Britt McHenry Caught with Pants Down

What would we do if access to the Internet was, like the rest of the Media, restricted by our Ruling Class? Well, for a start we would not know that Britt McHenry assumes that belonging to the Media Class confers near-Royalty status.

For the benefit of non-American website visitors, Miss Britt McHenry is a 28 year old TV Sports Reporter for ESPN, based in Washington DC. She also fills in as an anchor, so she is a lady on the way up in the MSM. However, her career advancement experienced a blip yesterday (April 16th) when an alert citizen posted up one of her sporting interviews that was impromptu.

Ms. McHenry discovered that her car had been towed away in her absence. Presumably she had, like Hillary Clinton in Iowa, parked illegally. To start the process of regaining her car she was required to go to the towing company desk and pay a fine. As it happened there was a video camera above the desk and it was focused on ‘customers’. This was unfortunate for the normally cool blonde TV personality who quickly lost her cool and launched in to a long, cruel, very abusive tirade in which she mocked the attendants face, teeth and lowly status. The attendant neither said nor did anything to provoke McHenry.

It might be argued that McHenry has enjoyed a privileged career, sliding smoothly from University to Journalism School and then into TV. It is tempting to speculate that her good looks and blonde hair may have helped her career but we know that the Leftist MSM abhors sexism and demands both a level playing field and racial quotas to help disadvantaged overweight African American women get jobs as Sports reporters. Obviously, Ms. McHenry has at least overcome the disadvantages of minority status as a woman!

The high (or low) point of McHenry’s tirade is when she reminds the towing company attendant of the lowly status of her job and that in McHenry, she is dealing with a member of the TV Ruling Class. Well, she didn’t actually say ‘Ruling Class’ but she did put fear into the poor woman by telling her that she was a TV personality. It amounts to the same thing!

We can be absolutely sure that McHenry would not have survived Journalism School without being an enthusiastic Leftist. She must have signed up to the whole virtuous agenda of same-sex marriage, re-distribution of wealth, abortion for all, racial quotas, open borders and punishments for Hate Speech. The TV Sports world in which her career has flourished has long been purged of reactionaries and she has moved in circles where the daily conversations are uniformly liberal. We can assume that these same circles also nurture a culture in which all such virtues are for others to practice but the Ruling Class has cause to feel superior, is entitled to enjoy a privileged life, and entitled to deference from the lower orders.

McHenry did not expect her impromptu performance to surface on the Internet, where her celebrity was, for once, a liability. ESPN has suspended her for one week as punishment and she has gone through the usual ritual of issuing a statement expressing regret and viewing getting caught with her pants down as a ‘learning experience’. Never mind! Once Obama has placed the Internet firmly under control, the Ruling Media Class, its allies and chosen politicians will be spared such embarrassments.

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  1. Such a classless rag, another far-right conservative nutbag website spewing doom and gloom. Go take a vacation to Camp 22 in the far east and maybe you “holier than though” bastards will appreciate what Obama has done in 6 years. 6 years fighting to move America forwards and undoing the 8 tortuous years of W, who was driving America straight into a economic collapse. Why don’t you and your Southern Baptist followers play a game of.., hide and go F… yourselves. It’s 2015 f-holes.., not 1952.

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