BNP – No Advance In Croydon Election

The result of Thursday’s Waddon ward election in Croydon was as follows. Con. 1462 (May 2008 1353); Labour 1222 (893); BNP 157 (211); LibDem 150 (323); Green 115 (234); UKIP 48 (103). No-one can ever know for sure why people voted the way they did in a secret election. Even those organizations that interview voters leaving the polls cannot be sure that answers are truthful. When one Party is being openly persecuted by the State and other quasi-official organizations like Trade Unions and the Press, answers are likely to be even more unreliable. Nevertheless, the Croydon result must tell us something. Radical and Right are very disappointed with the result and no doubt the BNP leadership and its supporters are even more disappointed. The BNP website has avoided mentioning the result and we think that this is a mistake, for it is better to establish a reputation for honesty and fearlessness and a willingness to face setbacks and demonstrate reflection. The Party has almost certainly examined the result in private but if a Party is trying to appeal to the Nation and to win the support of the uncommitted, then it should be holding its inquest in public.

The momentum that was building up in recent ward elections receded in Croydon and both the Conservatives and Labour had something to be relieved about, for both had increased votes. Labour gained the most. The result suggests (and we will never know for sure what individual voters were motivated by) that voters deserted the Greens and the LibDems for the two big parties. This indicates tactical voting against the BNP. I am sure that the hard core of the Greens and LibDems are Far Left people and includes those who consider Leftist social causes like abortion, homosexual ‘rights’ and minority favoritism as primary issues. Such people are capable of tactical voting. It is possible that the UKIP deserters went to the BNP but since the BNP vote went down this didn’t have much effect.

Readers need to know two crucial facts about the Croydon election campaign and one of them will not surprise regular visitors to this website. A local newspaper carried out a relentless propaganda barrage against the BNP during the election run-up. Local newspapers are powerful influences at this political level – more powerful than TV, for they are still the biggest and most popular source of local news and the evening paper drops on almost every porch. The local newspaper in Croydon unearthed two minor scandals about the BNP candidate and they played them up in headlines. The candidate’s past problems were smalltime but when a local rag (I don’t think modern newspapers deserve to be called NEWS papers!) focuses attention on something unsavory and then discovers a second something unsavory, the candidate under attack is struggling. Add to this that the BNP is constantly portrayed as a pariah Party and it is not hard to see that a tainted candidate is fatally wounded by a damaged reputation. The plain fact is that a Party that is being relentlessly treated as THE enemy by the powerful Media Class cannot afford to run a candidate who has the tiniest skeleton bone in the cupboard. This is something that the Republican Party and the US traditional Churches are surely learning. Nothing that the BNP does will ever gain the slightest relief from savage attack by the Media. Every BNP candidate needs to know that his/her past will be raked over and over in a Media search for just one small failing and that it will then be magnified and magnified and flaunted to the public. The other Parties can be (and are) stuffed with perverts, crooks and liars but this will only surface if there is no likelihood that such news can help the Right.

The other crucial fact about Croydon (and every election that from now on includes the BNP) is that the other Parties now campaign on the doorsteps and in their literature against the BNP, advising their own voters to vote for ANY Party other than the BNP. This must influence those electors who qualify as sheep and pay only superficial attention to politics. The sheep flock is large in the UK where so many people are dumbed down by pop culture, poor education and historical factors. These are the people who say “if all these important people are against the BNP then they can’t be wrong”. Such people may vote with the mass or not vote at all. Either consequence will please the rulers of the UK at this time.

Beneath the surface there are things that the BNP and all Nationalists, conservatives and Christians should be paying attention to. First, the BNP moved into third place in Croydon, a fact that the Party should exploit for once again they pushed the LibDems into fourth place (no mean achievement) and consigned the Greens and treacherous UKIP to the sidelines. But even more significant is the fact that the other Parties are all campaigning against the BNP, for they dare not rely on campaigning by saying ‘we stand for these things!’ In the early 1930’s in Germany, the old Parties were reduced to campaigning AGAINST Hitler’s Nazis and the Communists. All they had as a motivation for the voters was fear, and it did not work for the old Parties were doomed. Events were polarizing the people of Germany, for Government had failed to protect its citizens. Inflation (the result of initially printing money to spend on public works) had wiped out the savings of the thrifty backbone of the Nation; the Government had given in to foreign powers and at home it was unwilling to tackle the Red mobs on the streets. Law and Order was increasingly administered arbitrarily and in partisan fashion, for the police and Courts were highly politicized. Does all this sound familiar?

Meanwhile, in the UK, a Government that is unwilling to protect its borders from invasion by hordes of very alien and impoverished people was energetic in keeping out Geert Wilders because his message might appeal to ordinary British people. I wrote previously on this website that the UK’s ruling Class politicians have been motivated in the Wilders case by fear of the Muslim voters and the Islamic mob. On reflection I think that the fear that most motivates is a fear of the native British people. Michael Portillo, a former Conservative Party Cabinet Minister and surely a man who might qualify as a ‘pompous twit’ (and a man with shallow roots in the UK) made this contribution to the Wilders debate. Seemingly opposing the Government’s ban, he described Wilders as a “populist twit and bigot” who the Government had unwittingly blessed with publicity. This is the weasel’s way of defending free speech. Portillo seemed unable to mention anything that was inaccurate in Wilders documentary film or give a positive reason for defending the principle of free speech. The LibDem spokesperson supported the exclusion of Wilders so we can assume that the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal nor democrat.

Mr Radical, a man who works in the retail trade and monitors its performance, has noted that UK food sales continue to increase, despite inflation-busting increases in the price of staple foodstuffs and the progress of the recession. Milk sales, for example, seem recession-proof and rise inexorably. Not so long ago the country produced a healthy surplus of milk, managed by the Milk Marketing Board. Nowadays, notwithstanding EU interference which requires the UK to purchase set quotas from French farmers, to statisfy demand the country is obliged to import milk products from other countries including China. (How ‘green’ or ethical is that?) As Mr Radical says, it is unlikely that UK citizens are drinking more milk per person or spending more lavishly on milk and food in general. So what is the answer? He believes (and I am sure he is correct) that increasing demand indicates that immigration and colonisation are continuing apace as the ruling Class increases its efforts to swamp and overwhelm the native people. Using a retail metaphor, Mr Radical regrets that the voters of Croydon are failing to ‘smell the coffee.’ Hopefully, in the coming week, the voters of Harrogate’s Bilton ward will ‘smell the coffee’ (avec- ou sans-lait).

Here in central California, Mount Diablo and its neighbors are snow-covered and the temperatures continue to validate the famous lyrics “Hate California! It’s cold and it’s damp!” The prolonged cold weather is gripping the whole northern hemisphere in what threatens to be a record cold winter. None of this will prevent the Media and its Leftists allies from perpetuating the global warming myth as a means of spreading Socialist control. The pork barrel stimulus plan that Pelosi and Read have pushed through the US Congress is full of spending to halt climate change. The passage of this disastrous legislation is being portrayed by the Media as a triumph for Obama, though in fact the content has been framed by the House and Senate leaders, and with the majority the Dems enjoy, it could not fail to pass. What Obama attempted and failed to achieve was bi-partisan support. This was important to him for it meant that when the economy fails to improve he would be able to claim that both Parties supported the stimulus package. He continues to strut around the stage, preening himself and enjoying the sound of his own voice. As of now, I have not heard one thing from him that remotely suggests that he has a clue about anything that matters. Pat Buchanan on the website ‘Human Events’ has drawn attention to the problems growing for Obama and the US in Afghanistan1. I recommend viewers to read the article and also a comment on page 10. It is from

1. Human Events – Obama and the Great Game by Pat Buchanan

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