British General Election – The UK Sliding Into Totalitarianism

One morning, my son who lives in Nottingham, came out to his car which was parked on the road overnight, and found that all four wheels had been stolen. In his street, which was close to an immigrant neighborhood, the old working-class houses have no front yards and no garages, so all who have cars park them on the road at all times. My son, a hard-working and honest young man, was enraged and immediately phoned the police. The police never came, despite repeated phone calls over several days. He was told to make a report to the local police station but that nothing could be done in such circumstances and that the police were too busy to make a home visit for something so commonplace and with so little chance of tracing the thieves. This is not an unusual experience of police responses in the UK. Indeed it is commonplace in all big and medium-sized cities. There is a cynical joke that regularly circulates and it goes as follows.

‘A man phones the police to report that a criminal with a knife is breaking into his house. The police respondent tells him to lock himself into the bathroom for safety as no police are available to respond. The burglar makes off with the TV set and some cash. Five minutes later, the man phones again and tells the police that he has a burglar who is Black and he has pinned him to the floor. Two police cars arrive in three minutes. “Where is the man you have assaulted?” asks the policeman, “I thought you said you had a Black man held prisoner!” “I thought you said you were too busy to call”, replies the man. There is an American version of the same story.

This is probably not a true story but there is every reason to believe that it sums up many crime victims’ experiences in the UK. I was reminded of this story when I read this weekend (just days prior to Britain’s General Election) that 74 year old Roy Newman, a retired Tory councilor in Rotherham, Yorkshire, received a visit from two policemen within 90 minutes of sticking up a home-made election poster in his bedroom window. The poster which sparked an urgent visit by two policemen read “Get This Lot Out”. If this was not bad enough, the letters were painted in Red, White and Blue on a White background!!

Apparently a neighbor of Mr. Newman had just complained to the police that the poster was offensive as it might be considered ‘racist’. This suspicion of ‘racism’ was enough to justify a flying police visit and Mr. Newman was lucky that there were not more policemen called and armed with guns. Mr. Newman protested that his political message was not referring to immigrants and that he was certainly not a ‘racist’. He was threatened with arrest and only escaped removal to a police station to face fingerprinting, detention and charges, when he agreed to change the colors in his poster. It seems that though the ambiguously worded message was considered dangerous and offensive to minorities, the Nation’s patriotic colors were even more so, for they are frequently used by the BNP. Clearly, this was an example of both the Authorities’ fear of the BNP and also their determination to persecute and intimidate the Party and its members at every opportunity. As it happens, poor Mr. Newman had no connection with the BNP, and he was thus able to escape an even more intimidating experience.

From the sidelines here in the US where our invaluable Constitution still protects our free speech from Leftists, I would like to think that if I had been Mr. Newman, I would have refused to take down my poster and would not have offered the police any explanation about its contents. “You arrest me!” I like to think I would have said, “And I will defend my free speech and liberty in Court and I will have your names and make sure that every citizen of this town knows them!” Of course it is all a bit different when you live in a developing police state and the Leftist Courts have no hesitation in both taking away your liberty and bankrupting you if you have anything to confiscate. Perhaps I would have lost my nerve and groveled, protesting that I welcomed ever more diversity to my country, lived in terror of global warming and watched ‘Gay’ parades every weekend.

I am outraged by what happened to Mr. Newman and at what is happening every day to Christians and BNP activists all across the UK, for I grew up in a Great Britain, that for all its faults and petty snobberies, was once the World’s home of free speech. Not any longer, however, and sadly the young generations, brainwashed in school and incessantly by the Media, are not alarmed, for they know nothing different. In the same way, they are not alarmed when the British countryside is bulldozed to make way for ever more houses for immigrants, nor are they alarmed when perverts cavort obscenely in street ‘carnivals’ or pretend to become man and wife..

There are several issues here and they ought to be at the center of Thursday’s election though sadly they will not figure at all, for the Media Class intends them to be suppressed. These issues are; So what if the poster offended someone or many? Tough! Let those offended go and stick posters in their own windows. So what if Mr. Newman had been a member of the BNP! So what if the poster’s message had been to the effect that immigrants and foreigners should go back to their original countries! Unkind and inhospitable remarks, yes, but any opinion that does not advocate violence should be lawful in a free society. Why shouldn’t native people use their National colors and flags at any time? Why do the police not only respond to such baseless reports, but with speed and enthusiasm too? When they saw the poster why did they not just drive away? Why was Mr. Newman questioned about the intent of his message? What business was it of theirs? What disgusting new law was he offending and which scoundrels in Parliament voted for it? How have the British got to the stage where neighbor can inform on and denounce neighbor for expressing an opinion? The answer is of course that the UK is sliding into a soft totalitarianism of Leftism and it is being advanced by the new Media Class which seeks to prepare the ground for its unpopular and revolutionary agenda.

Mr. Newman’s experience, reported on the BNP website and in the Daily Mail, will not lead to more citizen challenges to the State’s oppression, rather it will add to the intimidation already widespread in the ranks of the native people. This oppression has already taken its toll on the BNP in this election campaign.

The MSM has carried out an onslaught on the Party, full of lies and misrepresentation without ever allowing a rebuttal. Thousands upon thousands of BNP leaflets have gone missing at Royal Mail Offices, this brazen political sabotage greeted by Mail officials with a shrug of the shoulders. BNP activists and leaders have been physically attacked, and when the attacks are caught on camera, the Crown Prosecution Service explains inaction on a lack of evidence! A government Quango, staffed by immigrants and armed with special powers, has landed and kept the Party in Court with legal costs, fines and bans on membership, and all this without a murmur of protest from the other Parties or an honest mention in the MSM. The silence of the other Parties at this perversion of the legal system can only indicate their combined approval and collusion. Thus we see Cameron, Brown and Clegg, together with the ragbag of Greens, UKIP and Welsh and Scottish ‘Nationalists’, for what they are – members of one gutless gang that is willing to sell their country for Media Class approval and a snout in the pig’s trough. This outgoing Parliament is surely the most greedy and corrupt in British history and has presided over the increasing obliteration of the Nation’s people and culture. It has also presided over the people’s loss of free speech and freedom, but this is inevitable for it is impossible to destroy a people without first filling the news with lies and persecuting those who perceive what is happening. On Thursday the British people will vote and the likelihood is that no Party will have enough seats to rule unaided. After much unseemly haggling, two of the three main Parties will announce a compact to govern. In reality nothing will have changed unless the BNP achieves enough of a breakthrough to awaken the people, in which case we can expect to see even more draconian measures to criminalize the Party. Mr. Newman might then get another police visit and find he is being rounded up for detention without trial along with all those who have ever been associated with the colors Red, White and Blue.

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