BNP Versus the Rest

On this website since it’s inception we have paid repeated attention to the British National Party, so much so that some visitors have speculated as to whether we were the BNP in disguise. A thorough read of our articles would surely reveal that we are not aligned with any political party of the Right, either in the UK or USA. We have many very significant disagreements with the BNP over economics issues, race, ecological issues and British foreign policy and I am sure the Party would never mention us on it’s website. Visitors from outside the UK may wonder therefore why Radical and Right are returning yet again to this small party that foreign news Media outlets treat as a fringe, extremist sect and which even British news media avoid mentioning except to vilify it.

Two decades ago I forecast that Islam would become a major force again in the political world and four years ago I was forecasting that the BNP would become a major force in British political life. Before readers think I am claiming clairvoyant powers, I had better add that I did not foresee that Islam would become a destructive major political and ideological force. Rather I saw it becoming a bulwark against the creeping dissolute agenda of the Western Media Class. So, I was both right and wrong! I also thought the BNP would make the big breakthrough in British politics in 2004 and I was wrong again, as it made only a small impact.

However, I have no doubt that the BNP will become a major Party at the next elections – that is unless the other British parties manage to proscribe it. The rapid evolution of Muslim Imperialism in both Europe and the UK has impacted both the BNP and the British public. It seems to me that there have been subtle but significant changes in BNP racial policy as a consequence of it concentrating its focus on to the dangers of Islam. It is ironic that past BNP antipathy to immigrants, unique as it was amongst the UK parties, allowed it to publicly attack Islamic Imperialism and to warn the British public of its dangers. In doing so it went ‘where angels fear to tread’. Terrorist attacks and aggressive uncompromising Muslim assertiveness in all areas of British life have shown the BNP to be prescient. In this context, the BBC-orchestrated Government prosecutions of the BNP leaders at Leeds could not have been more badly timed. The BNP and the British people have been slowly coming together in the last two years and the Leeds trial has accelerated this process greatly. The BNP has (it seems to me) been retreating from its all-out rejection of current legal immigrants and from its past anti-Semitism. How far this is due to a shift in Nick Griffin’s thinking and how much it reflects the recruitment to its ranks of ordinary mainstream voters is hard to say. Maybe Griffin has been trying to move the Party in a new direction without losing his original ideological followers. If so, he is succeeding and maybe we will eventually see the emergence of more sensible economic policies and a burying of the Party’s 1940’s Socialism and Corporatism.

There is nothing wrong or sinister in a political party evolving as it grows. The enemies of the BNP constantly harp on Griffin’s views when he first came to prominence in the Nationalist Movement in the 1980’s. Curiously, the same Media people and politicians overlook the Stalinist backgrounds and utterances of prominent Labour Party and BBC luminaries. I expect Griffin regrets some of the foolish things he said and believed about the Holocaust, and I doubt he holds such views now.

On this website we believe the BNP should be judged on its current well-publicized policies and on the kind of people who now make up its membership. In judging the Party and its format we also think account should be taken of the enormous Media, Government and Leftist-inspired persecution that it has to survive each day. The Party leaders and its members have emerged as the heroes of free speech, of resistance to British cultural destruction and of resistance to the totalitarianism of the EU. Their steadfastness deserves to be rewarded, for they have literally kept the flag flying for the British people and their heritage. No other party can claim to have done so. The BNP has also shown that it is not afraid of the Media Class, even if it fails to recognize the Media Class as the string pullers of the other parties.

The threats made by Brown and Falconer in the aftermath of the Leeds trial should not be taken lightly. At the same time, a read through blogs on the Internet reveal that a great many thinking people are outraged by the arrogance and boldness of the mainstream politicians in threatening to remake the laws in order to silence the BNP. Most bloggers however, seem to think that only the Labour Party stands to lose out to the BNP. It is our view on this website that all of the main parties equally fear the BNP and so do their masters in the Media. There will be little opposition from the broad Establishment to more restrictive laws gagging free speech and perhaps the proscription of the BNP before the next elections.

As we see it, the next election is shaping up to be a contest between the BNP and the rest, something the Media Class will not want for obvious reasons. Such a radical redrawing of the British political landscape would set back the Media’s social and political agenda just as it is about to be fully implemented. The BNP is still publicly treated as a marginal fringe party by the Media, but that is not how the Media Class and its Leftist supporters actually see it. They know the BNP is a party with huge potential support and that it is on the brink of a dramatic electoral breakthrough. They will resort to extreme measures if they can in order to destroy it and we will continue to write about the Party as the major new force in British politics.

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