Broad Right View of Trump’s 100 Days

Today, on the 100th day of his Presidency, Donald Trump is addressing a mass rally in central Pennsylvania, the heartland of White working class voters. How far the paid-for Far-Left Revolutionaries will succeed in efforts at disruption and violence remains to be seen at the time of writing, but the substance and symbolism of this rally should not be over-looked.

When was the last time a Republican President, newly-elected or otherwise, held a rally in a White working-class heartland? What other Republican also-ran would have even considered this? And no-one, not even in the disgusting Mainstream Media (MSM), is surprised that Trump marks his 100 days celebrating with industrial working-class people.

How could this be more different than a President Jeb Bush, or even a President Marco Rubio, celebration? The Republican elite may be privately shocked and even worried by this new alliance of the Right and White workers, but Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists should be over-joyed. Trump is continuing to re-shape America’s two political parties and their constituencies – and not before time!

On this website we find this single rally event cause to rejoice and re-invest confidence in Donald Trump’s instincts and the direction of his Presidency.

 Despite an unprecedented MSM onslaught and continual (Soros-funded) nationwide street occupation by screaming Far-Left mobs, Trump is marking his 100-day milestone with a provocative rally in what was, until last year, the Democrat Party’s back-yard.

 How different from the days when President George W Bush sneaked down to his isolated Texas ranch and hid for weeks on end! At the end of this first 100 days let us celebrate Trump’s energy, courage, fortitude and confidence.

On this website, we wish that Trump had concentrated his first 100 days with an onslaught on domestic enemies, but which honest critic can doubt that on the international stage he has more than held his own (and America’s) and decisively rolled back the Obama era of American surrender to everyone? Now all the world’s leaders pay attention – even to Trump tweets – to his warnings, and are kept wrong-footed as to his goals, strategies and tactics. Isn’t this what he promised?

Trump inherited a world made unnecessarily dangerous by a fore-runner in the White House who played too much golf, rejoiced in attacking America’s past, in sowing the seeds of defeatism, and who pursued the policies of a crypto-Muslim.

In two foreign arenas Trump has little alternative but to take dangerous and decisive steps. North Korea’s nuclear threat to America, and to allies we cannot desert, is real and imminent. In Afghanistan, America is deeply embroiled, and cannot afford to do a South Korea scuttle. Good luck to those two Donald!

Here at home, can anyone rebut our claim that he has halted the descent to totalitarianism and the completion of a Revolutionary new America? Obama’s steady stream of Executive Orders, designed to throttle opposition, have not only been stopped, but reversed. A Clinton victory would have sealed our fate in her first 100 days.

Yesterday President Trump addressed a gathering of the NRA and proclaimed that the attacks on gun rights were ended. Hooray!! The Supreme Court vacancy, created by the untimely death of a Constitutionalist judge, has been filled with another Constitutionalist. Hooray!

Meanwhile, AG Sessions has been energetic and resolute in restoring honesty to the DOJ. For those who moan that President Trump has allowed himself to be frustrated on immigration, we suggest a visit to the Numbers America website.

Border apprehensions are at a 17-year low despite and because of beefed-up Border patrol activity. Trump’s Executive Orders have increased Border Patrols and ICE agents. Extra immigration judges are being recruited to speed up deportations and Trump has halted visas for countries refusing to repatriate. Catch-and-release has been ended. More detention facilities are being built on the border, and Border Patrols have been given access to Federal lands. Trump has opened an office for the victims of immigrant crime. Hooray!

The mammoth task of winning the Counter-Revolution faces our man in the White House. The obstacles, developed over more than 8 years, are formidable, and the forces of the Revolution remains intact and hugely powerful. The chances of the Far-Left moving from street violence to insurrection are high, but miraculously Trump is still in the White House, large as life, undeterred, making inroads, and today identifying with those who are the once-forgotten backbone of America. Hooray!!!

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