Breitbart and Fluke

On this website we maintain that the people of America (and much of the Western World) are living through a revolution brought about by the rise to power of a new Ruling Class. We also maintain that the new Rulers – an amorphous body of News, Entertainment, Fashion, Advertizing and pro-Sports leaders and employees which we call the Media Class – have installed their man in the White House and now control their own political party – The Democrat Party – wholly committed to feverishly and ruthlessly promoting their revolutionary agenda. Unfortunately, because the Media Class has a near monopoly in News and Opinion, it is able to exercise its power from behind the scenes and conceal the revolutionary nature of its agenda. It benefits hugely from having Americans believe that current politics are a continuation of past politics; that the political conflicts of today are simply ‘politics as normal’. In this way are the American people and the political opponents of the new Ruling Class, confused and reassured, fragmented and lulled into passivity. We maintain that the new Rulers are revolutionaries and those who oppose them or might unwittingly obstruct the revolution, are unavoidably counter-revolutionaries. Revolutionaries, believing that History and Progress are on their side, (and invariably anticipating personal gain in the Brave New World) are not only aware that they are aggressively carrying out a revolution but are pitiless towards opponents. After all the opponents (counter-revolutionaries) are obstructing progress and so at best are historically obsolete and at worst willfully reactionary and hateful. Generally, counter-revolutionaries comprehend the deadly nature of the struggle only when it is too late. This website is a counter-revolutionary website and unlike all others, we are aware of the deadly nature of the struggle.

I suppose it is inevitable that when living in the midst of a revolution that few participants understand, those who see the complete picture feel overwhelmed. There is simply too much to bring to the attention of the confused victims and on this website we struggle to do justice to the task. This week has once again produced overwhelming evidence of the power of the Ruling Class and the progress of its revolution. On this website we cannot do justice to the evidence of the revolution’s advance.

Andrew Breitbart, who died suddenly on March 1st, was a counter-revolutionary. We are not sure how well he recognized this fact but he became a real fighter against our hidden Rulers. This made him a target of the Mainstream Media as well as a target of the Media Class’ powerful allies. What made him so effective was that he had an insight into the Hollywood world (a core constituency of the Media Class) and knew how to intrude into the Ruler’s near monopoly of the Media via the Internet. When Breitbart had a story that helped the counter-revolutionary cause, he was able to lure the Mainstream Media (MSM) into plucking it from its isolation on the Internet and propelling it into the wider world of the MSM. He did this both with his unmasking of Obama’s ‘Acorn’ comrades and of the world of reverse racial discrimination that now flourishes unreported and un-criticized. What made Brietbart such an effective counter-revolutionary was that once he had launched an attack he refused to countenance any retreat. Neither charges of racism from the MSM and their Leftist allies, nor their false accusations that he was factually wrong, led to him retreating an inch. There is an important lesson here for Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

Most recently he very publicly claimed that he had video tapes that would be catastrophic for Obama and his comrades and that he would release them on March 1st. That he should die suddenly on that date, and aged only 43 and seemingly in good health, must be cause for alarm amongst counter-revolutionaries. Breitbart was not an obscure activist on the margins. Unlike the writers of this website, he commanded a large audience and must have been high on the lists of enemies that are undoubtedly kept by this President and his lawless comrades, by the hugely wealthy and powerful supporters of revolution who lurk beneath the radar and by the groups of Leftist fanatics and deviants who pant for the suppression of all opposition. On this website we rarely subscribe to conspiracy theories but we are tempted to add Breitbart’s sudden death to the ‘Obama birth facts’ conspiracy, as another event that smacks of the descent into lawlessness that accompanies a revolution.

Sandra Fluke is a 30 year old 3rd year student at Georgetown University’s Law School. This University is a Jesuit College and as such has not been including free contraception in its medical insurance plans for students and staff. It costs about $60,000 a year to attend this College but Fluke has some kind of scholarship. Fluke is prominent in College circles because she is a past President of a college organization called the “Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice”. The title of this ‘activist’ organization is enough to tell us that she promotes herself as a Feminist, rights-demanding, angry, agitator in search of Leftist causes and Media attention.

The battle which Obama and his Media Class sponsors have picked with the Catholic Church over ‘free’ contraception for women has given Ms. Fluke (yes, this really is her name!) the opportunity for fame that she has been grooming herself for at least these last three years. This week, the brazen hard-faced revolutionary Nancy Pelosi, brought the brazen revolutionary Ms. Fluke to address the House of Representatives before the cameras on the subject of free contraception for women everywhere but especially for those who get their medical insurance from this Jesuit College. The brazen Ms. Fluke, brazenly revealed that it costs her some $3,000 per year to ensure that her brazen sexual exploits do not lead to pregnancy. She claimed to know a fellow student who was humiliated to find, when asking at the College pharmacy for a supply of contraceptive pills, she had to pay for them herself. This simple fact of personal financial responsibility for an anticipated pleasure is, according to the brazen Ms Fluke, a supremely humiliating experience that faces most female students at Georgetown. As a consequence they outrageously become victims of “financial, emotional and medical burdens”.

I have used the word ‘brazen’ several times. I cannot think of a better word, for it means ‘shameless’ and ‘impudent’. Rush Limbaugh is alleged to have referred to her as a ‘slut’. The word ‘slut’ originally referred to a dirty, slovenly woman and Ms. Fluke may be well-scrubbed, but it later became slang for a woman who is sexually promiscuous. I did not hear Limbaugh make this remark and so do not know the context but the MSM and their massed Leftist allies in Academia and the Democrat Party are now moving in on him for the kill. Apparently, the word ‘slut’ is now being defined as hugely offensive to her and the women she claims to represent, this despite its use by Feminists in very recent times as a badge of honor.

It is a measure of the advance of the Media Class moral revolution that the word ‘slut’ in relation to the very sexually active Ms. Fluke is now being cast as unwarranted. After all, she has chosen to reveal her own sexual activities to the Nation, or at least so it seems. I suppose it is possible that her love life is a fantasy of wishful thinking but as I have not seen a photo of her I cannot say. Perhaps men line up at her bedroom door. If Ms. Fluke is short of funds and unable to afford the bulk packs of contraceptives that she needs to safeguard her sex-life we can assume that the men have condoms in hand and hampers of groceries.

In pre-revolutionary times (i.e. some two or three decades ago) Ms. Fluke would have been well-advised to keep her sex life wholly private. Her family would have been greatly embarrassed by her brazen revelations and she would have been regarded by most other women as a ‘slut’. Some young men would have been drawn to her bedroom door like moths to a flame but older wiser parents would have warned against gonorrhea, syphilis, and body lice (crabs). Today, much worse diseases await the promiscuous, yet Ms. Fluke is being hailed as a courageous role-model. Not only the brazen Nancy Pelosi holds her in high regard but the President of the USA, Barack Obama, has swiftly and publicly congratulated her on her heroism, her courage and has gone on record that not only should her parents be proud of her but the President of the USA is proud of her.

The seemingly sexually available Ms. Fluke was always headed for a plum job in either the public sector, a big-name Leftist law firm, an internship with a Democrat Congressman or one of the many Soros-funded ‘Human Rights’ organizations in Washington but now she can look forward to even bigger things (no pun intended). Bill Clinton is surely on the next plane to Washington. We can be sure it was not a fluke that Nancy Pelosi discovered Ms. Fluke. Ms. Fluke has obviously found time – seemingly in between begging for condoms at Planned Parenthood and keeping bedroom appointments – to move in the highest Democrat circles.

Many ‘old-fashioned’ parents and citizens will be disapproving of Ms. Flukes morals – or lack of them – but on this website we reserve the word ‘brazen’ for her and Pelosi not because of their approach to sexual morality but because (1) they have the nerve to present non-payment for contraception by taxpayers and insurance contributors as a scandal, as an attack on women, as an attack on Human Rights and as a financial hardship. It takes some nerve to do so even if one believes it all to be true. (2) Pelosi and the 30 year-old law student Fluke are not lacking in intelligence. They must be aware of all the flaws in the case that was presented on this national stage and cannot for one moment believe what they are saying. Ms. Fluke could surely afford a packet of condoms and could also demand her sexual partners bring their own. We are led to believe that years of taxpayer-funded programs in our public schools to teach children “safe sex practices” such as using condoms, have passed over the intelligent Ms. Fluke’s head. They, above all women, must know that Planned Parenthood, awash with taxpayer money, provides all this free.

The explanation for this brazenness is that these two ambitious women and opportunist moral revolutionaries know that the MSM will fastidiously ignore the facts and orchestrate their attack on religious freedom. They also sense that their contribution to the re-definition of morality is furthering the agenda of a new Ruling Class. Only on this website will you find the proper explanation for such breathtakingly brazen behavior.

In our last article I mistakenly wrote that singer and moral campaigner Anita Bryant had died. In fact it was her one-time husband who died. A visit to Wikipedia revealed just how much Bryant and her husband suffered professionally as a result of their stand against the homosexual agenda. Her experience only serves to support what we consistently claim on this website.

Music Choice – Popular music since the rise of the Media Class is characterized not only by banality but by misery, childishness, anger, self-indulgence and ugliness. A few years ago, browsing through the CD’s at a Latino music store, an album “The Mambo Kings” caught my eye. Sub-titled “Home of the Mambo” I think it was connected to a film about Cuban music. The names of the artists included Machito (who played with Charlie Parker), the great Tito Puente (Puerto Rican) Celia Cruz, Joe Cuba, Tito Rodriguez and Sonora Matancera.

If you are sick of the miserable and ugly garbage that passes for popular music now, get this album and get an earful of music that is hugely and cunningly rhythmic, played by a variety of instruments (no ubiquitous guitar) and above all, full of happiness.

It is still cold here in California but we have had a little rain. Inflation continues to dominate the gas pumps and grocery aisles. I paid almost $5 for a 45 oz tub of Country Crock spread (margarine for Anglos). Not long ago this cost around $3. The packets of corn flakes get smaller as the price increases. The public, fuelled by Obama’s Media-amplified attacks on business, will blame the Oil Companies, the bankers, the farmers and manufacturers but the real villain is Obama himself who is pumping worthless money into the economy. Not surprisingly, the stock market is climbing and a few jobs are being created on the back of this temporary injection of spending power. The Media connives for its aim is his re-election in November. After that, the chickens will come home to roost.

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