BNP May Benefit From Compliance With New Law

In an attempt to further cripple the British National Party, the UK’s Government has initiated a new law that will make it illegal for political parties to restrict membership on a racial basis. This law will come into effect early in 2010 and is clearly aimed solely at the BNP. Until now, the BNP has promoted itself as a Party of British Nationalism that exists to solely represent the interests of the native British people. As in almost all of Europe, the UK has a multitude of organizations that represent the interests only of specific minorities. An example is the association of Black Police Officers. The Government and its main opposition political parties have never been offended by this practice of racial exclusiveness, indeed they have lauded increasing sectarianism on the grounds that it gives power to minorities. Deliberately overlooked is the fact that for some to gain power, others must lose power. It has long been the mantra of those who dominate the UK – the main political parties, the ruling Media Class, Academia and the elite Big Business executives – that the native British people, who happen to be White, must be first humbled, then silenced and ultimately submerged through a process of mass immigration, preferably from the Third World.

As this process has accelerated, a significant and growing number of the native people, despite massive Media propaganda and a plethora of laws aimed at stifling their dissent, have started to rebel against the revolutionary changes being imposed on their country. Those who are not glued to their TV’s or mesmerized by sport and pop music circuses, have found a voice through the BNP. In a by-election in Glasgow last week, the BNP came fourth behind Labour, the SNP and the Conservative Party, in the process easily beating the LibDem Party, the Greens and sundry Socialist fringe parties. The Conservative Party of David Cameron, now being hailed as a likely winner in the approaching General Election, only beat the BNP by a handful of votes. The BNP’s 1000 plus votes must have added to the anxiety of the ruling Class and its allies, for British nationalism has long been in retreat in Scotland. It has become standard practice in Scottish politics to pander to the notion of Scottish independence and the self-styled Scottish National Party has gone toe-to-toe with the Labour Party (once the dominant force in Scottish politics) and enjoyed much success. It must be noted here that the SNP is a fraudulent nationalist Party for it embraces Third World immigration and submersion in the Europe Super State. It is also a Party of ‘progressive’ values such as the redistribution of wealth, abortion on demand and same-sex marriage. Like its Welsh counterpart, it has no interest in achieving and preserving Scotland’s genuine independence but appeals to its followers with anti-English sentiment.

For the British National Party to attract 1000 Scottish votes, in the first Parliamentary election it has ever contested in Scotland, is indeed indicative of the Party’s growing popularity. Regular visitors to this website will be aware of the massive daily persecution of the BNP and its members. The persecution is carried out by the Labour Government, its many Government bureaucrats, the Trade Unions and their thugs, the police and Courts and various Leftist activist groups which take to the streets and are funded by a coalition of rich Leftists and Unions. The BNP has no funding except from its mostly-poor rank-and-file members, so its impressive performance in Glasgow, despite orchestrated Media hostility will have once again terrified and enraged the UK’s elites and ruling Media Class. It comes in the wake of the Party’s small but highly impressive success in the Euro elections, and its significant growth in membership amongst ordinary working people who are prepared to risk both physical attack and official persecution.

It is against this background that the new Government rules outlawing any Party, that restricts membership on racial or religious grounds, must be viewed. It is aimed solely at the BNP, and its authors have assumed that the Party will either attempt to fight the law in the courts, (and in so doing bankrupt itself for it will have to take on a Government Department funded by taxpayers), or be consumed by an internal civil war.

Last week, in the Lancashire industrial town of Wigan, the BNP held a conference to discuss its response to the new law. The Party leader, Nick Griffin, has recommended that the Party should adapt to and comply with the law and begin admitting to Party membership UK citizens who are not white. The conference is reported to have backed Griffin’s recommendation and now a vote will be taken by the Party’s rank-and-file. The conference was held in private and the relentlessly hostile Main Stream Media was rightly excluded, so we cannot know whether the debate was subdued or heated.

The BNP has grown out of an earlier movement that was pre-occupied with race, blood and genetics (all legitimate areas for debate) as well as National independence, and therefore has attracted a constituency of those who are motivated by hatred and/or contempt for racial diversity and who view non-White people as inferior. People with these beliefs can rightly be called ‘racist’. We do not know how many longstanding members in the rank-and-file hold such beliefs, or how many people in the leadership share them. Usually people who hold such racist views also reject Christianity and instead elevate ideas about myths, legends and Folk history. None of this has much appeal to the British people and is properly associated with Hitler, Himmler and Nazism.

Griffin seems to have been attempting to lead the Party into the mainstream by marginalizing the race/blood issues and instead concentrating on the cultural and economic threats of mass immigration, the overcrowding of a small island, the totalitarian and globalist designs of the EU, the wholesale dishonesty of the UK’s rulers, crime, the loss of freedom and taxation. He has also steered the Party towards traditional Christian values. Most noticeably he has positioned the Party as the only vehicle for resistance to the clear official policy of all other parties to swamp and obliterate the native people.

Griffin and his supporters in the Party hierarchy will now have to decide whether to genuinely seek to adopt non-racial criteria for membership or merely to pay lip service to the new law with a web of rules that will effectively exclude all people of color. Whichever path they choose, there will no doubt be some members who will see any compliance with the law as a betrayal. There are several websites that already see the modern BNP as having ‘sold out’ and who see Griffin as a traitor.

Should Griffin succeed in persuading the bulk of the membership to adopt criteria that fully comply with the spirit of the new law and the race/blood believers head for the exits, the Party may emerge from this Government offensive all the stronger. If racism is removed from membership criteria, the Party will have to adopt criteria that demand a commitment to British (Christian) traditions, National independence, an end to mass immigration and an end to the poisonous political correctness that enables minorities to enjoy privileges. The persecution of the BNP led and orchestrated by the Media Class will not end with compliance to the new law, but the Party will surely appeal to even greater numbers of ordinary British citizens. Those citizens of color who join because they venerate Britain’s traditions of free speech, an impartial judiciary, a society that is not Balkanized and a green and pleasant land, will be an asset to the Party and the Nation. A beneficial Party reform can be achieved before the next general election and the BNP’s enemies confounded.

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