BNP Moves On Climate

For those hundreds of thousands who regularly check the BNP website the big news of the week was its article on Global Warming. Until now I had assumed that Nick Griffin and his Party had bought into the Global Warming myth, if not the Man-Made Global Warming myth. There is a difference of course. It is quite possible to believe that Planet Earth is getting warmer without believing that this has anything to do with human or animal activity. On this website we take the view that in a world now dominated by the Media Class and its Elitist allies who are intent on creating a World Socialist/Fascist Government, it is always best to believe one’s own lying eyes. Our lying eyes have not yet discovered any evidence of Global Warming though it is possible that long-term warming or cooling may be taking place. Since climate and weather are so variable day by day, over decades, over centuries and over a millennium or two, it is anyone’s guess. We can be sure of two things. Weather is unpredictable and Climate is always moving from one extreme to another albeit very slowly. There are cycles within cycles within cycles and in my teen years the anti-free enterprise Leftists in Academia were touting an imminent Ice-Age. They appeared to have credibility since in the UK we endured a number of miserably cold years.

There are two quite real issues buried in the Big Climate Debate (or lack of debate) and they are the wanton destruction of green land and open spaces, and pollution of our air and water. One might expect the ‘Greens’ to make much of these two issues for they are beyond dispute. Our lying eyes, whether we focus them in the UK or the USA, see hard evidence of them everywhere. However the ‘Greens’ remain coy about them for they are anxious to avoid one of the causes – Third World immigration. The ‘Greens’ are, of course, firmly on the Left, and as with all Leftist movements are pursuing a covert agenda. When push comes to shove, the ‘Greens’ prefer mass immigration to the conservation of green land and open space. The covert issue in Man-Made Global Warming is Leftist World Government totalitarianism.

Last week, some enterprising counter-revolutionaries hacked into the computers of the Climactic Research Unit of the UK’s University of East Anglia and stole many thousands of emails that had been passing between ‘scientists’ whose ‘expertise’ is Global Warming. To the embarrassment of these ‘scientists’ and to the even greater embarrassment of Governments, the UN, Al Gore, the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Leftists everywhere, the hackers have been posting batches of these emails on the Internet. These emails (there may be many more to come!) reveal that there has been organized collusion between ‘scientists’ to overstate the case for Global Warming and to manipulate evidence. Worse still the ‘scientific’ establishment has been doing its best to silence real scientists who dispute the Global Warming myth. Those of us who rely on our lying eyes and those conservative sceptics who have been paying close attention to the debate outside of the MSM, will not be surprised by any of this, but a wider audience may now be alerted.

It appears that the BNP has been alerted and now clearly accuses the Global Warming advocates of having a fraudulent agenda that can only be advanced by lies. Since the UK’s Labour, Conservative, LibDem, Green, UKIP, and fringe Parties all promote the Global Warming myth, the BNP has once again positioned itself on the side of truth, honesty and the British people’s interests. We have to applaud the BNP decision.

The BNP had another very interesting article on its website concerning a Tory Party councillor called Peter Hobbins. Mr. Hobbins, perhaps a conservative of the Old School, had written some emails to colleagues complaining that all the recent Parliamentary candidates being put forward from Tory Central Office had foreign-sounding names, some of them obviously from Central Africa and beyond. He was presumably bewailing the fact that true Britons were being set aside in favor of minority applicants. Now I can see that it might be Party tactics to have on board a few candidates who are not hideously White but one would have expected that an old Party stalwart like Mr. Hobbins would at worst have been taken aside and asked to tone it down a bit. Instead he was immediately suspended as though he had been caught fiddling his expenses. No doubt Dave ‘Hug-a-Hoodie’ Cameron, the Tory’s progressive leader gave the order for this harsh response. Mr. Hobbins is being made an example of so that no other old Tory dares to speak up for the natives again. Tory MP’s and their leaders can cheat the taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of pounds in false expenses and yet not be immediately suspended from the Party, so Mr. Hobbins’ offence is considered much more serious by Cameron. This is hypocrisy on Cameron’s part but there is something much more sinister that the BNP should have noted. Cameron may be the next Prime Minister and it is clear that he regards opposition to the special treatment of minorities as much worse than expense fiddling from taxpayers. I suggest that he will outdo the Labour Party and Trade Union thugs in silencing the voices of the White natives if and when he gets into 10 Downing Street. The BNP might soon come to wish that Gordon Brown retains his hold on number 10 for I suspect that Cameron hates and fears the BNP and its White followers and has plans to suspend them for all time. In this way he will get the kind of adoring Media treatment now reserved for Barrack Obama.

Recently, the BBC re-designed its website. As a consequence almost all reports of the UK’s epidemic of racist/minority violent crime have disappeared. I suppose it is possible that such crimes have suddenly ceased and all White people and law-abiding Blacks can now get back on the streets in safety. One would have thought that such good news would have warranted some headlines.

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