Broad Right Must Unite Behind Trump

Regular website visitors will know that we use the term ‘Broad Right’ to promote a natural coalition of Nationalists, Conservatives and Bible-based Christians. A coalition demands some concessions be made by all participants, on the basis that there is strength in unity. There is much wisdom in the old saying ‘United We stand: Divided We Fall’. The modern totalitarian, Revolutionary Left has gained much ground by unity, and through its Mainstream Media strives, often successfully, to disunite the Broad Right.

Donald Trump’s past, which he has never hidden, reveals that he has not been a dedicated Nationalist, nor a cultural and financial Conservative and certainly not a model of practicing Christianity. This writer wishes The Donald had been a more complete practitioner of all three pillars of the Broad Right.

Nevertheless, he has earned the leadership of the Broad Right and most certainly earned the Presidency of the USA. He has many shortcomings but only God knows why he emerged from a life-time of crass New York materialism and raised the banner of a raw Nationalism. In so doing he also passed a lifeline to America’s Conservatives and Christians.

Trump, in 2016, entered the Republican Primaries and inadvertently fired up the forces of Counter-Revolution –  just when the Revolutionaries of the Media Class/Far Left Alliance were on the cusp of completing their task of transforming the USA beyond repair. When the outraged forces of the frustrated Revolution concentrated all their power on his personal destruction, Trump did what no Right-leaning leader has done in modern times, he refused to give an inch.

As we have noted before, Trump has put his life and that of his family in perpetual jeopardy, and risked financial disaster. He has, since the election, endured a sustained campaign of hatred, unmatched in America’s political history, and been intrepid and tireless. His election has halted the advance of the Revolution and he is, despite great obstacles, taking the Counter-Revolution forward.

 It is a mammoth task and it is vital that he maintains Counter-Revolutionary momentum. Every time his initiatives are frustrated by the Left, as with the temporary banning of Muslims, his – and the Broad Right’s –  enemies are encouraged. We cannot afford to be divided when faced with such powerful opposition. Unfortunately, the Right has, over decades of retreat, become used to division and failure, back-stabbing collaboration and self-indulgent ideological purity.

There is a time and place for internal criticisms and robust argument, but that time is not now, for the Counter-Revolutionary victory is young and extremely fragile. We know that Ryan and McConnell are not made for Counter-Revolution, but they cannot be ousted and they can cause great damage. Maybe Counter-Revolutionary advance after decades of retreat will give them some back-bone and Trump’s determination will rub off. For the time being let us have confidence in Trump’s leadership.

If Trump says that the health system reforms will be achieved in stages why not trust him? He is giving Ryan the benefit of the doubt, so why shouldn’t we? There are a few Republican Congressmen who will sell out whenever they get the chance to please the MSM, but let Trump work out how to deal with them at the right times. In the meantime let us march in unison, accepting the ‘less-than-perfect’ – and helping Trump maintain momentum.

European police forces continue to play politics with facts and collude with Ruling Class propaganda. On Thursday in a Dusseldorf (West Germany) rail station a 36 year old Muslim male, armed with an axe, suddenly attacked people on the station platform. Seven people including two policemen were wounded, three seriously, including a child. The attacker was from Kosovo, a Muslim state within the old Yugoslavia. He has been living in a town close to Dusseldorf.

Almost immediately, and clearly not even waiting for instructions from Angela Merkel, the police announced that the attacker was mentally ill and the crime was not inspired by terrorism. It was implied that Fatmir H had a history of schizophrenia, though we might wonder how the authorities knew this so quickly.

Several things are not right with this police story. Mr. Fatmir H, having wounded 7 people then made a good effort to escape. It is unusual for paranoid schizophrenics to seek escape after completion of a violent episode, for they are not rational.  Fatmir must have travelled with an axe, intent on the attack. Why no last name provided to the German public even though his medical history is known? Germans might wonder why a man suffering with paranoid schizophrenia was admitted to Germany from far-away Kosovo. Presumably Fatmir H is now detained in a high-security hospital and will not appear in Court.

 Germans might also question whether he has been receiving treatment prior to this attack and why he was not under supervision by Mental Health Services.

On this website we are sympathetic to schizophrenics, paranoid or not, for it is a terrible illness. But we are inclined to believe that Fatmir H was motivated by Islamic Imperialism, that he is another ‘lone wolf’, and that this is another terrorist attack being hidden from the German people by those who seek to swamp Europe with Muslims. In short, this is another official ‘cover-up’.

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