BNP Takes On Labour Party

This website congratulates the British National Party and its candidate Marlene Guest, on its ward election result in Rotherham West last Thursday. The media will ignore the result unless it can find a way to totally denigrate it, but the significance of the voting will not be lost on the ‘main’ Parties, or the Media Class and its Leftist street thugs, or the nation’s police chiefs, or the voters of Rotherham.

In case readers have missed the result on a BBC website (!!), it was as follows; Labour 1024, BNP 606, Independent 538, Conservative 146.

The BNP has never contested this ward before and is a recently-arrived presence in the Rotherham Parliamentary constituency. For the benefit of US readers, Rotherham is an industrial town in south Yorkshire, and one that is experiencing the benefits of mass immigration from the Third World. It now has many Muslim residents and one can safely assume that none of them voted BNP. Rotherham, like most of south Yorkshire, has traditionally been a Labour Party stronghold, but as with all Labour strongholds, the Conservative Party has always enjoyed a significant working class following and in recent times the Liberal Democrat Party (the Media Class favorite) has made inroads into the support for the Blair Party.

It would be easy to pretend that a ward by-election in a provincial town has no national significance, but any election that has a BNP presence is different and there is always much going on below the surface. For a start, the Media Class has to walk a tightrope in its reporting prior to the voting. This entails maximizing the local opposition to the BNP whilst at the same time concealing the BNP presence from a wider audience, for the Media’s main strategy for defeating this Party is to deprive it of publicity. The ostracism of the Party by the Media is occasionally punctuated with a sensational, manufactured horror story designed to make the blood of ordinary mortals creep if not curdle.

Within the confines of the contested area, the local Media takes the gloves off and abandons any pretence of objective reporting, imploring the voters to vote for anyone except the BNP’s candidate. Just to make sure that the electoral playing field has a steep camber, Leftist thugs are imported in to a ward to distribute lurid leaflets attacking the BNP candidate. These people, who bear a close resemblance to the kind of people who parade in ‘peace’ demos in San Francisco, are financed by Trade Unions and perhaps by George Soros, too. What they do is actually illegal during a UK election campaign, but electoral law is never applied to anyone who works to defeat the BNP.

Since BNP activists and candidates also get persecuted out of employment and are increasingly harassed by the police, it can be seen that the Party’s presence in an election is considered to be significant in many quarters despite the low profile in the national Media.

In Rotherham West this week, the BNP coming second with 26% of the votes is highly significant. The Labour candidate did not do badly, but it is relevant that the Liberal Democrat Party did not field a candidate. One explanation is that the Party did not wish to split the anti-BNP vote and was prepared to let Labour have the Left side of the electoral field to itself. There is probably more than one reason though, for the LibDem absence. The Party has not been doing well in elections in industrial towns when the BNP intervenes. It does not enjoy trailing the BNP when the results are declared, as it has to maintain an appearance of momentum at all times. The Party lacks deep roots and is in constant danger of being marginalized by the Labour and Tory Parties and so has to create an aura of imminent breakthrough. Whatever the motive, the absence of a candidate in Rotherham West will have propped up Labour’s majority over the BNP.

For the Tory Party, the result was yet another humiliation and contradicts the optimism that the Media Class has been manufacturing for the new socially-permissive Party remade and led by David Cameron.

The Tory Party has almost disappeared in Scotland, Ulster and Wales and now seems to be disappearing in the industrial north. This may not greatly affect its number of parliamentary seats in the next General Election, but it will invalidate its claim to be a nation-wide party.

As far as I can ascertain, this ward by-election was only the third election contested by the BNP in Rotherham – the other two being back in the May 2006 local government elections. Marlene Guest stood then for the BNP in another ward and did very well. She is an interesting candidate, being only recently recruited into the BNP and having been at one time a Lib-Dem councilor and also an Independent. In each of the three contests, the BNP has won about 25% of the vote. The Party has great difficulty finding candidates because of the persecution that follows any publicity. Loss of employment is only the most obvious consequence, though a major one for working people. In a town such as Rotherham, where the Trade Union bureaucracy and the governing Labour Council are an all-powerful seamless alliance, dismissal from almost any job is an automatic punishment for BNP activists. Only pensioners, the unemployed and housewives can contemplate poking a head above the parapet.

The grass-roots growth of the BNP, even in the face of relentless persecution, means that more and more elections will be fought in many parts of England in which the main contestants will be the BNP and Labour – that is unless the BNP can be crushed outside of the electoral arena.

Tomorrow, in Leeds Crown Court, the UK political and judicial establishment will attempt to carry out yet more intimidation of the BNP that the tax-funded BBC set in train. As I said earlier, there is much going on below the surface of things. The Media Class will do all it can to ensure that the surface is all we know about.

However on this website we have not missed the connection between Rotherham West and Leeds Crown Court. The Media Class and its allies fear the BNP’s appeal to voters and is therefore engaged in destroying the Party by other means.

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