BNP Result And February Round Up

The British National Party did not fare well in the Broxtowe ward by-election on Thursday. The result was a Tory win with 1125 votes; Labour 600; BNP 301; LibDem 232; UKIP 31. The BNP proportion slid from 17% to 13%, barely enough to win a Euro seat in June. Both the Tories and Labour fought this contest as though it was a general election, bringing in MP’s and other bigwigs from their national organizations. I doubt that such tactics gain votes in themselves but it does enable the local Media to manufacture even more publicity for them and thus marginalize the BNP. The illegal activities of the self-styled anti-Nazi groups (in reality the Red Mob) have an effect of creating fear about the BNP and of course the local Media unashamedly does all it can to ensure the playing field is heavily tilted. The BNP can draw some comfort from having kept the LibDems in fourth place and on this website we are overjoyed to see the voters have consigned the pathetic UKIP to history.

The BNP showed that it is learning how to respond to setbacks with integrity and is able to treat its members and sympathizers with respect, for Martin Wingfield has covered the Broxtowe result in his blog and conducted a realistic inquest. It is hard to judge the vastly differing election results without knowing the personal strength of the candidates and the vitality of the local branch but I suspect that generally the Party performs best in the smaller wards where a good candidate and supporters can appear on every doorstep and refute the image of thuggishness that the Mainstream Media and the Leftists have created. Next Thursday there are several more ward contests involving BNP candidates and hopefully momentum will be regained. On this website we fervently hope so. The three big parties have nothing to offer the native British people.

In my previous article I drew attention to the powerful homosexual lobby that surely dominates our current ruling Class. All newspapers, magazines and TV programs push the aggressive homosexual agenda in every way conceivable ranging from a laundered presentation of homosexual relationships in Soaps, films, news reports and chat shows to outright censorship of any news that might alarm and alert the general population or suggests that the ‘Gay cause’ occasionally experiences a legal setback. Here are two examples of such news manipulation, one in the UK and one in the USA.

Last week in the UK, the Essex Police Chief was forced to apologize to the father of a 31 year old man who was found dead in the swimming pool of a British TV celebrity. In 2001, Stuart Lubbock was found dead in the swimming pool of Michael Barrymore. Lubbock had “internal injuries suggesting sexual assault” and the reports at the time were that he had been present at a night-time party at Barrymore’s exclusive home. It is safe to say that the party was an all-male party of homosexual men and as far as I am aware Barrymore does not deny being homosexual. There was a police investigation into Lubbock’s death, which was deemed not to be accidental, but no conclusion was ever reached as to how and why Lubbock actually died or who was responsible. Barrymore was under suspicion as the party-giver and he disappeared from the TV screens for a time but later returned when the police discontinued their investigation for a lack of evidence. Besides the internal sexual injuries, Lubbock had also consumed large quantities of alcohol and drugs.

Lubbock, as far as I can judge, was not himself any kind of celebrity, but was one of those available young men who are recruited by wealthy homosexuals for parties, orgies and casual sex. As I have pointed out many times on this website, male homosexual activities are essentially of a sadistic/masochistic nature and the perverted practice of sodomy which is the central activity of male homosexuality, is frequently ‘enhanced’ by the employment of solid objects and even small reptiles and animals being inserted into the rectum. The MSM is mostly unwilling to let the public in on this sort of information though it is available to anyone who investigates the homosexual literature. (Visit the website Zombietime, see this website’s book review of Stephen Green’s definitive book “The Sexual Dead-End”, and also the literature of the Terence Higgins Trust!) The MSM considers that the general public is not yet sufficiently free of prejudice and old-fashioned Christian judgmentalism and might start to resist the homosexual agenda if alerted. As well as the practice of inserting objects into the anus, homosexual ‘love’ activities are also enhanced by ‘rimming’ (the licking of the male anus) and ‘water sports’ (urinating into the mouth of a partner). There is more, but I doubt the readers of this website wish to know.

If all this seems so disgusting to you that you feel it cannot be true, I suggest you ponder for a while the mechanics of anal sex. People who practice it are surely not normal, nor are they likely to be squeamish. Introduce alcohol and drugs into the equation, plus the appetite for ever more degenerate practices for kicks, and it is not hard to piece together what a homosexual private party/orgy is likely to descend into. Stuart Lubbock’s father was never satisfied with the police enquiry and maybe felt that because Barrymore is a celebrity (and a member of the UK’s powerful new ruling Class) the investigation was not as rigorous as it should have been. Somehow, Mr. Lubbock obtained photos of objects (including a door handle) that had been at the pool at the time of the death of his son and were subsequently not seen by the police. There was also at the scene a pair of bloodstained underpants that were never forensically tested. An official enquiry into the police investigation concluded that the Essex Police had been at fault and Mr. Lubbock has received an apology from the Police. He remains unhappy and vows to persist with his campaign to get to the bottom (truly no pun intended) of his son’s death. It is clear that he believes that his son was the victim of some sort of gross sexual practice and that this may not have been consensual. He also believes that those present at the time, including Barrymore, have not told the whole truth. Perhaps he also suspects a police cover-up.

I suppose it is possible that besides Michael Barrymore, there were other well-known and influential people at the party and taking part in grossly indecent sexual activities. Such people are very powerful in today’s society and have allies with the same sexual preferences all the way up to Government, the Civil Service, the Judiciary and of course the Media. One has only to note the presence as participants of police officers in ‘Gay’ parades, always at the behest of Police Chiefs who are ambitious, to suspect that homosexual scandals like this one are swept out of site and the participants protected.

I hope Mr. Lubbock perseveres and unearths the truth about his son’s death and if it was avoidable I hope any criminal behavior comes to light. I would not be optimistic, however. For Mr. Lubbock and the rest of the dead man’s family it is a tragedy. All parents will understand his grief and his mission. It appears likely that Stuart Lubbock was one of the many tragic young men who have been lured into the homosexual lifestyle, attracted by entry into the circle of rich celebrities and those kinds of people who are now held up as famous and successful. It is possible, but not likely that Stuart Lubbock was not homosexual and was innocently present and then drugged into submission. Older and powerful homosexuals have no trouble these days finding young men who are available in all senses. This is especially true in London and other big cities where the Media gang gathers and works.

As we have often stated on this website, we don’t care what perverts do in private with other perverted and consenting adults. There have always been perverts of varying degrees of perversity and there will always be sexual thrill-seekers, eager for variety and depravity. Hollywood was full of them from the beginning and one only has to look back at the scandal that involved Fatty Arbuckle and other cinema stars. In those days sections of the Media were eager to reveal the details to the world but that was before the Media Class had emerged as a Class and become the most powerful element in politics. The problem we attempt to publicize on this website is that the Media Class now rules and is not content with enjoying its sick sexual behavior in private. It now wishes to shed the stigma of its behavior and can only do that by imposing a revolution on society. Since our rulers cannot conform to the old standards of morality they intend to use their political power to have us all descend to their depths. The Lubbock affair briefly revealed the sick nature of homosexual behavior and the involvement of the celebrity world.

In the USA, an example of the MSM suppressing news was the report I found on the website World Net Daily on 18th February. It was headed “Fire fighters forced into ‘Gay’ parade win case” and referred to an event in San Diego, California in 2007. The so-called ’Gay’ parades are now a fixture in almost every major city of the US and in many European cities too. Someday, some brave researcher will uncover how this got to be, for homosexuals are still a very small minority within the general population and there is no evidence that most normal people are eager to embrace them (no pun intended!). The parades are extremely well-funded, often with taxpayer money, and certainly enjoy the full support of the political rulers of the cities involved. It is almost as though a secret directive went out from the top that the parades should be promoted as a priority civic event. They are, of course, intended to spread homosexual propaganda to the general population by presenting homosexuals as happy, fun-loving, extrovert, talented, run-of-the-mill types who are a part of the local community. I am sure that the numbers of participants are swollen by a travelling sex-searching little army, for the parades provide the kind of gathering for casual and anonymous sex that is the norm for the ‘Gay’ crowd. Besides publicizing the presence of the homosexual ‘community’, the parades have become a means of putting an official stamp of approval on homosexuality. Thus ‘gay’ UK police officers are invited to come from far and wide and march in uniform, always with the approval of senior officers. The official justification for this is that it reassures the homosexual ‘community’ that prejudice against perversion is no longer permitted. Fire fighters are now also directed to take part in ‘Gay’ parades and woe betide any who refuse! One can see the purpose behind this for it enables Service Chiefs to identify those who are harboring the old-fashioned morality and intimidates all employees by emphasizing where the bosses stand. Anyone who wants a career or even continuing employment will get the message.

In San Diego in 2007, Fire fighters were instructed by their chief to parade but some were very unhappy to do so. Subsequently, four of them took their Department to Court, claiming that they were subjected to simulated sex acts whilst marching. All four were Christians and I believe that they based their complaint on their religious convictions. In any event their case was taken up by a non-profit Christian legal organization. Surprisingly (at least it will be surprising to UK readers), the jury found for the four and they received small amounts of compensation. I doubt the payments will compensate for the loss of promotion they will now experience or for the victimization that will probably follow. I say this because the WND report mentioned that the San Diego Fire Chief, Tracy Jarman is an open lesbian who called the parade a “fun event which all employees are encouraged to participate in”.

If the jury decision had gone against the four Firefighters I have no doubt that all major news outlets would have carried big headlines and long reports. Instead, this little legal milestone has been suppressed. I must add three comments. Firstly, the “fun events” that are ‘Gay’ parades are in fact grossly offensive, for they are not like ordinary carnivals but are in essence all about a particular kind of sexual behavior. Not surprisingly, the simulated sex acts (in public) are common to all of them and in any case it is impossible for homosexuals, once out of the closet and enjoying publicity, to refrain from gross behavior. Secondly, I do not see why it is only Christians who have a case for not participating, though I am confident no Muslims would be required to take part. Surely, agnostics and atheists should not have to be offended by being associated with homosexual events. Lastly, I am harboring the suspicion that Tracy Jarman occupies the post of Fire Chief as a result of politically inspired positive discrimination. I once worked with a man who had been the Fire Chief of a large Merseyside (UK) Fire Department. He had reached the top after years of fire-fighting in the ranks and had been present at many big and tragic fires. He was a big, powerful man and his rasping voice was the result of many episodes of smoke inhalation. He looked capable of breaking down doors and carrying people over his shoulder. From the picture on the WND website, I doubt that Ms. Jarman has done much breaking down of doors. She is, however, busy breaking down old-fashioned prejudices and religious beliefs.

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