Bring On The Clowns!

The outrage emanating from the Left and the African American tribe because a rodeo clown put on an Obama mask and poked fun at the liar in the White House, is either manufactured or indicative of an uncomfortable truth – or both.   I am certain that much of the outrage is being manufactured by Media Class Leftists as part of an ongoing campaign to stifle all criticism of Obama. He is their man, he is energetically and un-Constitutionally promoting their agenda and he must not be distracted from his program of social and economic revolution. Any criticism has to be characterized as Racism and the massive and spontaneous applause from the rodeo audience will have frightened his sponsors and supporters. They realize that evidence of his unpopularity amongst plebeians must not be allowed to reach a wider audience. Ridicule, in particular, is dangerous for a would-be autocrat. 

    There is another side to the outrage and I think it is that an African American mask which only slightly exaggerates his African features, makes both White Leftists and many African Americans uncomfortable, and I refer back to the guilty thoughts of a Leftist to which I drew attention in a previous article. I suspect that many African Americans do not like their appearance, hence the hair straightening by Black women and the preoccupation of quite a lot of Black men with White women. This is understandable, for African Americans inhabit a world where the vast majority of the population looks decidedly different and where fashionable beauty is perceived as White. They would not have such a problem in Africa and White Liberals, after a few weeks in the Congo would not find Black skin and frizzy hair to be shocking. Anyway, the preoccupation with racism over the clown incident is all on the White Left and among African Americans, for how else to explain such a controversy over a clown in a rodeo poking fun at an authority figure. We all know that if this clown had donned a Bush mask, Leftists and African Americans would have been rolling in the aisles. 

    At the start of this article I referred to the ‘African American tribe’. There are two tribes in the USA and the other is the Jews. Both tribes march in lockstep with the Left and nothing will change their political affiliation, for the roots of it are emotional and reach back into the past. For most African Americans it runs deeper than Christianity and for most Jews it runs deeper than Judaism. How else can we explain why they vote for Leftist candidates who promote abortion, sodomy and same-sex marriage? Fortunately there are some brave and principled African Americans who break ranks and campaign for real marriage and life for babies and there are Jews like Mark Levin who break ranks and expertly dissect Presidents and Leftist politicians. 

    Anyway, I see that a rodeo organization in Texas is offering the Missouri clown a job. Bring on the clowns! 

    Oprah Winfrey has been revealed as a teller of porky pies. Whilst on a TV chat show promoting a movie with which she has financial connections, she was predictably offered an opportunity to add to the campaign against racial profiling. On this website we consider racial profiling, indeed any profiling, as logical and only invalid when taken to extremes. Blacks in America commit most of the violent crime and young Blacks on the streets of big cities are quite likely to be dangerous, especially to Whites and Asians. Police and ordinary citizens are behaving rationally when racially profiling – as was George Zimmerman in his gated community. 

    Oprah – reputed to be the richest woman in the Media and among the richest in the world – claimed that whilst in Switzerland for a celebrity wedding she was profiled by a shop assistant over the purchase of a purse (handbag in UK language). She implied that this was a matter of race for the assistant must have considered that Oprah, being Black, could not be rich enough to buy a purse priced at $38,000. She offered this tale as evidence of the universal nature of the racial profiling of Black people and how even she – a celebrity of great wealth – suffered its trials and tribulations. 

    The Swiss store has been identified and the assistant and owner are not apologizing (more guts than the rodeo organizers of Missouri), indeed they accuse Oprah of manufacturing the incident. Oprah appears to be in retreat and I suspect has been caught out lying. Of course, we could take the typical Leftist stance and say that it matters not that the incident did not take place, for a greater truth is gained from the tale. After all, to Leftists facts do not matter when a Leftist cause can be advanced. 

    For me, the scandal here is that Oprah was considering buying a $38,000 purse, and in a foreign country. Why not buy the purse in the USA and benefit American workers? Better still, why not make do with one of the many expensive purses already hanging in the great Oprah closet, and contribute the $38,000 to some inner city Black charity? I am sure Oprah gives to Black charities, but clearly she could afford to give much more! This goes for all the other rich Media Class hypocrites who strike Leftist poses about the poor but live like Kings and Queens.

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