Bundy Ranch is Unfinished Business

In our previous article we wrote about the moment when the violence that always bubbles beneath a revolution, came to the surface here in the USA.   The revolution to which we refer is the one that the American people are enduring at this present time. Far too few recognize it for what it is, because, unique in the world’s history the news of this revolution has been cleverly suppressed from the outset. Perhaps only on this website does the revolution, its proponents and their agenda, receive due recognition. 

    We declare, as we always have, that the Media Class which coalesced in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and which was the co-incidental result of technological and social changes at that time, purged, occupied and reconstituted the Democrat Party. Through that Party, which it has since funded and relentlessly promoted, and in alliance with the Public Service Unions and the Leftist Academia, it captured the White House and Congress in 2008. Loss of control of the House of Representatives in 2010 has not prevented the Democrat Party and its leader, Barack Obama, from pushing through a Leftist and amoral revolutionary agenda. Obama, brazenly discarding the Constitution and ignoring the House, has ruled by fiat and by extending the power of Federal Government Departments. In this he has been aided by Federal Courts stuffed with Leftists making law arbitrarily, a Justice Department that is lawless and, most importantly, a Mainstream Media (MSM) applauding his every illegitimate move. 

    Since Media Class power emanates from the Media industry we assert that the MSM is inevitably its propaganda arm. Thus the news and the entertainment that Americans digest is simply an agenda cunningly concealed. All who expose themselves to it are unwittingly indoctrinated. They are also deprived of news of important real events when such news is harmful to the Media Class agenda and to Media Class allies. Any news that filters through is almost certainly corrupted and misleading. 

    Those who carefully study human history are less likely to be misled than those ignorant of the past, but it is a mistake to assume that history merely repeats itself. There have been revolutions that we can learn from, at least going back to the French Revolution, but it is a mistake to expect any two revolutions to unfold in the same way or be the vehicle for similar Classes. Each one – Britain’s Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution (War of Independence), the revolutions in Europe of 1848, the Russian Revolution of 1917, the German National Socialist Revolution of 1933 and the Chinese Revolution of 1948 – had as many differences as similarities. Most were extremely violent, though Britain’s was not. The Socialist revolutions of 1917, 1933 and 1948 were ideologically driven whereas the British and American revolutions were blindly driven by technology and economics. What they all had in common was a repudiation of the past and the imposition of new social and economic arrangements, though this is most obvious in the Socialist revolutions. The American Revolution was unique in that it was won by the counter-revolutionaries and resulted in a government that was decentralized and classless. 

    The revolution we are now enduring in the USA has many elements of previous revolutions but also has new features of its own. It is driven by a Media Class that has accumulated great wealth. By virtue of its near-total control over news and entertainment this Media Class was able to embark on its quest for power already possessing the tools of propaganda that previous Socialist revolutions could only achieve by force after gaining control of government. The Media Class core of America’s revolutionary government has little interest in re-ordering economic relationships, for it prospered and is prospering financially within the existing (though shriveling) free market economy. Its appetite for revolutionary (social) change is driven, not by economics, but by the insatiable and abnormal sexual appetites of the dysfunctional people who inhabit its ranks. The society it yearns to create can only be achieved by destroying the existing (Christian/Judeo) morality and the people who adhere to it. With a burning hatred of Christian morality that only those whose perverted appetites cast them outside normal society can feel, the Media Class seeks to create a society that is approving of perversion, dissipation and licentiousness. The Leftist agenda that the Media Class has embraced and now promotes, sits comfortably enough with the anti-Christian, materialism of Marxism but the alliance it has forged with the Left has been driven by the need for a political shell, ground troops and votes. The Media Class and its ‘sexually-liberating’ but unpopular agenda fits comfortably with Socialism, whose adherents wish to massively grow government; disarm, impoverish and ultimately destroy the ‘reactionary’ classes; create a disunited and Balkenized people by mass immigration from the Third World, and create an America of arbitrary laws, thought-control and totalitarianism. The Media Class and the Socialists realize that their joint sexual/planned Godless Utopia cannot move forward unless its twin natures are concealed, and so we have a revolution that is incremental and undeclared. 

    On this website, our early recognition and understanding of the revolutionary nature of today’s politics enabled us to identify and warn against the homosexual/libertine agenda; point out the foolishness of those Christians, conservatives and Nationalists who believed (and too many still believe) that the Constitution, the Supreme Court and precedent provided the rules of engagement; and that what is unfolding is a march to totalitarianism. Surely it is now clear that free speech is being incrementally suppressed, that those who hold to traditional (and time-tested) morality are to be identified, deprived of employment and marginalized, and that those who cannot be quietly overwhelmed will be forcibly uprooted. 

    This brings us nicely to the Bundy Ranch! Ranchers and farmers, especially those in the West, are clearly counter-revolutionary by nature and history. They represent the old America. The Media Class and Leftists are well aware of this and foresee that such people with their guns, their religion and their roots in the land are standing in the way of the revolution. These ranchers and farmers are the Kulaks 1of America. Stalin dealt with the Soviet Union’s Kulaks by removing them. This however is where no two revolutionary situations are quite the same. Stalin did not have to deal with the uncontrolled Internet and Talk Radio. Furthermore, the Kulaks were unarmed and the ranchers have guns. There is a clandestine Federal policy being enacted all across the West to drive ranchers from the range. Predictably it is being concealed and aided by the MSM. Sometimes it is the Forestry Service that is being employed to advance the revolution and sometimes it is ecology and wildlife preservation that provides the camouflage. And sometimes, as in Nevada’s Clark County, it is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), asserting new ownership of the range, demanding rent, alleging cattle damage and citing the preservation of the desert tortoise. 

    In Clark County, Nevada, Cliven Bundy and his family offered a resistance based on their knowledge of history, the Constitution and precedent. Mr. Bundy made his resistance known to others in the neighboring Western States, and for the first time armed counter-revolutionary citizens came face-to-face with the militias of the revolutionary Federal Government. It is the Government that has the militias! For the Government regime led by Obama and Holder, April 2014 (a dangerous election year for the Media Class, its wholly-owned Democrat Party and Leftist allies) is not a convenient time for a small bloody suppression of opponents. Near-total control of the MSM was not enough to hide such an event, especially given that it had leaked into the Internet and Talk Radio. And so the Federal forces, almost certainly on orders from Washington, have withdrawn for the time being. No accommodation has been reached and the Bundy family remains under siege. Harry Reid, who is the Democrat Party Senator for Nevada, the leader of the Democrat majority in the Senate and, we can assume, in constant contact with Obama and Holder, has made public statements denouncing rancher Bundy and calling for his punishment. 

    The MSM, always on hand to ‘manage’ the news for the revolutionaries of Government, is busy obscuring the real issues in the Clark County conflict. Some Republicans re-hash the MSM propaganda. This conflict is not about unpaid rent, for the Federal Government has no right to demand rent. Neither is it about the desert tortoise or Reid’s links to Chinese solar companies. It is wholly about a revolutionary government campaign to surreptitiously drive ranchers and farmers from their land in order to weaken the forces of the counter-revolution. 

    It must be seen in the context of the other campaigns which include the disarmament of the people (led by billlionaire Bloomburg and now reinforced by ex-Supreme Court Justice Stevens), the move by the Californian legislature to debar from judgeships any lawyer who has ever supported the Boy Scouts of America, the IRS campaign against conservative organizations and the drive for ‘rights’ for illegal immigrants, the imposition of same-sex marriage and the purge of patriotic military leaders. 

    Obama and his advisors may calculate that Bundy should wait for his punishment until after November 2014. That would seem to be the most rational tactic. But revolutionaries are rarely patient and there is much evidence that many of today’s Media Class/Leftist revolutionaries are panting for victory and the total vanquishment of the hated Christians, conservatives and patriots. The men of violence who have been recruited for the revolution may be eager to have some action. Obama himself may feel sufficiently imperial to brook no resistance to his will, confident that the MSM will cover his tracks. Should the Federal Government’s forces move against Bundy, it is possible that the incremental revolution will suddenly become America’s second civil war. 

    On this website we have long described Hollywood, where Obama was selected over Hilary Clinton, as the center of Media Class degeneracy. This last week, tucked away in the small print of a few corners of the MSM, was news of a court case unfolding in Los Angeles. Michael Egan, once a child actor is accusing four Hollywood bigwigs of having sexually abused and corrupted him when he was a youth. He also alleges that they were participants in a larger ring of homosexual perverts. He has named Bryan Singer, David Neuman, Gary Goddard and Garth Ancier. The latter was an employee of the pervert-infested BBC. One of the defendants is an admitted corrupter of young boys but all may be innocent of Egan’s charges. Egan, who is now in his 30’s claims he is bringing the charges to protect future young boys who gravitate to Hollywood. He has waited a long time to make his charges. We can be sure that the MSM will not be interested in this case! 

    In the UK, a new book has revealed that Roy Jenkins, a one-time Socialist Home Secretary and who is famous for removing the old laws that restricted homosexuals and for implementing sexually-permissive laws, was himself bi-sexual. He ‘enjoyed’ a long and passionate sexual affair with Tony Crosland, another Socialist Cabinet Minister. The affair dated from their days at university and continued after marriage to a woman. We can now see why Jenkins was pushing permissive policies just as we can see why a Californian judge, whilst concealing his homosexual life-style, set aside the voters decision to ban same-sex marriage. More details are being revealed about Cyril Smith a prominent UK Liberal politician and friend of the scandal-ridden Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe. Smith, it seems was a frequent visitor to local authority children’s homes, where he allegedly took advantage of his position to sexually abuse deprived and troubled young boys. He too, is alleged to have been part of a ring of important people. Despite many complaints (numbering hundreds) about his activities and the willingness of local police to investigate, orders from above – presumably the Home Secretary (Jenkins?) – prevented action. As with Jimmy Saville, Smith went to his grave without punishment. In the UK there are now emerging many charges of sexual abuse of vulnerable youngsters by famous entertainers, BBC people and politicians of all the mainstream parties. Almost always the information only comes to light after all the perverts are dead. 

    Despite all this, politicians in the USA are demanding that the Boy Scouts open their ranks to perverts. In the light of the Jenkins revelations we should be looking closely at the private lives of any American politicians who promote such dangerous policies. 

    In Italy, the mainstream parties are celebrating the arrests and detentions of leaders and activists of Forza Nuova, a Nationalist, anti-immigration Party that was poised to make big advances in the forthcoming elections. The police activity was successful in preventing the Party submitting the necessary signatures to qualify its candidates. This suppression follows on from similar actions against the Golden Dawn Party in Greece and the BNP in the UK. The Western Media, so incensed by Russia’s actions against the pussy riot Feminazis, are silent. Putin should call world attention to the police states of Western Europe. 

    Finally, we offer this advice. If it is alright for homosexuals and Leftist to call moral people ‘bigots’, then it is appropriate that we should call them ‘perverts’ and their activities ‘abnormal’. 

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