Boy Scouts’ Pants Will Come Down

The Boy Scouts of America, staying true to their beliefs, to morality and to plain common sense, have been under increasing attack from homosexual activists, Leftists and the homosexual-controlled Main Stream Media.   As we have long pointed out on this website, the homosexual movement, which flourishes at the core of the Ruling Media Class, is extremely well-funded, for homosexuals are anything but a poor and persecuted minority. Minority they certainly are, but through Media Class power, the homosexual movement can and is intimidating all opposition. Now that Obama has publicly thrown the weight of his lawless Government behind (no pun intended) them, the homosexual activists are now in a position to pick off the few remaining hold-outs. 

    Amidst much Main Stream Media (MSM) jubilation, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is about to surrender, thanks to the tireless work of two financially powerful Board members, Jim Turley, an Ernst and Young CEO and Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T. Ernst and Young has long been a contributor to homosexual causes and we have to speculate that their interest in the Boy Scouts has been motivated by an intention to change its policy on homosexuality. Like AT&T, E and Y are in the business where Government has been busy over the last few years investigating and legislating. The Accountancy business lost several big companies following the economy crash and it was revealed that many senior partners had not only looked the other way at bad accounting but had grown rich very quickly. In the Hi-Tec/cable field, companies are constantly fearful that Government will tilt the playing field in favor of a competitor. Throughout Big Business today, companies attempt to gain Government and MSM favors by financial contributions to Democrats and an active support of homosexual causes. 

    A Ruling Class is always powerful, and none more than the new Rulers of the USA, who control the MSM, conceal real news, twist the news and make news. It may be that Turley and Stephenson genuinely and illogically believe that the advancement of homosexuality will benefit young boys and society in general. Perhaps they have family members who are actively homosexual, perhaps they have indulged in perverted sex themselves or perhaps they have some other skeleton in a cupboard and fear MSM revelations – we shall never know, just as we will never know anything about Obama’s college history. These days we only know what the Media Class Rulers deem appropriate. 

    The Homosexual Movement could have set up its own Boy Scouts. It is wealthy enough to do practically anything, for it has many billionaires in its ranks. All those liberal parents across America could have enrolled their sons into the safe-keeping of ‘gay’ scoutmasters, where they could have mixed with young homosexuals; sat around camp (no pun intended!) fires and blossomed in a bigotry-free and inclusive environment. Who knows, perhaps the ‘gay’ scouts would (with MSM support) have eclipsed the old, reactionary, bigoted BSA, but I doubt it, for all caring and worldly parents of young boys would have seen the dangers. 

    In any case, the Homosexual Movement and the new Ruling Class has little interest in scouting and every interest in destroying all opposition to the normalization of perversion and eliminating traditional ideas of gender. The Boy Scouts, which only six months ago (and one Presidential election!) decided after a long investigation to keep the BSA free of homosexual infiltration, has now decided to place the onus of decision-making on local groups. This decision amounts to surrender, for local groups which resist homosexual infiltration will be singled out for attack by the MSM, will be deprived of local venues and will be taken to Court by well-funded activists. If that is not enough, Eric Holder’s Injustice Department will purge the hold-outs. 

    The WSJ, like all MSM outlets was jubilant about the surrender. Two thirds of a page was allocated to the topic on 29th January with two large pictures of ‘gay’ scouts who were clearly pleased. One of the photos was of a uniformed ‘gay’ Eagle Scout, Zach Wahls accompanied by three ‘gay’ supporters, carrying boxes of petitions. We are told in the article by Geoffrey A Fowler (a WSJ regular on homosexual issues!!) and Ana Campoy (no, I did not make up either name!) that 1 million signatures were obtained on-line demanding a change of policy by the BSA. I would have voted for retention of the policy, but like millions of others I had no chance to vote. If 10 million votes were collected for retention, Radical and Right can safely predict that the MSM would tuck that news away in a corner and there would be no celebratory pictures in the WSJ. Among the many companies who have fallen into line on non-discrimination are Intel and Merck. 

    Homosexuals will welcome the opportunity to openly infest an organization of young, impressionable boys. The BSA has long had trouble keeping out perverts and just this week a man is alleging that he was corrupted by a scoutmaster over a long period of time. Like all organizations for boys and male teenagers, the BSA is like a honey-pot for perverts. When I was a boy and a member of the Cubs, my parents were constantly asking me about our cub-master, for it was common knowledge that perverts were patient and persuasive and infiltrated boys’ organizations. Luckily I was in the Salvation Army cubs and our leader was a married man with kids and he brought them all on every camp. Of course, the Salvation Army will be the next target of the activists, Big Business and this lawless Government of Obama. Finally and not too long into the future, all Christian Churches will be told that they must end ‘bigotry’ and become inclusive, or face confiscation of property, Justice Department legal proceedings and imprisonment for resisters. Remember, you first read it here on this website! 

    New visitors to this website might wonder why we write so frequently about the homosexual agenda. I know I would, if I had no previous knowledge about America’s new Ruling Class and its composition. Well, reader, your curiosity needs to be re-focused and you should ask this question! Why, given that America is $16 trillion in debt and the debt is growing by the hour; employment is probably 10% or more, hundreds of Christians around the world are being murdered by Islamic Imperialists every day; mentally ill homeless people are freezing to death on the streets of America; Iran is developing nuclear weapons and dedicated to annihilating Israel, North Korea has the bomb, our inner-city Black populations are descending into violent, predatory mobs; our borders are open to all the world except the law-abiding; cancer continues to defy a cure and reaps the deaths of young and old and those between – do I need to continue? – yet homosexual advancement (pleasing only the most wealthy segment of our population) continues to pre-occupy Government, Media and Big Business. 

    Whilst on the subject of sodomy, Ricky Lee Fowler (there’s that name again!) was convicted in San Bernardino last week of a horrific murder. Fowler, aged 31, was described as a “sadistic felon who raped, robbed and tortured people throughout his (short) life”. When convicted for this murder he was also convicted of sodomizing a prison inmate. The jury recommended the death sentence for him, but as California is governed by a Leftist moron, Fowler will not get his just deserts. On this website we never celebrate the death sentence, mindful that probably all children are born with great possibilities and that rotten parenting and other unfortunate experiences create rotten adults. Fowler was said to have suffered a horrific childhood as his parents were drug addicts and he was MOLESTED by a neighbor. We should remember that as we ponder the fact that molesters will now have an invitation into the BSA. 

    I read this last week that ‘New Republic’ is owned by a rich homosexual activist, Chris Hughes. I thought you might not know this when getting news and opinions from it. Free Republic, which allows no mention of this website, is nevertheless, the most informative news source in the USA. On its website I read last week about one of the most horrific murder cases not covered by the MSM. The MSM is only interested in slanting the case to smear Texas’ capital punishment laws. Kimberley McCarthy, aged 51, whose employment was ‘nursing home therapist’ had been sentenced to death for the 1997 stabbing, beating and robbery of her neighbor, 71 year old Dorothy Booth. McCarthy had been indicted for two other murders of frail people, one using a hammer and one a meat tenderizer, but as she was convicted of Booth’s killing, the other murders were not taken to trial. On Booth she used a butcher’s knife and candelabra. 

    McCarthy would have been the 13th woman to be executed since the death penalty was reintroduced in 1976. She would have been the 4th in Texas. Her appeal against death is based on the composition of the jury as only one member was not White. Reports say that McCarthy left plenty of DNA at the scenes of her crimes, so there is no doubt about her guilt. Her reprieve is until April 3rd. McCarthy is a former wife of Aaron Michaels, the founder of the New Black Panther Party. Will White guilt and Media power deny Dorothy Booth and two other White victims their justice? Perhaps McCarthy is the sister Obama never had! 

    Police Chiefs in some big cities in the USA today are like their counterparts in the UK, ready to be primarily motivated by Leftist politics. In Left-dominated San Diego, California, the ambitious William Lansdowne has gone on public record as saying “if lawmakers play it right Americans can be completely disarmed within a generation”. No doubt Lansdowne relishes a disarmed population while he and his (politically purged) men strut around with guns, imposing Obama’s executive orders. Lansdowne craftily did not include the words ‘law-abiding’ in front of the word ‘Americans’. The feral mobs of the inner cities will of course still have their guns and the law-abiding will be, (like the UK’s law-abiding citizens), at their mercy as well as at the mercy of the new Ruling Class as it remakes America. Our Rulers and their Class comrades will of course be guarded by armed guards and living in gated communities or on large ranches in those areas of great natural beauty whilst the rest of us live in apartment blocks close to public transport and having our energy and food use monitored.. 

    A UK website visitor sent us a picture of Muslims wearing T-shirts with pictures of 9/11 on the front. These were celebratory pictures. Seemingly in Cameron’s UK no-one who counts is offended. Do not assume however that if you went to the UK in a T-shirt with a picture that criticized Muslims or homosexuals, you would be welcomed. Before any Muslim or homosexual could register offence, Cameron’s police would have you locked up and in solitary confinement. Furthermore, the MSM would not mention your incarceration. 

    Recommended reading – Daniel Henninger’s Opinion article in the WSJ on 31st January this year. It is entitled “Obama’s Thunderdome Strategy”. Henninger may not realize it but he is describing a revolution in America’s politics. 

    It has just been reported that Lee Rodgers has died after a heart operation. Lee was a great Talk Radio conservative on SF’s KSFO until his resignation which was probably prompted by ill health. 

    Weather – Here in central California it is sunny by day and frosty by night. We could do with more rain but none is forecast for the next 10 days. In the UK, winter is proceeding normally (i.e wet and chilly). I read that it is now official – though not mentioned by the MSM and Al Gore – that global warming has not been happening for some time. Those who followed our advice and believed their own lying eyes have been vindicated. 

    Music Choice – Jazz, as played by bands, began in New Orleans. Brass and reed musical instruments were plentiful in that city as the Confederate bands disbanded there after the Civil War. The relative freedom accorded African Americans in the French/Latin Quarter and the Mardi Gras parades resulted in the formation of many marching bands that owed as much to jazz and African folk music as to Souza. In the period before the First World War jazz in NO was the music of clubs, bars, parades and funerals and by the early 1920’s New Orleans jazz had swept America. In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s many NO musicians, including Louis Armstrong and King Oliver moved North as did many African Americans but some stayed in the Crescent City and continued to play for dances and parades. 

    In the early 1940’s some White jazz enthusiasts in the North East were moved to look for the roots of the music that by then was being overtaken by Swing and other forms of popular music. Bill Russell and a few enthusiasts travelled down to NO to track down the trumpet player who Louis Armstrong claimed had taught him to play. The man was Bunk Johnson who was born in the 1880’s. They found Bunk driving a truck on a rice plantation. He could not play as he had lost his teeth. 

    Russell and the others bought him a new set of teeth and a trumpet and were eager to hear his tales of early jazz. Bunk was ready to play again and so the enthusiasts set about finding him some musicians who could play the old way. Luckily, they turned up clarinetist George Lewis and trombonist Jim Robinson who both still played for local dances at night but worked at menial jobs in the day. With great difficulty they found a place to record and with primitive recording equipment (by later standards) they began recording Bunk’s band by 1942. The music they captured on tape proved to be more than merely historically interesting and eventually found many listeners and imitators in Europe, Japan and Australia. Bunk, who was older than the others, moved on to New York and soon passed away, leaving behind many recordings with himself as a soloist. His style and technical limitations however best suited the traditional NO ensemble format. 

    Lewis, who was no mean clarinet player, continued to play with his NO compatriots and found a world-wide audience. I heard him three times in the UK and he was amazing. A humble, modest man, he let his music speak for him. I consider him to be a key figure in jazz and along with Charlie Parker one of the best of the Blues players. 

    New Orleans, June 11, 1942 – the resurrected Bunk Johnson band recorded 9 tunes. I recommend Moose March, one of the tunes that bands played during Mardi Gras. This is Folk Music of the highest quality and Lewis was already signaling that he was about to become an inspiration for jazz lovers around the world.

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