Bradley Manning – Traitor Who Did Tell and Wasn’t Asked?

On this website we consistently claim that we are being governed by a new Ruling Class and are in the grips of a revolution, since a new Ruling Class always brings with it a determination to remake society in its own image. Our new Ruling Class is the Media Class and it is dedicated to remaking the USA so that it reflects the morals of Hollywood and Show Business and the economic order of the Leftists of Journalism. The new moral order on their revolutionary agenda includes normalizing homosexuality and detaching all sexual behavior from Christianity. The economic order our new Rulers seek to impose is a State Socialist one that will control and pacify the masses. There is no conflict between the agendas of the two major components of our new Ruling Class and since we are defining a Ruling CLASS and not a cabal, the members are not a small conspiratorial group that issues directives but a broad group more or less blindly pursuing its Class interests.

Nothing else could more adequately explain our Government’s (and indeed many other Western Governments’) and our Media’s pre-occupation with the pursuit of the homosexual agenda. No matter what great threats face the USA and the Western World, the ‘normalization’ and promotion of homosexuality sits atop the list of priorities. A desperate and bloody war may be claiming the lives of our brave young soldiers in Afghanistan and bleeding our treasury; in Iraq we remain exposed to a significant cost in lives and money; across the world and right here at home we live hostage to the daily threat of a deadly terrorism that dwarfs all previous terrorist threats; in South Korea our military forces may be catapulted into a major nuclear conflict at any moment; in our backyard of South America movements hostile to the USA relentlessly gain ground; on our southern border our neighbor State is disintegrating into criminal anarchy; our long border with that State is posted with ‘Welcome’ signs; the birthrate of our native people falls alarmingly whilst Third World (and mostly illegal) immigrants multiply; In Iran a Government controlled by Medieval madmen and inspired by hatred of the American people acquires nuclear weapons; the US and Western economies are engulfed in horrendously growing debt; millions are without the prospect of work; a hostile China owns much of our debt and prospers, across the world a violent Islamic Imperialism grows ever more confident; and what is the main issue for our politicians and their jobsworths in the Pentagon? It is opening the US military to cross-dressers and legitimizing sodomy in the soldiers’ showers, barracks and bunkers. Despite a policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that gives a nod and wink to homosexuals and lesbians whilst deterring the flagrant perverted sexual behavior that characterizes the modern homosexual movement, the Pentagon, our President, our Legislators and the whole of our Media are demanding that this be the priority. The issue never goes away for one day.

I have no doubt that homosexual activists are salivating at the prospect of infesting the Armed Forces – just as they have long infested the bathhouses of San Francisco. National defense, public safety and all the things that concern rational people are of little interest to men who are driven to unprotected anal sex and the risk of AIDS in order to get an extra thrill. But behind (no pun intended) the immediate reward of new sexual playgrounds there is the greater reward of advancing to a society where expressing reservations about sodomy and other perversions, will constitute a Hate Crime. The definition of Hate Crimes is the ultimate goal of all of the Media Class for it is the key to silencing all moral and political opposition.

The Media and Government are making much of the Wikipedia leaks of State secrets and of the man who heads the website that is the engine of publicity. We should not be surprised that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is keeping our attention away from the ‘leaker’. Bradley Manning, the low level intelligence soldier who stole enormous amounts of secret information is now in military custody. He is a homosexual and according to the real news reports that make it to the Internet, he never concealed his homosexuality and the emotional instability that invariably accompanies those who become addicted to sexual perversion. We can speculate that Manning had ‘friends’ in the military, for one of the strengths (and dangers for the rest of us) of homosexuality is the secret network of protection that develops around it. Manning’s motives for endangering the Nation’s security, betraying his Nation and ending his career are said to be his resentment of DADT and a tiff with a male ‘lover’. Manning would have been aware of DADT before joining the Army so we can dismiss this motive though much will be made of it for propaganda purposes when he is tried. We are left with a homosexual ‘lovers tiff’ as the motive for an enormous act of treason! In a sane world i.e. one not ruled by a dysfunctional Media Class, Manning’s actions would not only result in a thorough investigation into his career, and then his speedy execution, but also the end of attempts to open the military door to homosexual activists.

Nothing that appears in the MSM can be believed without checking other sources, for the MSM is first and foremost composed of propaganda in pursuit of the Media Class agenda. Some of the constant Media dishonesty takes the form of omission. Our new Ruling Class is intent on imposing both sexual and racial diversity on the West. The motives for the latter include the destruction of any White racial cohesiveness that might remain and be an obstacle to the revolution and also to more easily advance the Balkanization of the Western Nation States. Another motive is to demoralize the White and Asian people who continue to rise to the top of the economic pile and remain independent of the State. The successful imposition of this dangerous experiment in diversity requires the concealment of its failures and so ‘race’ can only be mentioned in dispatches under certain conditions, just as sexual identity can only be mentioned in selected circumstances (hence the omission of Manning’s homosexuality in Media reports of his alleged treason). Our new Rulers have narrowly defined racism with regard to racial groups but broadly defined it in terms of what might constitute racism. Thus only White people can be racist (a narrow definition) but almost anything they do or say or have done and said in the past is racist (an infinitely broad definition). All this is surely beyond dispute, for such is the domination of the Media Class that it openly lays down helpful guidelines to its Media entities.

I was reminded of this last week when I read Internet reports of the trial of six young men in New London, Connecticut for the casual street murder of another young man. There is nothing much unusual about this crime, for such crimes are common in those cities where diversity has enriched life for the ordinary people. On reading the Internet I discovered that this crime was even more typical in that the perpetrators were all Black and they beat the victim to death with baseball bats. Just as typical, the victim (Matthew Chew aged 25 and on his way home from work) looked White though he might have been part Japanese.

The perpetrators told the judge they committed this brutal and casual murder because they were bored. The MSM largely ignored this crime and when doing so failed to mention the race of both the perpetrators and the victim. Again, nothing unusual about that, nor in the fact that the Media omitted ‘race’ in reports, nor in the failure of prosecutors to class this a Hate Crime. If the victim had been Black and the perpetrators White, the MSM would have made this front page news for weeks, we would have been endlessly reminded that racism is still common amongst White people and the crime would have been prosecuted as a Hate Crime. All this is surely beyond dispute. The only thing disputed is that the whole Media is engaged in propaganda because it is our new Ruling Class and pursuing its revolutionary agenda.

I saw a report on the Internet that Dr. Alan Hubbard, a reader at Aberystwyth University Center for Glaciology in Wales was forecasting that Wales will experience a long period of Arctic conditions so that its climate will be similar to that of Iceland and Southern Greenland. Glaciers may form in Welsh valleys around Mount Snowdon – according to this ‘expert’ – and Europe can expect current icy conditions to be around for a long time. Dr. Hubbard blamed the southern drift of the Gulf Stream and not Global Warming. I am not sure how this fits into the UN narrative of Global Warming but I am sure UN ‘experts’ will reassure us that it has to get colder before it gets warmer and warmer. The immediate flaw I see in all this is that the colder winters are also occurring in North America and at the other end of the Globe. Is there anything abnormal about abnormal weather? As for rising sea levels, my climate field worker in vulnerable Starcross, Devon was out this week doing her tests and she reports that the village is still above water at high tide!!!

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