British National Party Leadership Election

After a fratricidal election contest for the post of BNP Party Chairman, the result declared last week was a virtual draw. The current Chairman, Nick Griffin, received 1157 votes and his opponent (his sole colleague Member of the European Parliament, Andrew Brons) received 1148 votes. Assuming that the election was scrupulously fair, a majority of 9 votes seems to me to be as wafer-thin as it is possible to get. Griffin has hailed the result as an endorsement of his leadership and confirmation for him to set the Party’s policies for the next four years. He is either a desperate man or demented.

On this website we take no pleasure in attacking Griffin. His Party – pathetically small, Socialistic and divided as it is – is nevertheless the only UK political organization dedicated to the protection of the native British people. Griffin, whatever his personal faults, is a courageous man. But the election campaign between the two candidates and their supporters was poisonous. I can think of no political party, other than those on the Far, Far Left, where two supposed comrades, accused each other and their respective supporters of such dishonest crimes and personal failings. The right to vote was limited to only the hard-core activists so we must assume that the Party’s core membership is now equally divided between two totally hostile camps. For Griffin to pretend that the election has resolved a power struggle and to call for all to put differences behind them and work together, has to be tongue-in-cheek. To make a truce even less believable, Griffin in the same post-election statement, uttered veiled threats of retribution to his rival and their followers.

Griffin, if he was an effective and unifying leader; willing to rise above the fray, and truly interested in healing the wounds of the election contest, would have thoughtfully reviewed the election campaign and acknowledged it’s poisonous and wholly divisive nature, admitted his own part in it, held out a meaningful olive branch and clarified the policy differences between the rivals and their followers. Instead, we observers still have no idea what the fundamental policy differences were and are. Alternatively, Griffin could have stripped down the policy differences to basics and argued that a Party led by himself and shorn of the Brons half, would stand for certain principles that are not negotiable.

Brons, for his part has also failed to clear away the fog of confusion. We are left to assume that this election was a very personal fight, less about policies that matter and more about personal power. Each man, I conclude would rather be the biggest fish in a shrinking pond. It is very sad and reminiscent of the Trotskyite factions around the world, which continually split, using minor policy differences as a vehicle for personal ambition.

I have been getting emails from a new Nationalist group (calling itself “Britain First”) and I recognize names of its activists as former BNP activists who at various times mysteriously vanished from the Party’s website. The new group claims to have learned from the BNP experience (though the BNP is not mentioned by name) and is eager to establish a movement free of internal disputes.

Unfortunately, it has now proclaimed that it will not be a Party, already conceding that it is impossible to defeat the established UK political establishment. Instead it promises to select single issues around which to mount local campaigns. This, it claims will free Nationalism from its seedy and racist past and disarm Media opponents – to which I add “Fat Chance!” Fortunately, it is never possible to predict the future and sometimes “cometh the moment, cometh the man!” Let us hope that very soon a mature and wise National leader, with no roots in racism, some charisma and an ability to understand the power of the Media Class, will emerge and bind all true Nationalists together.

The death in London of Amy Winehouse, a young 27 year old pop warbler, dominated the Mainstream media (MSM) ‘news’ headlines for several days last week. I don’t think the death of Frank Sinatra generated as much noise and wailing, and he was a real singer with a lifetime of artistic achievement. The MSM tells us that Miss Winehouse died of an overdose of drugs and that it may have been an accidental overdose or maybe not. Much Entertainment and Social Media comment focused on the age ’27’ being significant, since several other warblers and strummers have died from drugs at this tender age. Winehouse the child of Russian-Jewish parents who divorced when she was 9, was said to be an unhappy, tortured soul, bursting with still-to-be-realized talent and who was on a self-destructive path of drink, drugs and violence. Much the same could be said for most of the contemporary Show-Biz crowd, including the Hollywood set, many of the London Theater ‘luvvies’, edgy artists with the brush, the Fashionistas and the spotty teenagers (aged from 15 to 70) of the Rock, Folk and Soul world. Have I left any modern cultural group out?

I never heard Winehouse sing and maybe I have missed a genuine talent, someone with a real adult voice, a repertoire of adult songs and someone disinterested in lacing her music with shock and vulgarity. If so, her death is regrettable, for there is precious little talent in the pop world. Winehouse has been described as jazz-influenced but I doubt that anyone under 40 in the UK has any knowledge of jazz. Good voice or not, I will wager that poor Amy’s fame had more to do with her infantile and shocking behavior than with her musical output. The MSM is only interested in promoting those entertainers who will further degrade the people.

Since starting this article, the result of a local council election in the UK has appeared on the BNP website. It is not good news for Griffin or the British people. The BNP and the English Democrat candidates combined received fewer votes than the pathetic Green Party. Worse still, less than 24% bothered to vote. The result was Tory 1108; Labour 668; Ind 230; LibDem 177; Green 100; UKIP 70, BNP 61; Christian Party 45, English Democrats 29.There are three ways of looking at this. One is that the Nationalists are failing to focus on the issues that matter for many Brits. The second is that the British people are beyond hope. The third is that the Media Class is highly effective in tainting its enemies. Maybe it is all three but this website believes that the third explanation is the important one and until Nationalists, Christians and conservatives recognize their real enemy, the dreadful Media Class-inspired Cultural Revolution will continue to unfold.

The NATO bombing of the Libyan Government and its people continues in a Media ‘matter-of-fact’ way. As far as the US MSM is concerned this unprovoked little war requires little comment and no investigation. At a time when the US is borrowing horrendous amounts of money to stay afloat, this ineffectual but expensive escapade is OK with the Ruling Class because it is an Obama initiative. Where are Cindy Sheahan and the Peace People? Where is the Media concern for innocent victims of bombing in Tripoli? When Bush was President, military involvement in the Middle East was a ‘war crime’ that the MSM screamed about every day. Obama committed the US to this cowardly bombing campaign in a casual moment between golf jaunts and fund raising for 2012. It is clear, even to those of us who have to watch from a great distance, that Obama has little interest in the important things that should weigh heavily on a President’s shoulders. All his statements on crucial things for the Nation are simply ‘flippant’. Self-important, wholly superficial, point-scoring, dishonest, devious, and ignorant, the man in the White House is both a disaster for the US and an embarrassment. The Libyan ‘war’ ought to be an albatross around the joint necks of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron, for Ghadafi is still controlling most of Libya, but the MSM in all countries complicit in this genuine war crime approves of the intervention and so there is no expressed outrage. If Cindy Sheahan is marching in the US, we are unaware for the MSM is ignoring her. The lesson of this is that most so-called political outrage is Media manufactured.

The MSM continues to label the Norwegian killer Breitvik an ‘extreme Christian’. The best refutation of this propagandistic calumny has come from Bill O’Reilly who repeats what we wrote on this website which is that Breitvik had absolutely no connection with any Church – not even a spell in the choir! Meanwhile, as terrorist after terrorist in the US is unmasked, the word ‘Muslim’ seems to be unknown to the MSM scribblers.

Here in Middle California we are enjoying warm but temperate weather. No Global Warming here! I see though that Charles Monnett, the scientist who provided the MSM with tales of polar bears drowning on melting icebergs, and who had an impeccable claim to public trust as a Federal Wildlife biologist with the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, has been suspended for dishonest science. That polar bear stuff was just propaganda yet the MSM has made sure that most of the world believes it to be true, just as most of the world now believes that Breitvik was a Christian. The MSM has the power to plant a blatant lie and only on the Internet is there a place for refutation.

California’s power-crazy Leftist politicians are preparing to pass laws that will restrict the size of new houses. In time the next move will be to tell people that their homes are too big for their needs and that they must vacate them for the benefit of more needy illegal Third World immigrants. Such sharing will of course never apply to Leftist politicians, Hollywood Stars and Media people. Political control over where we live and in what sized accommodation is not just a California idea but one dear to busy-body Leftists everywhere. I read that in sleepy Devon, a UK LibDem politician is demanding that the local council penalize with extra taxes, anyone owning a second (known in the UK as a ‘holiday home’) house. His statement included the phrase that such people were too lucky. This is the Leftist view of a little wealth accumulation. People who work hard, sell a service that others want or need, save and invest are designated ‘lucky’ and deserve to be relieved of their savings. Vermont’s Leftist Senator Bernie Saunders wrote this weekend in the WSJ that the ‘rich’ should be paying even more taxes. He is not really referring to the truly rich like Soros, Buffet and Gill, for these billionaires bankroll all the Leftist causes and never pay tax. He is referring to those same people who have saved enough to own a second home.

Most tellingly, to make his point that the deserving workers in society are paying taxes whilst the ‘rich’ get away with it, he cited nurses, policemen and firefighters. Now I know that these are all useful people but it is surely interesting that a Leftist only considers public employees to be worth mentioning. He might have cited plumbers, carpenters, taxi-drivers, shop workers and truck drivers for all are equally as necessary to our daily lives but Leftists always secretly nurse contempt for those in the private sector. Somehow, to the Leftist, private-sector workers and small business owners are lesser people and not part of that rosy future when Socialism reigns.

Music Choice – In the very early 1950’s a young singer from Oregon suddenly hit the jackpot. Johnny Ray had been around in clubs for some time singing and playing piano. His repertoire of old torch songs and originals with a jazzy treatment did not win fame until he recorded a ballad written by a factory worker called Kohlman. Ray injected enormous emotion into the song and the songwriter was initially not pleased. The latter no doubt changed his mind when the song and Ray shot to the top of the charts in the USA and UK. The song was called ‘Cry’ and it was rather a good song with decent lyrics – especially judged by modern standards. Ray, who was an unstable alcoholic, began crying during his performances of this song and it all helped propel him to temporary fame. He recorded many more times, including with other top singers of his era, but his slide down was first gradual and then rapid. His drink problem grew worse and his fortunes took a big tumble when he was arrested in Chicago importuning a man. The newspapers quickly revealed his homosexuality – a big disappointment to many of his female fans. Ray had had an unfortunate and unhappy childhood and was further handicapped by an injury which left him partially deaf. I have read that his manager seduced and corrupted him but in any case he was surely already effeminate, for when I first heard ‘Cry’ I thought the singer was a woman. Ray recorded some good songs with the Buddy Cole Quartet, a very accomplished and swinging group of jazz musicians. Cole was also the pianist on many Nat King Cole recordings, though no relation to the famous singer and pianist. Ray had occasional problems with pitch due to his hearing problem but with hindsight we can see that he was an important singer in the evolution of popular singing, paving the way for Rock and Roll. Ray’s voice and style were both distinctive and wholly original and although he was quickly forgotten in the USA, he retained a loyal following in the northern industrial cities of the UK. I think Ray’s success was partly due to the authenticity of the emotion he invested in his performances. Enjoy his big hit ‘Cry’ and be reminded that self-destruction has always been an element in entertainers.

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