British National Party to be Criminalized before Election

On this website we predicted more than two years ago that the BNP would be persecuted out of existence as soon as it became a threat to the Media Class and its many Leftist (and not so Leftist) allies. The Media news today in the UK is that the Government Quango that enforces ‘equal opportunities’ and ‘race relations’ (the Equality and Human Rights Commisssion) is demanding that the Party be bankrupted for failing to meet the Quango’s demands for non-discriminatory membership. It is an irony that Trevor Phillips, the Quango’s Government-appointed head, is an immigrant himself, having been born in the West Indies.

For non-UK visitors to this website, the background to this latest development is that the BNP (until now a Constitutional Party) has limited its membership to White and native Britons. Although Radical and Right do not support this membership ‘Whites Only’ policy, it is no more discriminatory than the many minority organizations that have been officially encouraged in the UK such as the ‘Black Police Officers Association’. To quote the old English saying ‘What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’. This seems to be relevant, for surely if racial minorities can form separate organizations to further their own interests then the increasingly minority natives should have the same right.

There are two outstanding reasons why this right is not to be granted to the native people however. One is that the multi-racial societies of Europe are now tinder-boxes, for the natives have become increasingly restless as they experience the ‘benefits’ of mass immigration, especially immigration from the Third World. The second reason is that the natives are beginning to perceive that a great plot is unfolding and that they are to be the losers. The natives only dimly perceive that plot, though if they visited this website regularly they would understand it in full. Long before that however, this website would suffer the same fate as that now threatening the BNP! For the truth is that throughout the Western World a revolution is heralding the rise to political and economic power of a new class – the Media Class. The agenda of that Class is to remake first Western Societies, and ultimately the World, in its own image. This revolution requires that the old traditional Christian culture be swept away and with it the traditional family, individual freedoms both social and economic and traditional morality.

The UK is now a multi-racial society that has deliberately been created without the consent of the native people and largely without them being aware of the end of the game-plan. As the number of Third World peoples imported has gained pace, so has the legislation designed to intimidate and stifle the native’s resistance to it. Government organizations, including the police and judiciary, have been purged throughout their ranks using the weapon of political correctness. Leadership committed to the New Order has been put in place. Non-elected bodies like the Equalities and Human Rights Commission have been appointed (known in the UK as Quangos). These at first were low-profile and marginal but are now taking center stage in initiating purges and prosecutions against nationalists and Christians. The result is that the native British people have rapidly lost their freedom as recent new laws tighten the noose. The majority of them, mesmerized by TV sports and Soaps, and often subsidized by public welfare, remain lethargic, but an increasing number have been attracted to the BNP and agitated by Muslim assertiveness. Police and judicial impartiality, areas where once the UK led the world, are now history. The Law has become arbitrary and a tool of persecution, largely ignoring Muslim and other minority violence, whilst crushing White protests and political expression. It has been hi-jacked in this way only because of the complicity of the Mainstream Media (MSM). Indeed the MSM has orchestrated the political correctness, concealed almost all of the deleterious effects of multi-racialism and conducted a vicious campaign of lies and persecution against any who have dared challenge the revolution. The British National Party has emerged as the only possible effective opposition to the annihilation of the native people’s identity and their traditional culture. The Party has an economic platform of national socialism (as distinct from Nazi-ism) which would certainly lead to Government control of the people and little economic freedom but at this time the Party is all that stands between the native British people and their annihilation. It is in this context that the Government’s legal and financial persecution (now unfolding) must be seen. It is a step-by-step process. First the Quango, blessed with unlimited tax-payer funding, brought the BNP to Court, where the Party was told that it must open its doors to citizens of all races and colors. This Ruling required the Party to cease recruiting immediately, a crushing blow to its finances but also halting its rapid membership expansion in the run-up to a General Election. The Court gave the Party a limited time to reconstitute itself as a multi-racial Party, presumably expecting the Party to either resist or collapse through internal division. At the same time the Party has been distracted from much of its campaigning and fund-raising just before an election. The Party planned a national convention in February when the leadership would put forward a re-organization that would comply with the law without allowing the Party to be swamped by enemies. Now, according to gleeful Media reports, Phillips has persuaded the Court to impose huge financial sanctions on the Party for not immediately accepting members of all races. The BNP leader, Nick Griffin, has declared that he is ready to go to prison rather than have the Party pay a fine. He believes that the Court will stick to its original time scale. We can only hope that he is correct but it is clear that the Media Class and its agents in the Government, the whole of the Leftist spectrum and the judiciary are anxious to cripple the BNP before this year’s General Election. American conservatives should note that the British Conservative Party and the British Christian Churches are just as enthusiastic as any Leftists to silence the free speech of Nationalists. Americans should also note that only two things stand between them and the British experience. They are the Constitution and the strength of traditional Christianity in the USA.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the MSM continues to call the prolonged Arctic weather a cold ‘snap’. I believe this euphemistic term was invented by the BBC, which is the UK’s Media Class propaganda equivalent of the NYT and CNN. The term is now widely used in the US, where even colder weather grips much of the Nation. Here in California’s tri-valley the weather is similar to the English Fens in winter. The same extreme cold is dominating the Northern Hemisphere, from India to China, yet the Media Class has no intention of abandoning the fraudulent Al Gore Global Warming Myth. What would it take to stop Obama’s Government from proceeding with the ‘cap-and-trade’ legislation? Perhaps a glacier threatening Washington might just do it! Certainly nothing prevents the American MSM from daily pumping out glowing reports on the economy and finding a dozen silver linings in every cloud. Similarly, Obama’s Health Bill and its effects on the popularity of his Party are skillfully under-reported.

No matter how crassly Obama handles every issue, the MSM reporting bails him out. It will continue to do so, for he is pleasing them in those things that the Media Class really considers important. His most recent appointment of ‘Amanda’ Simpson as Senior Technical Advisor at the Department of Commerce is a case in point. ‘Amanda’ was once a male test pilot before choosing to change his/her sexual identity. I would not wish to deny him/her a deserved job but there is no doubt that Obama has made this appointment to make a point. ‘Amanda’ herself has described it as having great symbolic importance. Many other Obama appointments are designed to undermine traditional ‘stereotyping’ and to please the very influential homosexual element in the ruling Media Class. There will always be those sad people who have problems of sexual identity and in private who can deny them some temporary sexual satisfaction. However any website visitor who does not know where Obama’s revolutionary policies are leading should quickly visit the zombie website that has a link on our opening page. Prepared to be more than shocked?

Some optimists are predicting that Republican Scott Brown will win the late Ted Kennedy’s Democrat seat in Massachusetts. I think not. Any electorate that would repeatedly elect the drink-sodden, misogynist and scandal-ridden Kennedy, time after time, is surely beyond redemption.

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