Headlined “Rape case highlights an increase of ‘hate crimes’ against gays” was a long piece with front page pictures of the alleged (Latino) perpetrators by staff writer Robert Salonga. The story covered an alleged gang rape which took place on 13th December 2008. The opening sentence started: “News this week of arrests in the Dec. 13 gang rape of a lesbian brought relief to many in the community … But even as the resolution is lauded, gay rights advocates and local and national crime statistics portray a gloomy truth about hate crimes against people based on their sexual orientation”. It turns out that the “gloomy statistics” have been produced by a San Francisco-based advocacy group calling itself the ‘Community United Against Violence’. This (hardly disinterested) group “reported 304 crimes against Bay Area homosexuals in 2007, the latest year for which complete statistics were available”. This (it is claimed) is a 6 per cent increase from 2006. It seems that the FBI recorded (nationally) 1265 crimes “deemed to have been motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation in 2007, a slight increase from the 1195 tallied a year earlier …” Later in the article the FBI figures are dismissed as “generally agreed” to be under reported. Further on in the article we are told that the Richmond, Ca. victim was an “openly gay” 28 year old woman who was parking her car. The attackers are alleged to have hit the woman and then taken her to another street where she claims she was assaulted twice by a gang of four. The key to this piece is, “The assailants made comments about her sexual orientation during the attack, police said”.

This is a propaganda piece! First, let me say that on this website we would argue for harsher penalties for rape and indeed any kind of violent attack. In every ‘progressive’ nation people are attacked on the streets and in their homes for a variety of motives, all of them equally unacceptable. These attacks have increased ever since Leftist academics persuaded lawmakers that criminals are victims too and need help not punishment. Immigration has also done much to make the streets dangerous. In this Richmond case the alleged attackers are Latino and may well be illegal though we should be more careful than Mr. Salonga in assuming guilt. The unfounded accusations against the Duke University Lacrosse players who were accused of raping a Black stripper should make us wary about rushing to judgment before a trial. Until a trial and finding of guilt, there is no reason why a ‘community’ should feel ‘relief’. Incidentally, how does Mr. Salonga know what the ‘community’ felt? Did he go door-to-door with a clip board? I doubt it but this is the kind of dishonest ‘reporting’ which is really all about the Media creating a climate. I am curious about the sentence that describes the alleged victim as “openly gay”. I do not know how you can signal being ‘gay’ just by stepping out of a car. Women are raped by heterosexual men because they are women and I assume that this would likely be true in this case, too. Are heterosexual women who are raped any less wronged because the attackers make comments about their sexiness or femininity? I think not!

The statistics that are quoted throughout the article do not seem to make much of a case about anything. I will take the FBI figures since they are much more likely to be unbiased than those of the homosexual activist organization ‘Community United Against Violence’. I would consider 1265 cases of violence against homosexuals and transvestites in a year to be evidence that heterosexual males who are motivated by sexual vindictiveness, are relatively few in number. We might soon be able to log up as many attacks in California by homosexuals against Mormons and other Christians.

If this Richmond attack took place as described, I hope the perpetrators are jailed for many, many years and then deported. The death penalty should be introduced for all such impersonal and violent crimes, especially when committed by groups. The ‘orientation’ of the victim is irrelevant and not worth a focus except as propaganda. I would suggest that the recent widespread attacks by homosexuals against those suspected of voting against same-sex marriage, is resulting in the Media attempting to re-establish homosexuals as victims. In Mr. Salonga’s penultimate paragraph we are told that “An outpouring of community support followed the crime, including a candlelight vigil hosted by Community United Against Violence…” When words like ‘community’ and ‘candlelight vigil’ are employed readers should be aware that they are being subjected to Leftist Media propaganda. Mr. Salonga has a great future in journalism.

On this website we maintain that news is only news when the Media thinks it will further its agenda. Thus the Reuters report on car torching in France was apparently quickly pulled once it was realized that it was ammunition for European Nationalists. Similarly, reports of the riots and street violence in Sweden, Denmark and Greece have suddenly disappeared from the MSM. This is because much of the violence has been perpetrated by immigrants and Muslim youths in particular. Native Europeans are not to be alerted to such real news as it might lead to electoral gains for political Parties like the UK’s BNP. It is frequently the case that real news items slip through but are quickly removed as part of the Media’s self-censorship.

It continues to be unusually cold in most of the USA and throughout Europe. Mr. Radical now sits at his computer with a hot water bottle at his feet and a hot flask of whiskey beside him. He is beginning to wonder if Al Gore has made a mistake about global warming. Some people lose faith easily!

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