British National Party Strikes Back!

We believe that our website is unique in its constant assertion that the Media Class now sets the political and social agenda in the Western World and beyond. We rarely stray from that theme, for virtually every article, no matter what the presenting subject, ultimately demonstrates that from behind the scenes we can reveal the Media’s agenda at work. We make no apologies for our singular focus, for what can be more significant than revealing the revolutionary work of a powerful new ruling Class. We always hope that sooner or later, some influential politician or commentator from the Right, or some Christian leader, will stumble across us and cry Eureka! Recently, we were heartened when a BNP councillor told a Party meeting that the Media was the BNP’s main enemy. We know that BNP members do visit our site, though regrettably their leader is probably not amongst them.

This week the BNP website carried an article about Paul Horrocks and we believe it is an important one for several reasons. Horrocks is the Editor of the Manchester Evening News (MEN), one of the UK’s biggest evening papers. For the benefit of US visitors to our site I should mention that Manchester is a Socialist stronghold still and now also hosts a rapidly growing immigrant population. Indeed, Manchester has now been Balkanized like most old northern English, former-industrial cities and suffers accordingly from high crime rates, no-go areas and White Flight. Despite its burgeoning immigrant enrichment, Manchester has a large trapped native population that at election times has been increasingly deserting the old Parties for the BNP. The Manchester police, the Town Hall employees and the Establishment politicians have been doing their best to deny the BNP the legal right to campaign and in this they have been orchestrated by Paul Horrock’s newspaper. Horrocks, a typical Leftist, has used the MEN to denounce the BNP in his editorials and used the paper’s reports to spread lies and disinformation. He has also stifled all news that might be to the BNP’s advantage. There is nothing different about this from other UK newspapers and the Media in general, but Horrocks has been particularly incensed by the insolent intrusion of the BNP into his Media fiefdom of Greater Manchester. The Party’s recent modest electoral success has seemingly driven him to even greater lengths and in his columns he recently exhorted the Government to take action to suppress the BNP. It is ironic that a newspaper man would be demanding the suppression of free speech and democratic rights but those of us who understand the modern Media and its new ruling Class agenda, are not surprised. No doubt, all constituencies of the Media Class, from newspapers to Broadcasters to Entertainers to Advertizing and Fashion leaders are all panting for the BNP to be outlawed but most sense that this might be a bridge too far for the British public at this time. Indeed, the BNP might already be too big to simply ban. The Establishment politicians would like nothing more than to please Horrocks and his comrades but the UK is not yet a Banana Republic, though it will be in a very few years unless the BNP achieves a major breakthrough and stops mass immigration.

What is heartening to Radical and Right is that the BNP has posted up a little pen-picture of Horrocks on its widely-read website. It reveals how this outspoken advocate of Third World enrichment of the UK, and Manchester in particular, has chosen to live, not amongst the toiling masses from Africa and the Indian subcontinent, but in the ‘hideously-White’ village of Ainsworth high in the hills north of Bury. This energetic campaigner for Socialism lives in a million dollar home with select neighbors whilst exhorting the working Class native Mancunians to embrace multi-cultural diversity and to reject the BNP. It also reveals that Horrocks was not so long ago the director of Bury’s exclusive Greenmount Golf Club.

The BNP article implies that because Horrocks sits on a board with local Labour Party councillors, he must be taking his orders from them. As Mr. Radical points out, it is more likely that these worthies will be taking their orders from Horrocks for this individual is enormously powerful compared to them. Other than this one reservation about the BNP article, we salute the BNP for turning a spotlight on this Media member of the ruling Class. It is the practise of such Media people to turn the spotlight on others, often as a form of punishment and to reveal hypocritical shortcomings. Many constituencies of the Media Class, especially Entertainers and celebrities, bask in publicity, indeed it is their oxygen, but those Media Class people who craft the political agenda generally prefer to operate in the shadows. They like their Class colleagues to know about their power and to be deferential but they are more politically effective if the masses are unaware of their role. Horrocks will not be pleased to find some unflattering details of his life on the BNP website and you can bet that the phone line is hot between him and the Westminster politicians as he demands that ‘something be done’ to silence the BNP. Dragging this hypocrite, this champagne Socialist, out into the daylight, is the best thing the BNP can do and it should now do much more. Let us see more pictures of Horrocks and know more about his work amongst the poor immigrants down below in Manchester’s grim streets. What salary does he draw and how much of it goes to immigrant welfare causes? How many Yardies and troubled minority youth enjoy the hospitality at his home or the golf club?

The BNP has hit upon a great new technique for striking back at the Media Class and it is as applicable in the US as in the UK. Let these low-profile manipulators of news be dragged out into the open where they can be afforded the same publicity that they bestow on their conservative, Christian and Nationalist victims.

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