BNP Scores Stunning Election Victory In Kent Ward

The British National Party tasted election success on Thursday with a knock-out win in the Sevenoaks Swanley ward by-election and a very good vote in the N.W. Leicester Thringstone ward. In two other wards that were always going to be tough the Party got more than the 10% which is the threshold for gaining EU seats in June of this year. The figures for Swanley ward were as follows: BNP 408; Lab 332; Conservative 247. This was previously a Labour-held ward.

Although the result was predictably played down in the Mainstream Media (The BBC devoted its attention to a 39 vote increase in the Tory total!) make no mistake, the Media Class and its political allies were watching the BNP votes more closely than anything else. The voters of Swanley ward are guilty of spoiling the week for the pansies at the BBC and the Leftists in most news rooms. As we have said many times before on this website, the BNP is the elephant in the room, and it is an elephant that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are finding it increasingly hard to hide from the public. It is not surprising that the Independent newspaper, a Leftist mouthpiece for the Media Class, has initiated a lying smear campaign in response to the BNP successes. With a big headline about the BNP, the newspaper has attached a picture of a fringe Nazi/skinhead group that has no relationship with the BNP. Clearly, the aim of the MSM is to associate the BNP in the public’s mind with Britain’s old enemy from World War 2 and skinhead thugs. Today’s political thugs are all on the Left, for the Red Mobs that violently pursue the BNP and its members, are financed by Trade Unions and rich celebrity Leftists. The Independent is well aware that it is publishing false information but like all Leftists its editors will consider that the ‘ends justify the means’.

Another response to BNP success is the politicized police tactic being used by Liverpool police, who have ordered one of the City’s soccer teams to postpone a Saturday match, using the excuse that the BNP is holding a small event in the City center and violence may occur. Since the threat of violence comes from the Red Mob, a fact not disclosed to the public by the police (and one it could easily contain), the intention is to have soccer supporters blame the BNP for the postponement. Liverpool police force has been highly politicized, like its neighbor Manchester, and recently arrested BNP members who were lawfully campaigning. After holding the BNP members in custody and threatening prosecution, the police had to back down and no prosecutions could be made. Nevertheless, Merseyside police forces will continue to illegally harass the BNP with the tacit approval of a conniving UK Media and the deafening silence of the other political parties.

Next Thursday there will be a by-election involving the BNP in a ward in Broxtowe and the following week there will be four more (two in Carlisle, one in Warwickshire and another in Newcastle-under-Lyme) and we hope that the electors will once again cause heartburn for the girls at the BBC.

In the USA, little is going right for the empty vessel now occupying the White House, not that you would get that impression from the MSM. Every day the newspapers have pictures of a shirt-sleeved Obama sat at a desk busily signing papers, accompanied by reports of his generosity with future tax-payers’ money. Some things however cannot be made to follow the script. As we always remind readers on this website, the Media Class, rooted as it is in cinema, theater, novel writing and false reporting, believes that life is like a Hollywood script and the whole story and its ending can be made up. Obama was recruited to look and sound good, like a film star, never mind that he actually knows nothing about anything. The intention of the MSM’s daily stories and photos is to have us all believe that he is busy tackling the USA’s economic crisis. Obama himself is like the many Leftist Hollywood stars who having played the roles of tough-guys, wise statesmen, and people of stature, start to believe that they have these attributes themselves. Obama is nothing, if not confident. The spending plans he is now signing into law – all 1200 pages and more of close-knit lines – have been lumped together by Congressmen who are as short-sighted and greedy as pigs in a trough. They are a blue-print for nothing except future massive inflation and National ruin and the Congressmen are being increasingly revealed as tax-cheats at best and closet communists at worst. Still, Obama, who has little idea of what is in any line of the ‘blue-print for recovery’, is happy as long as he is adored and protected by the Media. The problem is that real life keeps intruding in the form of the Dow Jones Indices. On Tuesday February 17th, after Obama had posed for pictures and talked confidently about his economic blueprint, the DJI slid lower, faster. The Wall Street Journal (which is only moderately conservative on its op-ed pages and Leftist everywhere else) did something quite unusual the next day. It omitted to mention the Tuesday figures in its “What’s News Business and Finance” front-page column. I cannot remember it ever doing this before. The next day, it had to resume the DJI information in the column and it was still not good for Obama. Indeed the index continues its downward trend and is now getting dangerously close to the 6000’s. So far, the world’s investors have not read the Hollywood script that has Obama magically bringing change. My ex-Republican friend up the road, who assured me that after Obama’s inauguration the economy would recover overnight (“and our house values will be back where they were”) has been avoiding me. Who knows where the DJI will go and what the economy will do next? Like the weather and climate, I believe that economic events are mostly unpredictable, but I am sure Obama has no idea what he is doing and does not care as long as he survives at the top, looks good and is adored. I do not mean to imply that he is a fool or that he is not dangerous. People underestimated Stalin and Hitler, and Obama is supported by a Party that, like all Leftist Parties, is totalitarian in intent. He himself is revealing a thin skin with regards to mild criticism and as long as he faithfully carries out the Media Class revolutionary social agenda, he will have the benefit of a near totalitarian propaganda machine. When the Leftist ‘Fairness Doctrine’ is implemented by Congress, we will be very close to the next stage of totalitarianism in the USA.

Obama and his Party are also plagued by other Leftist scandals that cannot yet be completely kept from the public. The biggest is the revelation that the Illinois Senator recently foisted on the Democrats by the former scandal-plagued Democrat Governor Blagojevich, has now seemingly been revealed to have lied about his involvement with the ‘pay-for-play’ appointment. Illinois is Obama’s old stamping ground and Burris and his problems are detracting from the Obama aura of ‘change’. So far, Burris, like Blagojevich before him, is refusing to go quietly. Republicans are hoping that by getting Burris out, an election for Senator might produce a Republican gain in Illinois, thus making it more difficult for the Democrats to override the Republicans in the Senate. I think the Republicans are underestimating the power of the Media Class to sway elections and also underestimating the dynamics of modern electorates. Moral scandals rarely harm Leftist candidates for Leftist voters do not care about such things. Only conservative voters stay away from the polls because of moral scandals involving their side. Black voters will vote for Black Democrat candidates no matter what and regard a little financial fiddling or extra-marital sex as no big deal. White Leftists, especially those who are rich or on the public payroll, have no moral compass, indeed hate a morality that smacks of Christian judgmentalism. As long as the candidate supports abortion, same-sex marriage and the new religion of environmentalism nothing else matters and they flock to the polls to defeat the Right. In the UK recently the LibDems, (a Party Socially Left of the Labour Party) held a ward seat (with an increased vote) where the LibDem incumbent had resigned after having attempted to seduce a 13 year-old girl over the Internet. Such scandals only damage conservatives, Nationalists and Christians because their supporters hold to a much higher standard of behavior.

Here in Califiornia the rain has returned and the nights continue to produce low temperatures. The Media talk of drought fails to mention that water shortages are only experienced because of massive population growth. I still fail to see any evidence of global warming or any rise in sea levels but then I continue to believe those lying eyes of mine. Finally, are those nightly riots that result in the torching of hundreds of motor vehicles still taking place in Muslim Paris? The Media is silent but that does not mean that all is now peace. I suspect that the Pan-Islamists are still staking out their territory. As unemployment grows in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, the tensions between the natives and the invaders will surely rise and Government suppression of the natives will increase. And so this article ends back where it started with the elephant in the room.

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