BNP – Oldham Election Result – Should Nick Griffin Go?

After an ill-advised delay, Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, finally commented (see the BNP website) on the very poor showing of his Party in the Oldham by-election. As regular visitors to this website will be aware, we were cheering for the BNP’s courageous candidate Derek Adams and he did not deserve this humbling reduced vote, for he polled much less than the previous BNP candidate in this constituency. Neither did the many BNP activists and sympathizers who gave their time to canvass and leaflet in the weeks leading up to the election deserve to be humiliated with a vote lower than the despicable UKIP. This by-election should have been a great opportunity for the BNP to do well, for the LibDem Party was saddled with the scandal of its outgoing MP, and was further suffering from its Party’s unpopular and opportunist coalition with Cameron’s Government. The Conservative candidate was an unappealing Muslim and there is every reason to believe that the Party was not seriously seeking to defeat its coalition partner. On top of this, the victorious Labour Party candidate should have still been burdened with his Party’s General Election defeat and the electorate’s boredom after 14 years of Labour government.

It is hard to be critical of the BNP leader, for he is surely a brave man and a genuine patriot and he is in the hot-seat in a way that no other Party leader has been in British history. He has the whole of the British Ruling Class and its many, many allies mobilized and dedicated to destroying him and his Party by any means. The UK is no longer the democracy it once was. The new Ruling (Media) Class has control over almost all the means of mass communication and is extremely wealthy, as befits a Ruling Class. It is wholly and vindictively opposed to just about everything the BNP stands for, including that Party’s defense of traditional family values and the Christian religion. It has an alliance with the Marxist Left and the whole of organized labor, including the all-powerful Public sector Unions and these guarantee a reliable voting bloc and thugs on the street. It can manipulate the increasingly numerous and politically active ethnic minorities, including the violent and occasionally homicidal Islamic Imperialists. Finally, it has a police force and judiciary that, given that the UK has no written Constitution, is able to make up Law as it goes along. With all of this stacked against the BNP, it takes a brave man to lead the Party. We find it hard, sitting here in the relatively safety of a Country with the safeguards of a written Constitution to be critical of Nick Griffin. Nevertheless, the Party’s latest electoral setback, coming after a long series of disappointments and despite a relatively favorable scenario, has to indicate that the Party has got something very wrong. Since Griffin has a near stranglehold on the leadership, he has to be held responsible. His defensive website responses, coming after a silence that suggested that he did not have the stomach to address his supporters or a compelling rationale for the humiliating defeat, have sought to lay blame on the power of his Party’s opponents and proffered improved technical and administrative solutions for the future. Whilst both may be valid points they are insufficient. After all, the BNP’s many opponents have always been well-funded; have always enjoyed the support of a totally biased and lying Media and gleaned every advantage that a Ruling Class can confer. Despite this the BNP has had short periods of relative electoral success in the past. Why not now?

Here are some reasons why the BNP is failing to make progress. First, the Party has been racked by internal divisions and repeated bouts of expulsions and purges, none of which have been adequately explained on the BNP website or in its literature. Griffin has always blamed the defections and betrayals on infiltrators from the Marxist Left and from the UK’s Secret Services but clearly some of those expelled have been lifelong Nationalists. The splits and resulting denunciations have frequently decimated the Party in places where it appeared to be on the threshold of a breakthrough. Never have Griffin and the survivors revealed any policy differences to explain the in-fighting. Sympathetic outsiders can only conclude that the struggles are all about personalities and a desire for complete ideological and administrative control. The BNP is not a Party with ‘wings’ and a leadership that represents differing viewpoints. In short, it is hard to see the BNP leadership as anything other than totalitarian in intent and many people might prefer the present dysfunctional and corrupt Parties to a Party that would cure some problems yet create more dangerous ones. Griffin has also imposed his policy hobby-horses and seemingly all members have had to get on board. One such hobby-horse was ‘peak oil’ which was going to lead to an early breakdown of the Western economies and hand the BNP victory. After much huffing and puffing this alarm has been shelved as the oil continues to flow and new fields discovered. This hobby horse has been followed by the ‘Bring the Troops Home’ petitions. Suddenly every BNP branch was on the streets getting signatures from (we were told) a highly receptive British public. The core arguments for the BNP opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan appear to be that they are ‘illegal’ (whatever that means) and that Britain should be an isolationist Nation. Opposition to the ‘wars’ has put the BNP in bed with the Media Class and its Far Left supporters though their opposition is merely based on anti-Americanism and a hatred for George Bush. Calling the wars ‘illegal’ may sound good but has little substance. Although many people, when prodded, may express agreement to ‘bring the troops home’ and sign a petition (a typical simplistic Leftist type of gesture politics) there is little evidence that the British public (or the US public) really believe it to be right. The slogan never dented Labour’s vote or increased the LibDems support. It may well be that the British people understand that given the nature of the terrorist’s diaspora, picking a couple of battlegrounds may be the only available response for the West. In any case, opposing a war in which one’s soldiers are engaged is a typical Marxist tactic, for dissension at home emboldens enemy forces and undermines military morale. Griffin, in his latest defensive article is now trying to explain away the ‘Troops home’ petition campaign as a tactic for gaining visibility on the streets, thus revealing its ideological limitations. Griffin’s latest proposal is to defend troop parades against Muslim demonstrators. Such tactics, whilst in themselves not wrong, are no substitute for a Party program that has four or five key planks that address the Nation’s plight.

There is a strategy that the BNP should pursue and it is first to identify the Media Class as the real power in the UK and to denounce its revolutionary agenda. The BNP should denounce the other Parties for the puppets that they are and how their politicians compete for Media approval. The second is to make the Party transparent by allowing continual public debate of policy and allowing dissent. The third is to remove the leadership’s stifling control over the website so that news from the branches and articles and opinions from potential leaders can provide constant news and ideas. It is clear that the website has been increasingly subject to a controlling and suffocating censorship and often contains nothing new for days despite being the only real means of communication with potential voters. The Party should also put forward a blueprint for a written Constitution that would guarantee every citizen’s right to private property, free speech and a free market. In this way the Party could shed its Socialist/Fascist image which currently gives credence to accusations that it would impose a dictatorship if ever elected to Government.

Perhaps Griffin is too insecure or too immature to allow able people to emerge and play a leadership role. He is certainly lacking in charisma though that would not matter if he could be seen as a truly wise and tolerant leader allowing others to be exciting and capable. As things stand, the Party is dependent on the UK experiencing a sudden calamity and this puts the Party in the position of hoping for the worst for the British people. Griffin would do well to ponder Reagan’s optimistic view of the American people and the personal maturity that he revealed at all times.

Here in the US the Media continues to milk the Tucson shooting for every opportunity to promote Obama, Leftist policies and to smear the Right. The Media is adept at parading an endless stream of Leftists and their views but in reality these people are being used to express the views of the Media Class masters. It cannot be said too often that the microphone is only made available to those who say what the Media people wish to promote and this process enables the Media Class to remain in the background whilst pulling the strings of power.

In California the cold damp weather continues and this must be the coolest winter for decades. The East Coast, the South, the Mid West and Canada are also shivering. Europe is also experiencing a long, cold winter. Australia too is getting a rotten summer. Yet we are told by the UN and the Government-paid experts that the earth is warming fast. So where is the heat? Just askin!

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