Brat Beats Cantor!

Today, the Media Class and its Mainstream Media, along with all those politicians of both Parties who either serve, or live in fear of, the MSM, are scrambling to wrest a victory from this defeat.   Yesterday Dave Brat – who is a college economics professor – defeated Rep. Eric Cantor, in a Republican primary in a district of Virginia that is staunchly Republican. Cantor, who is the second-ranking House Republican and in line to become House Leader, polled 28,898 Republican votes to Brat’s 36,110. Mr. Brat, who enjoyed an 11% margin of victory, will now be the official Republican candidate for this House District in November. Cantor, unless he organizes a write-in, is out of the race. The MSM speedily has attached the words ‘Tea Party’ to Brat. For the benefit of our British website visitors, the ‘Tea Party’ is not a political party at all but a groundswell of ordinary conservatives that emerged after the 2008 election of Leftist radical Barack Obama, and his subsequent imposition of Obamacare on the Nation. The ‘Tea Party’ name refers to the Boston Tea Party that led to the War of Independence and the foundation of a truly free Republic. I have attended – as an observer – two Tea Party rallies and can confirm that it is simply a grass-roots movement, mostly organized on the Internet. Those who attend its rallies and become activists within the Republican Party hope to emulate the early Americans by restoring small government generally and putting the Federal government back in the pen that the Constitution erected. Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party, with the connivance of the MSM, has broken their Federal Government machinery out of that pen, and taken America down the path of arbitrary lawmaking. The ‘Tea Party’ is a network of mostly minimally-coordinated conservatives who operate at a local level to replace those Republican legislators who seem all too willing to succumb to Obama’s revolutionary agenda and the MSM’s power. 

    The ‘Tea Party’ activists (henceforth I will call them by their more accurate description ‘conservatives’) hold views that were main-stream in both Parties. That is until the Media Class began purging the Democrat Party and Unions, politicizing the Federal Judiciary and, through the MSM, corrupting the Nation’s morals. As we have constantly pointed out on this website, conservatives have yet to understand the source of the revolutionary force that is changing America before their eyes but they are increasingly recognizing their own desperate plight and that the Republican establishment is capitulating to the revolutionaries. Apart from conservative Talk Radio and the Internet, they have no avenues to restore the America they knew except by rising up at the local level of politics and replacing those Republican politicians who are too timid, too opportunist or morally corrupted, to man the counter-revolutionary barricades in the Nation’s legislatures. 

    Since the core members of the new revolutionary Ruling Class are phenomenally rich, exert the awesome weapon of the MSM and now also enjoy the exercise of unrestrained government power, the rank-and-file conservatives of the Tea Party movement are veritable Davids fighting Goliath. Contesting elections requires much money in a country that is large and heavily populated and consequently the Tea Party conservatives have been concentrating their slim financial resources in those places where they have the best chances of unseating Republican faint-hearts. In the current primary election cycle they have had some successes and some failures-the failures are not surprising given that Big Business has been giving to those Republicans who are collaborators with the revolution. Also, since the rise of grass-roots conservative militancy in 2008, the MSM has been busy and mostly successful, painting the ordinary citizens of the ‘Tea Party’ as extremists, racists, bigots and xenophobes. Despite this, the conservatives have had enough successes to terrify the Republican collaborators (aka RINO’s) and unsettle the Ruling Class. 

    Yesterday, Dave Brat, who the MSM and Republican establishment has labeled (as a smear) a ‘Tea Party’ candidate, revitalized the grass-roots. Because his victory seemed so unlikely, he had received almost no money from the grass-roots and had a mere $200,000 for his campaign. Few prominent ‘Tea Party’ conservatives had endorsed him. Cantor spent over $5m on his campaign and had the enthusiastic support of the Republican Party establishment. So what accounts for Brat’s astounding victory? 

    Undoubtedly, Brat’s focus on Cantor’s support for more immigration was the single most important factor. Cantor has been one of the Republican ringleaders of the plan to open America’s doors to the Third World. This plan, misleadingly and dishonestly presented as immigration ‘reform’, is really a stepping stone to amnesty for all illegal immigrants and the end of resistance to the racial and cultural transformation of America by unending Third World invasion. We can assume that many Republican voters realized this and were further alienated by the news that Obama has marshaled some 50,000 Latino children and youths with the intention of conferring citizenship on them by executive order. 

    However Mr. Brat also stands for all the once-mainstream values including turning the clock back to Constitutional government and the restoration of Christian morality. His views on SSM are not being mentioned but it is likely that Cantor is already on board for ‘marriage equality’ or can be expected to evolve and cave when required. 

    The first reaction of a stunned MSM is that their longed-for immigration ‘reform’ has been put on the Congressional Republican back-burner in the face of Republican rank-and-file hostility. On this website we will be overjoyed if this is so, but the success of the SSM bandwagon is proof that grass-roots hostility matters little when the Ruling Class has a priority. The forces of the revolution will quickly regroup and redouble efforts to force through the reform that will advance the agenda of ‘browning’ America. Our revolutionary rulers are no longer patient. Within the Republican leadership we predict not a reconsideration of the people’s wishes, but a rage that Mr. Brat’s election has thwarted their scheme to covertly collude with Obama and his revolution. It will force them to reveal the extent of their collaboration. Eric Cantor is Jewish and has strong ties to Wall Street. It is often pointed out by the Far Right that Jews as well as Leftists are intent on erasing the European identity and ‘browning’ the Western World. Not by any means are all Jews committed to this suicidal ideology or to the search for cheap labor for Big Business but we can predict that the WSJ will be infuriated by Cantor’s defeat. It will predict doom for the Republican Party unless Mr. Brat is repudiated and its editors and the Wall Street bankers may encourage Cantor to do whatever is necessary in November to ensure a Brat defeat. If Eric Cantor does not whole heartedly support Mr. Brat’s November campaign we can assume that his loyalty is not to the Party or his constituents and lies elsewhere. We are about to find out if Eric Cantor is a true patriot who holds an honest but mistaken view on immigration. 

    Does the Pope read our website? Does Dennis Prager take a peek? We ask this because on June 10th in National Review, Prager (an excellent columnist) has an article entitled “The Pope is right about pets. Yes, they’re replacing children in the West”. We have been pointing this out for a long time and attributed it mainly to the Media Class agenda and to the Leftist desire to destroy the family. 

    Robert Reilly is unknown to Radical and Right but clearly he is a very courageous man. He has just written a book called “Making Gay Okay”, which has been published by the Catholic Ignatius Press. Apparently Mr. Reilly explains the steps by which a tiny minority of sodomites has imposed its agenda on America and the West. Unless Mr. Reilly understands the central place of perverts and libertines in the Media Class he will not be able to explain their success. This book, like the excellently researched Stanford Evans book on Joe McCarthy, will not be mentioned in any MSM outlet and more disturbingly is being avoided by almost all so-called conservative websites. When we have obtained the book we will review on this website. 

    In our previous article we forecast that the MSM would proceed to re-invent the Bergdahl scandal. Now we are asked to believe that the exchange decision was made, not by Obama, but by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and that Bergdahl himself, although physically fit, needs to be emotionally nurtured in seclusion. It is claimed that he is not yet willing to talk to his parents. We think that with the collusion of the Army medical hierarchy he is being kept under wraps because the facts of his desertion and subsequent 5 years with the Taliban would not support the Obama narrative. Either time is being bought in the plan to move public attention on to other issues or Bergdahl is being rehearsed to play the appropriate part. Why would he not speak to his parents on the phone? Well, perhaps he has but if that was known the world would wonder why he cannot speak to the Media. 

    Weather – After 3 days of extreme heat, middle California is back to normal June temperatures. The UK has been promised a short respite from the incessant wet and cloudy weather that is a feature of British summers.

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